Progress Report: Animalia

It’s been a busy week all round for me which I’m so not used to at the moment. The last few weeks have been me just lounging around consumed with the ArcheAge release and now, now I actually had to do things. It’s been good though as I kind of need that kick to go out and be busy as otherwise I would happily do nothing.

I visited Australia Zoo for the first time which is funny, as I’ve heard about it a lot and even been to a few other smaller zoos in Brisbane but not it yet it’s probably the biggest and most well known in Brisbane. I’m sure you’ve all mostly heard of the crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Yep, it’s his Zoo.

It was a great day out. I love going to zoos generally and seeing animals but was expecting it to be more of a small Park mostly focusing on crocodiles and other Australian animals. It was that but they’ve added a huge new section where they now have animals from other spaces. Tigers, cheetahs (so adorable), giraffes, zebras, rhinos and a few others. I’d never seen a rhino before which was nice and others really made a full day.

The good thing about the zoo seems to be that the are regularly bring the animals out of the enclosure to take them around the park for both the animals care and so visitors can see them close up and pat them. My favourite had to be the two huge wombats that were taking the park people for a walk, basically dragging them along behind them and not stopping for anybody.

I didn’t know it until later but for some extra money you can get a close up picture with some of the animals. I would so pay $60 to be next to a cheetah next time… Because eligible fluffy cat.

The other non gaming thing I did was help my dad move house. I have no idea how I got scammed into that one but there I was Sunday morning moving beds, chairs and other awfully heavy things around. It was a full day of this and going back and forth between the two houses. I still, to this day why people bother moving themselves. It’s awful and backbreaking work… Literally. Would much rather pay for it every time.

I ended up catching up on the anime I’ve been watching lately and while I’m still really enjoying Akame Ga kill the others are falling off a little. Sword art online has lost a bit of its momentum. I think it’s a show that just went in two quickly and hard with the big tension filled episodes and now there really isn’t anything to top that. In still enjoying it and want to know what happens next but my excitement has dipped. Zankhyou No Terror has fallen off completely to the point I’m wondering whether to keep watching. The relationship between the rival 5 and out protagonists is just ridiculous and makes no sense bar causing maximum harm. Something that isn’t sustaining as no motivation for that really exists. It’s a show that delighted in the mysterious as well and now that has been lost as well. A bit saddened as those beginning episodes showed so much potential.

Now for the gaming and guess what I played… Again… For the entire week. No prizes given though for correct answers.

I’ve been earning gold pretty well now when the peace zones align from hellswamp and Half. Up to a nice 120 gold now so moving along to get my own cart at a reasonable rate. Sad though as it’s nice just hanging out on the back not worrying about moving. I have heaps of ingredients in reserve now too so when it gets to the weekend I should be able to pump out quite a few trade packs to earn a lot more. I also have a lot of stuff squirmed away now to earn some money with so it might be time to put it up on the AH while the prices are still good. Lots of goat wool and a few hundred logs there plus heaps of other random things.

My biggest progress has been finishing my house off now which is amazing. It’s not decorated at all yet, well not much but your able to use the fireplace as a portal location saving me going to have and getting ganked a few times while loading in or along that road. Much more convenient too when wanting to harvest this on the farm… Which is a lot.


In terms of crafting it’s mostly at a stand still. I was completely out of labour for some time and was scraping by to get my usual farming done. How I got there was trying to level up the Handicraft line by making a heap of rings and wow does that chew up labour. Ended up getting close to 2k but it’s left me short for a while now. I’ve just started getting a nice chunk of labour banked again now and am thinking of getting some labour pots with my… Currency.


October is fast approaching now and that can only mean one thing… BRAGTOBERFEST!!

If you’ve been reading around the internetz, especially that of Izlain who is far more organised than me then you would have heard the term already. If not well, it’s just a time we kind of made up to get people sharing their experiences and enjoyment of games. To encourage conversation with each and every one and to get people playing together in a wide range of games.

After the whole Gamergate thingy it’s good to just get back to the passion of gaming and hopefully, like the recent NBI events we can get many people talking and engaging together and maybe even some more newbie bloggers. Mostly, we love games and want to share that with everyone.

We recently had a BRAGTOBERFEST special edition Couch Podtatoe Podcast and this wrapped up as well why we are interested in doing it and what are goals are for the event. Mostly incoherent rambling from me but a good show.

Download / Libsyn / Itunes / Stitcher

We have a list of activities to do, both multiple ones for a specific day and some that will be week long tests of skill creativity and the ability to brag about awesome achievements. There are a few genres we’ve added and all of the experiences will be free to play type things as we don’t want any barriers to those wanting to join.

Of course we are also looking for suggestions on events, activities and writing prompts and if you’re particularly interested in something please feel free to join up with either the Steam NBI Page or BRAGTOBERFEST annok Page and leave a post for everyone to join in with. Anything is welcome.

Unlike the recent Blaugust event we won’t be asking people to write everyday, just to join in with the discussion when they can. Most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Link Dead Radio: Progress and Promotions

The Links

Herding Cats is doing this hole extra LIfe thing too and seeking funding from you dear gamer so as to help sick, game starved childre. She’s also giving away free stuff to donators.

The Ancient Gaming Noob discusses the weird feeling of going back to an mmo you no longer remember or has changed over time.

United we game has an post talking about experiences with in game frustration

Leo’s Life talks about the, now obvious pattern of video game releases and the amount they show before release

Kill Ten Rats makes a distinction between Progress and progression in mmo’s and I have to agree with the basics, it does seem like we need to move away from progression as the only appeal.

Oh and if you’re actually after some real posts about the wow debate from my little corner of the internets go check out:

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The vids

Stronghold Crusader 2 launch Trailer

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Vane – from the last guardian team

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Sherlock Homes Crimes and Punishment

Everquest 2 Lore in a minute (thanks to Tagn for it)

and a couple kickstarters

Reflex – aiming to be a competitive shooter, reminds me of quake

Battle Chef Brigade – basically Fantasy Iron Chef

Life and Times of Crime

Its been a rather busy week for me in Archeage, I haven’t really achieved anything massive just yet but am making progress towards most of my goals. My house is getting built (NOW FINISHED), i getting a nice stack of gold for my own farm cart and am slowing doing dailies for guilda to buy pretty things. The most interesting thing was my first appearance in court, on the side of the person getting sentenced and that was amusing to say the least. I actually got a little nervous during it and I think might have been able to state my case without getting the guilty verdict…an 89 minute guilty verdict which is the largest I’ve ever seen. For most it’s 10 maybe 20 minutes, a few higher than that but an hour and a half of prison time is just crazy.

The story behind that is rather amusing too and while a few have heard about it I don’t think I’ve written it down of yet. Last weekend a guildy had found a large mushroom farm behind the hills of Lilliput, like several hundred of planted mushrooms nearly ready to harvest. I popped up there as well after a bit of damage had already been done and the owning guild was busy harvesting them. I started grabbing too but they kept bumping and blocking me from doing it and it seems I just wasn’t as fast at clicking.

Being the troll I am sometimes I presented a bargain to them, give me some mushrooms or I start uprooting instead. I was just after a reasonable amount as mushrooms make my Trade packs in Hellswamp but they declined. And so, for the next 30 or so minutes I started digging up as many mushrooms as I could. I have no idea how many but it was a lot. Of course there was talk during this and I continued to troll a little as I could see them getting a bit frustrated and I was having fun..

Amusing myself

Amusing myself


Once I’d had enough I bid them adeu and while riding away I could see my infamy racking up quite quickly as they were reporting the crime… ending up about 380 in the end. Ten infamy points for each report and I’m sure they missed quite a few, or got bored with doing it. It wasn’t until Tuesday night that I came undone though in a guild visit to the opposing factions main city. An easy target and then into court. From there to Jail. And from there digging to freedom.

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-25 06-26-19-716

Yep, boobs mark the spot

Of course even once out I still had the Prisoner debuff so attacking anything as well as most interactions like gathering and harvesting weren’t allowed. With the AFK timer still being incredibly quick it made it rather boring time but I amused myself with dance walking around Marianople with my prison garb on and a haters gonna hate attitude and from there Hitchhiked back down to my home in the swamp… and waited around… It kinda sucks but will probably still take free stuff I find.

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-25 06-37-08-629

Dancing for change on the way home

A Game of Ganking

Due to questing in the higher zones now there is a lot more PvP happens to amd around me as well. So far it’s going well, just being ganked more times than I have in return but that really depends on the zone. Expecting to quest in Halycona during a war time just isn’t going to work, especially if you’re in the factions opposite end. I get the feeling a larger percentage of PvPers rolled east on our server Kyrios so they tend to dominate most of the time here and this spills over to nearby spaces but with Hellswamp it’s usually more balanced in the factions. Sometimes there is a pack of reds decimating everyone, other times your the one doing the hunting. Mostly depends on the group you get into as well. It adds a lot more tension to the space and I’m forever watching my surroundings and the road ahead while travelling. Definitely fun when it’s my time to run the reds down and make them pay.

The worst part of the faction fighting in my mind is just how easy it is to abuse certain parts to kill people. The part of a town you port into, in most of the contested zones isn’t protected by guards so many times you end up dead before even loading in, just such a cheap kill. The safe zones around shrines also seem to give an advantage to those attacking you as well since you can’t buff up in these spaces to prepare and there seems to be a little lag between the time you can attack and they attack you.

The best part is that, while levels and gear do make a big difference in PvP it isn’t entirely insurmountable. A few levels is manageable in a fight and even a 50 can be taken down by a pair of 40s so you don’t exactly see a person or group having impunity from death unless they have far superior numbers. I’m still surprised with how many cross faction people are questing in our spaces though. It’s interesting how they can get all the quests as well as long as your the right level so if you don’t mind pvp it gives you far more space to quest in. I might just level up some different skill lines in the other factions areas.

I’m getting much more used to it now as well, being one of the initiators of a fight. I really haven’t done this kind of pvp in a while now and am more unsure of myself and my abilities. Being the attacker and getting killed is just plain embarrassing. I don’t tend to gank much anyway but lately it’s been far less. I am getting more confident now and more willing to attack, I have an honour code about attacking people already in combat but other targets are fun, especially when you see them having their own fight or flee response on seeing you. Having successfully killed a few now i’m feeling better about it but still need a lot of practice and assurance with such fighting.

I might try a bit of duelling to get used to it but there is also some learning involved. Want to know the other skills and abilities better as well as buffs to remember. I also need to know how to counter some of those battlerage/shadowplay space as they can put out that initial damage while stunned incredibly quickly. It’s easy at 50 to get experience, just queue up for arenas but open world is just different and all I have right now. It’s fun but you do need a lot of confidence to pull it off and I don’t exactly have that yet. Ganking is quite a thrill though and I can see myself doing a lot more in the future, maybe looking for trade pack people crossing the ocean or just those dirty up the west side of the ocean with their Firran filth. Mostly I just want to get better to turn the tables on people trying to get me, ganking is fun but taking out someone ganking you is so much better.

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-20 13-26-10-270

SHHHHHHH.. I’m studying skills

Elaborating on the Argument

I admit to having a good laugh about my recent wow post. Hitting the send button made me giggle as it was just a joke regarding the argument that’s once again popped up if WoW ruined mmo’s. At my, and others expense of course although I still find it weird it got 150 hits. I should write one word posts more often, at least then I know I can be grammatically correct… Probably.

The reason I felt like writing just that one word is, that’s what the argument pretty much amounts to these days. I’ve said my opinions on it before, a few times in fact. Others are writing about it that have before and have before that. This argument has been spreading for some time now, constantly resurfacing on blogs, forums, social media and just in personal conversation.

It’s an argument now that has had everything said that could possibly be said. Every opinion and argument has been made at some time, probably numerous times without even that much difference between them. There is just no point any more and so, all that needs to be said is a simple yes or no answer and I’m sure other people hearing that can fill in the gaps. And really, the only reason most read them now is to confirm their own opinion.

The reason yes for me is a bit weird as well, as I’m sure it is for most people. Firstly I’ll just say that each answer is right in it’s own way. They don’t conflict but merely show each part of the equation. I have many points I could round out for both yes and no but the yes overwhelms in my case. It might not for others. Everyone but the most fervent of haters and lovers will have varying degrees of points towards each side and it really only comes down to personal experiences and interests.

This is quite evident when you look at other blogs and the ways their opinions have changed over the years. If you were to ask me when I first tried wow it would be yes. During my engagement with Rift probably no. Now that I’m more interested in the sandbox approach it swings back to yes again and there are many shifts between that. Mostly that sort of background is inconsequential though, it is the here and now, and that one word response that matters.

The other thing is that when the question if WoW ruined mmo’s there are so many different interpretations of the question. There is semantics around ruined; how, why and what. There is issues relating to the industry, those form AAA and the genre as a whole. There is even discussion about this that relate to individual mechanics that both might have helped or harmed the industry, depending on who you ask. It’s all b]art of the debate and as before, there doesn’t seem to be any right answer bar what is personally relevant to you.

People will of course still feel the need to argue their case for the question but it’s not an attack on the other side, or shouldn’t be. Elaborate all you want really, I just didn’t feel the need to here because I’m not trying to beat the other side of the argument. I don’t need to nor should I have to. I don’t look down on those that said no or would have differing points. This time I just felt my answer was yes… Is the reason really that important?

PvP and Peace Times in Archeage

The PvP was a big part of my interest when getting I to archeage but it’s bad to say that I really haven’t been involved too much with it so far. The most I seemed to have had is being ganked (quite a few times) on, near or going to my housing plot down in the Hellswamp by higher level players and that’s not really pvp more… quick travel.

As I’ve been going up the levels making my way slowly to 50 (damn this farmville mod) I’m getting more interested in it and will start seeking it out but it’s really not a big part of the experience if you don’t want it to be. It’s there, off to the corner and something that will find you if you’re not watching but nearly completely avoidable. The beginning zones are entirely PvP free. No cross Faction PvP and no flagging, no ganking of any kind. Of course you, as a low player in a lower zone can still attack other red names but I wouldn’t recommend that most of the time. The contested zones also run through stages, 100 kills making it move to the next and an eventual Peace time meaning you can quest without worries too and in between go do other things.

Right now ganking during these war times is a bit worse than it will be. Levelling up to 50 cam be a short trip but because there aren’t as many people there just yet the wait for arenas is far longer, this leaves those people searching out the action elsewhere and there are a lot doing this at the moment. I would like to say it’s avoidable but during a war time there will be a few reds going around, usually in pairs or more. The one thing to remember though is that they hunt around the busier places, the town, port, and camp exits and entrances. Take alternative paths and keep off the main roads if some are around and you’ll mostly go unmolested.

So far there hasn’t been as much PvP as I thought while levelling but that’s more the zones I’ve been around. Cinderstone isn’t exactly the hot spot and the others have been protected. I’ve been busy with other aims too and not necessarily rigid questing paths. Where the fight seems to be at the moment, at least on the West side is more in the southern areas. You will often see groups going around here plus high level players. In between the beginning and end of war zones you can usually see groups of PvP enthusiasts moving between these as well going where they can to hunt and attain that delicious Honour, the PvP currency.

There is a reason for this. Halcyona is a zone with a territory style mini game every now and then with some better than average honour rewards. With being a focus for PvP players to go to get kills and earn honour it brings more  down to this smaller area. Of course afterwards it goes into a much longer peace state, over three hours and this leaves many bored players after more action while waiting for the next fight. This is when they head to other zones, nearby Hellswamp being a popular spot. I’ve been here a few times when large fights are going on, 20 vs 20.. larger sometimes. Even when it’s not that big there are still a lot of reds there at all times it seems because these contested zones are also alternative leveling spots. and there are people out there needing it to level other combat lines.

I actually enjoy this. It is something to do that breaks up the monotony of leveling. That ganker coming at you is a chance to learn your skills better. To learn the classes, how they attack and how to counter. Lesson 1, know where your cc breaks are. The wars are kind of fun too but it’s much more personal than the mass you face in the large scale maps of other recent games. I see a lot of people afraid to jump in but it’s not too bad, there is no exp loss and all there is to worry about is increased res times and maybe a debuff that stops fast travel for a small time.

The other place you’ll get PvP is of course the ocean with the space between the western peninsula and Solis Headlands being heavily patrolled. This is the more popular trade run; it’s part of the quests to get a large scarecrow and it rewards Charcoal which is the more sought after of the cross continent trade items. That small way to get through on the west between Solz and Two Crowns is easy to blockade and catch people and the islands along the way make nice spots to hide your boat and wait. Of course even if you make it to the other side it is highly likely that there will be people stealthed waiting for you and the only way to counter that, but not always, is being stealthed too.

It is dying down a little bit now. It’s a dangerous run and for people wanting to make money there are easier and safer paths to take that, while rewarding less are more guaranteed. The materials are good but the recipes needed for them are limited and in smaller quantities. They will be more used later on but not too much at the moment. I’ve heard from other versions this was far more popular as it was the only way to gain more guilda stars but now that there are a few decent dailies that reward them it has become a little pointless. A shame really as it’s a fun aspect…maybe if you could hand in cross continent for gold too it would provide a greater incentive.

I guess the question all along that I’ve been thinking about here is, is Archeage a PvP game? Does that form an integral an unavoidable aspect and there answer is… maybe… probably but it isn’t as intrusive as many think it would be. That is unless you put down your house and farms in a PvP zone and get ganked occasionally while tending your roses. There are many elements of Archeage that don’t involve PvP and arguably the more important parts. Housing and farming can be done without it as can being a part of the economy. For my trading I leave from that southern most zones but due to the way peace times can align I am able to do it in complete safety earning myself some nice coin from each. I’ve never lost a pack when trading in my own country and probably won’t.

It’s just another mechanic to the game to be a part of more if you wish but that does change the experience a little as you will have to either change the way you play or just put up with the things that happen. I find this far more interesting. It makes the world feel less static and predictable. It doesn’t exactly form the basis of the game though and there are two distinct facets to it, even at end game. There’s PvP through open world and arena grinding, later on the north continent to fight over. And the trading, building, farming and dungeon running PvE side. Both do overlap at many points but can done to the almost exclusion of the other. Enjoy One.. Both… or just have fun complaining about whichever is ruining the game this week. All I know is that it would be a damn familiar and forgettable experience without either.

Link Dead Radio: Servers, Stories and other Stuff

The Links

  • After the issues with the Archeage release there has been a bit of talk about the mechanics of servers this week. Aggronaut looked at individual servers and queues for fixes that might work. Murf took his comment from there and went further into thinking about servers and community.
  • I always love hearing about the adventures of Beyond Tannhauser Gate in the mmo Wurm online as it has many elements I’m interested in. This week he is wondering what happened to the animals on the server.
  • If you’re wondering about the Online card game HEX and how its going with development then Scree has you covered.
  • Casual Aggro gives a send off to the now deceased Rusty Hearts mmo
  • Tremayne’s Law Is talking about mmo stories and how it shouldn’t be the domain of failed novelists
  • A new initiative for bloggers seems to be doing the rounds now called Confessions of a Blogger just about funny, useless and unknown facts from those blogging. Check out Mama needs Mana far a nice one but there are plenty around now.
  • In an Age discusses his issue with entitlement and how it’s usually more of a term for Parity, which in itself is  probably impossible to achieve in most aspects.
  • Leo’s life looks at trying to get the balance right between Challenge and Reward

The Vids

Sunset Overdrive Live action thingy…WATCH ITTTTTTTTTTT

Outpost 13 – basically you play as the thing


ASS Creed co-op

making of borderlands: pre sequel part 3

Intro thingy too

Ori and the Blind FOrest

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Deep Down

Bloodborne trailer

Persona 4

Final Fantasy 15

Wasteland 2

Couch Podtatoes Episode 14: Anook Interview


I forgot again didn’t I… I was busy…. Yes busy
Amazing interview from Izzy without me anyway and a few insights into the operating amd future of the Anook community site

Originally posted on Me Vs. Myself and I:

This week in lieu of a typical show format I somehow conned Lonrem, the lead community manager for the website, to do an interview with me. Due to some scheduling issues, J3w3l was unable to make the interview, but she’s always in our thoughts :D I ask Lonrem a bunch of questions, and he gives a bunch of answers. I feel like I learned something in the process, so hopefully if you haven’t heard of Anook or were unsure about what it is, you will learn something too.

Secondly, at the end of the show I make an important community announcement, so if you’re a blogger that’s been affilliated with the NBI, participated in Blaugust, or maybe missed out on some of these types of events, you should check that out. Further information to follow here soon, so stay tuned.

Enjoy the show.



Listen to Stitcher

Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 14:…

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Being Critical on Queues

The first week has passed by and I’ve been having a lot of fun so far. Mostly I’ve been doing things completely unrelated to the actual questing but instead, been wrapped up in farming and getting the materials required for my house and large farm. Oh and lots of tree hunting but it seems that most farms don’t come ready in my usual play time, being designed to ripen during NA morning, when I’m sleeping. I have tried some of my own illegal tree farms but it seems I’m not as focused enough so I forget about them and they get taken.

I’ve been having a good time but it seems a general consensus is of just waiting in a queue rather than playing the game. I joked that The release of mmo’s is the only time I’m thankful to be an Australian player but that’s true as I’ve experienced very little of the issues others have had. I face maybe an hour or more logging in during our peak play time and while there were insane queues during NA times when I needed too, like yesterday I became one of the people I hate and just left it in the character select screen overnight. I’m a terrible person but i need to farm.

If i was to deal with the queues more, which I’m doing right now your looking at several hours to enter the game, a waiting time that goes across all the servers and is pretty much what I’m doing now. IT’s a long time to wait to play, the worst wait time I’ve ever had but then a lot of those other games had there own issues too aside from that.

Of course being the internet we reached unheard of levels of Hyperbolic from many.. “worst release EVA”, “Worst game EVAA!!” “worst Company EVAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” and a whole heap of arguments around those lines filling up the forums. Yes we get it, you mad bro.


This has happened a lot in recent times for most major mmo releases. A wealth of issues that plague the game for a month of more all the while a collection of people take it upon themselves to proclaim failure or how the game has personally wronged them so no one should expect different. Of course I understand the general consensus. It’s annoying to have these issues when all you want to do is play a game. We’ve also seen a lot of issues with many AAA releases for a while now wherein the are plagued with bugs, exploits and game breaking features to the point where it seems like every game we get right now is unfinished. It’s time to expect better from these big publishers.

Of course for an mmo though it isn’t that easy, I would like it to be and I did expect far better from Trion in regards to a few complaints but the major one, that of the unbearable queues is far more complicated than it seems.. more so when compared to other recent releases.

Firstly i’ll say that the size of the queues is ridiculous. Something that long you kind of need to open up new servers to cope and new resources to handle the strain. Two new servers were added for NA but that doesn’t seemed to have helped that much, both filled up pretty quickly and are now in the same situation as the others. In the recent development post on the forum it was stated that improvements where on the way with new hardware for servers and capacity but that doesn’t happen instantly and doesn’t help the situation at the moment.

When looking in from the players point it’s seems easy enough to think that of course more servers were needed on release, did they not see the level of interest. Trion has stated that their predictions based on alpha and open beta didn’t see this coming but, it’s always better to be prepared, especially in the online space and they just weren’t. We’ve seen time and time again how mmo’s see and unprecedented amount of people on release, Wildstar and ESO both saw there ruch, I even remember gw2 getting their own. We should be prepared for this as most people don’t won’t to pre order and for a ftp release they don’t even need to purchase anything.

At the moment I do see it probably pushing away people, both those who have spent money, those that will and just the many potential ftp players that can’t get in as they are second class queue citizens. If you can’t play a game at all, you just won’t and it will be forgotten for other games out there. I just think they are particularly lucky because Archeage isn’t just a typical Themepark so there are no modern competitors at its level of quality. And word of mouth when you do play generally seems pretty positive soo, I don’t know. Some will, some will stick around and some probably avoided the rush altogether and it’s very hard to make predictions about mmo’s anymore.

Looking at the recent releases both Wildstar and ESO saw massive departures after a few months, of course ESO the mega server Tech seems to be there for both with ESO having it at launch and Wildstar transitioning to it. Archeage Korea ended up having to close a number of servers too. It’s these days that a lot of people don’t stick with an mmo for very long and it has a visible impact on gameplay when this does and closing servers is a bad PR move so getting that initial server number right in the beginning is a hard thing. Piss of players now or later.

Of course this ends up being a far more complicated issue because of housing. Merging servers would mean many people lose the land they’ve claimed, a big part of the game and something people hold closely at the moment. Merging into a server from another would make it very hard to get land as well.. if you do at all. Land is also limited enough that a lot of people are going to be missing out on each server and to make it so people don’t would involve a lot of very unpopulated servers. I think there are a few spaces not being used in game that could be opened as housing but I don’t see it ever being enough

We will be getting more space to build once the north continent opens open, large tracts of land but the houses here can be destroyed after a siege and many wouldn’t like that level of impermanence. It’s also that some are very stuck in needed the best spaces and are unwilling to make allowances for anything else but the best spots in the best areas. No pleasing those people.

Open world Housing is the other reason why I don’t see the mega server tech actually working. That’s a technical nightmare right there between needed a huge amount of instances to cope with how many people want housing and how many of these instances would need to be open at all times to accommodate people in their housing phase. How do you move between that too, how to determine where and when to build organising guilds and friends between these. I also don’t see people ever bothering with the housing spaces in the PvP zones if this was the case as well, just go for the best land possible at all times.

Then you need to worry about the economy as letting everyone have land, and as much as they want would no doubt result in an influx of materials. Doing this would mean you could also be quite self sufficient in your crafting endeavors rather than having the dependency on others there is now.Right now I need and rely on my guild occasionally, I but things off the auction house and the reason why I can make a little money as well through farming. On a megaserver or even if housing was instanced everything farmed would lose a lot of value and the effort mostly meaningless. Sure you can limit how much space people get to compensate but in a ftp mmo getting around that just involves creating another account.

The other complication is of course that people have spent money on this game to play, and a lot in some cases and have expectations because of that. You buy a game, no matter the type and you kind of expect to play. Those that don’t have all day or fancy tech to get in queue remotely just don’t get to play the game, or if they do far far less. Even on the weekend this is a hard thing to get as today I think the queue was 6 hours long today…crazy and that’s as a subscriber. Queues should be expected, for the reasons above and probably more if your not subscribed but being able to play is an important point for running an mmo.

It’s obvious that a server or two more is in order, queues would still be awful but not as bad and i think a good pop would stay on each after the initial new shiny feel has worn off. But this doesn’t seem like a good enough solution. I think having sub only servers is a little bit stupid as restricts playing with people and could break up groups and guilds. The other option is temporary servers, some that you know will be turned off first if needed and then having the ability to transfer off beforehand. Maybe there could be servers just for leveling that are separate from the others and hold character data… I don’t know although it’s probably far too late for any major changes like that so the best we can expect some new servers but not enough to break the experience later on.