Link Dead Radio: Dilemmas with Difficulty

The Links

  • A rather interesting article by I has Pc about How to lose an mmo gamer in 10 days and while I don’t agree with some ot’s a great analysis of modern mmo issues
  • Spinksville gives a a few links in the recent discussion of Wildstars failures that I really should have written about by now but… stuff. Anyway He also discusses the issues with Difficulty in Wildstar and the players levels of confidence.
  • Gaming Conjecture talks about difficulty, the different types and the way it can improve certain experiences
  • A Hobbits Journey has some good advice for structuring your posts and Blogging with a schedule
  • Null Signifier Gives an good write up on this years prize mmo fighters as the enter the ring as well as those other heavy weights watchign on to see the result.

As per usual if your articles or one you really enjoyed isn’t listed, TO BAD!!! you should have tweeted me or something with it

The Vids

Uncanny valley

Flockers – modern lemmings

Alien Isolation

Resident Revelations 2

Gravity Ghost

Archeage and The Rush of Release

Sooo ArcheAge… The reason why I’ve missed two regular posts now that I swear will.. Maybe… Could be done tonight. Add the compelling nature of mmo’s to the addictive nature of farmville and that’s the kind of trouble I’m in right now. Can’t stop thinking about my grapes… MAH GRAPES!

As far as a large mmo launch title goes it’s been pretty standard but then, I had higher expectations for this launch considering it has been released official in two regions now… Or is that 3 and has had countless months and even years of beta to work with. Just basic things that I thought even Trion should have learnt by now with their fee releases but yet are still a rather large issue here.

Client Concerns

My greatest issue has been with their glyph client, I think, although it’s hard to point out the reason for all these disconnects. Servers maybe, or that archaic hackshield BS they’ve got running behind the hood. Something has been creating issues but I’m not sure what. It has been quite obvious during this affair that the glyph client just wasn’t ready for such a large-scale test. It’s not optimised properly, the bugs are still plentiful and it still doesn’t work with a variety of basic system programs and essentials. Where the troubleshooting section is asking you to turn off virus protection and the firewall then it’s an issue that needs to be fixed internally, not something the player should have to deal with.

Saturday morning when I wanted to get on was spent in many frustrated hours of troubleshooting on the new PC. The tiny little update was bringing back errors every time and not actually updating. Messed around with settings, exceptions in the virus stuff and the firewall. Setting compatibility and admin settings. Changing folder names. Porting over what I had from the laptop yet nothing worked which meant spending 5 hours downloading it all again when all I wanted to do was play. Checking the laptop and it patched fine but due to a download in process trying to log in just involved getting kicked out again as it wants a constant stable connection at all times..

Eriena want to stab glyph client

Eriena want to stab glyph client

Once it was all installed and good to go there it was, the expected queues of a release but quite a bit larger than expected. On Kyrios we were looking at 2-3k player queues of over 2 hours quite easily. This time was the most productive of my life with getting so many odd jobs around the house done that hadn’t for a while. I’d prepared the night before getting the usual things so it was more like weeding the entire patio.. That sort of thing. It was a weird feeling because you know a lot of gaming is coming so you want to get as much done while waiting so as not to do it later but you end up getting less gaming than usual.

In Game Issues

Once in I was lucky to have a pretty stable experience although, even now I’m hearing about people getting dc’d quite often then straight back in the multi hour queue. I get the random one here and there, the one on Sunday kind of sacked as that involved an hour and a half to get back in but there is a 5 minute timer being brought in soon to allow skipping the queue after a dc. basic shit Rift had to do back years ago and other mmo’s have now but forgotten. Oh, and it needs to stop booting straight back to the desktop after a dc, at least go back to the server select.

In game it was the same old issues. Not enough mobs to progress. Named mobs in short supply on a longer respawn to wait to kill or try to spam first to get it… Not a possibility on Aussie ping. Luckily the server was being rather social and having raid spam invites at near every part of the map, for named mobs and even the larger kill quests which made everything go quicker and even eventuated in some parties going on for longer. You could easily drop one and move to the next zone and get another invite too. Bit silly not having open tagging, especially when you lack of any interesting drops beyond those stupid bags you need to open with labour points individually in order to get coin come out of it. Stupid bastard bags.

I think the worst bottleneck was a certain npc that could only be interacted with one at a time to complete and get rewarded. A large mass of players originally that turned into a long line that was an hour wait or more. Luckily we found you could push in and get past quickly by setting a macro toggle to right click every second so you could pretty much always be first… God bless the guilds ingenuity.

Surprisingly though with how many people were involved the Lag wasn’t too bad in-game. Quite manageable for such a large release with skills and abilities going off in the way they should and even very minimal to no rubber banding of myself or other players. The issue seemed to be more with logging in itself for a lot of people during play with many error codes going off and even the whole login server going down on and off over the weekend and even into the week which let people continue to play but no others to get in. Apparently another DDOS attack but… I’m getting suspicious of that claim now as it seems to be brought out every time there’s an issue with a recent release

Hilarious Housing Hate

The biggest whinge I’ve seen from the release though has been about the lack of land for houses and farming. I knew this was going to be an issue from the start and once I was having issues and only got in several hours later I was resigned to the fact that housing would be in a limited quantity and I was right. There were a lot of people who had planned, with many others to guilda rush (a form of currency) the beginning in order to buy houses and then reserve large swathes of land in the safe areas. And, they did. Most safe spaces filled up with housing plans within an hour apparently and it spread outwardly across the land. Once in it was filled up spots as far as you could see and while I could have squeezed a farm in certain spots here and there the space for a house was gone.

the housing plague

the housing plague

Being that one of the major draws for getting into archeage early and spending money on these founders packs was to reserve space well, it made many very unhappy. Syncain was right… and it was delicious haha. Those that had paid over a hundred dollars were especially pissed off that they didn’t get their prime positions on the day and went to the forums to cry and demand their refunds. I mean, how dare those that are more organised and with a group get a space they wanted. Probably only paid for the cheap pack too. It is this weird case of buyers superiority being shattered which you don’t see very often.

Of course there were a few issues with this. I find that putting down a house shouldn’t really have been as easy as it was, even such a small one as it should more be something to work towards. There was also a way to get more of the Tax certs needed through the cash shop so people could really abuse the system in the beginning quite strongly.

For me, I wasn’t too concerned. I didn’t need some sort of primo spot of land in the safe zones and during the sunday of play went searching through the other maps for more space and after a bit over an hour of looking (seriously) and found a good chunk of land available down in the Hell swamp. Don’t let the name fool you, I swear its lovely although probably not vacation house material. There was a lot of land when I first got there as obviously people were still trying to find better land.. and I mean a lot. I placed down two houses and two farms with heaps of space around them for growth and if I had more houses at the time I could have reserved a tonne more space. As the days have gone this filled up, I guess as people became more resigned to their fate they began searching out the other spaces.

and the little rose bushes will go there

and the little rose bushes will go there

I still had a chunk of land last night and invited a guild mate to build their big farm over there with assurance this PvP zone isn’t too bad. Having farmed and run around for the last 3 days with only being ganked once it didn’t seem liek a bad space to hang out. I like those odd experiences and once I’m leveled more I’ll appreciate them even more. Well, he got ganked 3 times on the way and, once putting down his larger farm within the minute a pack of reds came along, killed his horse and then him leaving me alive to tell the tale. Welcome to the neighborhood.

AS is the case there is still complaining about having to be here and still missing out when there are still options out there. If all you want to do is farming there is a lot of small spaces in between buildings to find, it just requires you to look. Alternatively there are short-term farm spaces with a seven day lease that you really could make a lot of stuff on over that time. Other than that the main option is to just wait it out a couple of weeks to see who renews their house claims. You can only pay the land tax if you’ve actually built the house and the amount of houses some put down will require a lot spent on tax certs anyway. Should be a fair bit of space then.

I don’t mind and while I’m not exactly happy with the space I did get (not for pvp reasons) it will definitely do for now and I’ve been busy farming for the last couple days now. Planting and growing and working on those first few trade packs. Note to all… don’t shear AND slaughter your poultry at the same time… no meat in it. Let them recover first then come at them slowly with a knife.

Hermit housing is best housing

Hermit housing is best housing

A Free Future

As far as the game, it’s growing on me even more and it’s funny how all those traditional mmo elements and combat kind of grow on you with more and more time. Even leveling isn’t too bad as doing the same rotation with skills that lock you down and minimal movement makes for an easy time. Freeing you up to chat and stuff and weirdly it even seems to make people more amenable to getting in a group. performance and uptime.. ehhhhh I’ll put it down as needs improvement in the mmo report card, just expected far better from Trion..

peering into the future

peering into the future

The issue I’m more worried about now is the next stage of release. I would guess that the amount of people actually buying into one of these founders packs would be a magnitude smaller than those that want to try it for free and we are still at multi hour queues for certain servers during US prime time. Of course you don’t want to open up servers now just to create ghost towns later and that issue with merging servers becomes more complicated when people own physical space on the world itself. You can’t really merge that and someone would no doubt miss out. The issue with land availability is just not as important compared to how much the servers can hold compared to the amount trying to play though, land is meant to be a finite resource anyway.

There will be a new server for the ftp release but is that enough, is that the best plan for the long-term as the active daily user count goes down. For a game that kind of promotes daily logins to at least tend your farm I’m not so sure… it seems a lot more powerful motivator here than any sort of regular daily. If players, especially those new free players coming in face such huge queues they might be likely to go elsewhere or then forget about it… Questions that I have no idea on but I bet we’ll find out in the months to come.

An Anniversary of Idiocy

I can’t believe I went and forgot to write up a post for the Guilds Wars 2, 2 year anniversary. A game a swore off long ago but due to the niggling comments of some now rests back on my hard drive. Looking at the happenings it doesn’t seem like there was really much going on for it compared to last year, some more junk prizes and the game going on sale but yeh… that was it.

I don’t have any news about it at all, and it seems no one else really did either although what is taking up the gw2 news lately is all the apparent issues with the new feature pack. As usual check out Inventory Full and Why I game for good recaps. Not much to add here as I haven’t played now since my brief trip to unlock a story point and that it. Not much point ranting anymore either although I could seriously create a separate GW2 hatter twitter handle and have plenty of ammo.

No new stuff to talk off but instead I’d thought I’d highlight some of my rants from the last 2 years that still remain a little relevant although there have been changes to some of these points. An account of my own idiocy as well as that of gw2. Oh, and they’re in ascending order based on time too.

  • During the new Year of 2012 I penned my wish list of 5 things for GW2 to change, add or improve and it’s worth the look. The number one, better client performance.
  • A lot of criticism has been made towards there Personal story and I was no different claiming that it overuses boring and tripe themes as well as being far too guided.
  • My sentiments towards ftp are probably well known by now but I also rallied against the monetization of Gw2 and the practices guiding development.
  • When the Living world first started I talked a little about the design approach and that of it’s impact on the world making the claim that it really isn’t living at all.
  • My favourite rant about the Horizontal Handicap and how there really sin’t that many options for fluff to consume yourself with, or options that matter.
  • A Dialogue of Dissent looked at the creeping changes towards achievement focused play in GW2 and the industry.
  • My most controversial Rant, A game of Grind. Grind for gear and grind for gold that was in a larger proportions due to the lack of goals and certain optimal paths that still have terrible rng.
  • Last year during the Anniversary I gave a recap of how I was feeling that looked into the elements of WvW and what’s been updated, what’s broken and what’s needed.
  • With a tired treadmill I talk once more about the ever-present and soul crushing grind and highlight this with the disconnect between what the devs were saying and the implementation.
  • In Monetizing the Masses I attack a few elements of GW2’s Buy to play Model that really.. REALLLY annoy me
  • A relevant post to the discussion now where I look at the last Feature pack and How it really wasn’t that spectacular merely a collection of quality of life fixes that should have been implemented a long time ago, fixing something they broke and just needed functionality

And there you go, a collection of rather interesting rants regarding my revulsion for all that is gw2. It’s not that bad though and be aware when reading these that I love to embellish and over exaggerate. They are still large issues in my mind and issues that pushed me away from the game but not elements that everyone will be worried by.


Archeage and Class Combinations

With the looming Head start of Archeage I’ve been consumed with trying to figure out what type of build I’m actually going to level up and use for the game. It’s only a couple days away now and yet I’m still wracked with indecision and constantly revising builds on one of the Class Calculators.

There is a lot to figure out too as you make your own particular class by picking three classes out of a possible ten but there are many ways that this can go wrong and completely gimp your class. Luckily there is an easy respec option that even retains all your experience in the classes you swap out on but it’s still something you kind of want to get right the first time as leveling up a class without quests involves a lot of mob grinding.

Looking at it though there are a few distinct rules involved that make decisions a little easier when figuring out combinations. Each class has a particular focus and when thinking about damage abilities they relate to a specific type of stat as well. Combine classes that rely on different stats and you can be assured that it won’t work very well and thinking of this, I thought of giving a quick guide to combining classes too.

Main Focus

The Melee classes are battlerage and Shadowplay, each dealing with strength in order to be effective damage dealers. Defence also has a few skills that deal physical damage and benefit from strength but rely on a shield to apply.

Ranged attack only has Archery right now which obviously uses bows with agility being the main stat for damage.

There are numerous magic classes available including: Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Occultism being the main ones which deal with intelligence as their main stat for increasing damage.

The healing dominant classes are songcraft and Vitalism which both deal with Spirit as the primary healing stat but these classes also have some magic damaging type abilities that use Int too.

Now You don’t just have to combine from within their own damage or skill type to be successful, it’s good to mix and match but when doing that your using the other skills from other types just be aware that these will be in a supportive roll only.


The Classes to choose for Movement are Shadowplay and Auramancy. Shadowplay has some good engages and disengages and also movement style buffs and debuffs, making you quicker and your enemy slower. It also has a movement based disengage that removes the cast time for some important skills in the magic dps classes. It also has some stuns to use, ooo and invisibility. Auramancy uses teleports to move around as well as some movement buffs and debuffs too. It’s also good for magic defence and some cc removals.

Crowd Control 

Witchcraft seems to be the goc to as with sanares, sleeps, fears and stuns to work with. Also the ability to debuff and enemy and also a cc breaker for sleep and fear. Occultism has snares, impales and a nice aoe interrupt/silence but my favourite is that skill retribution which dishes back 50% of melee damage for 10 seconds. Melee classes might also like the cheap, and instant damage skill for just applying pressure.


Auramancy, as well as the teleport has a lot of methods for defending from magic based attacks. A shield converts some to health, an aoe immunity and other methods of buffing health. It has an instant interrupt that inflicts sleep and cc breakers for impale, stun, shackle and silence. There are also some great passives for lessening incoming damage. Defence is your class for dealing with physical damage. Good block, health buffing, physical defence and a complete immunity to damage for a 12 seconds but on a long cooldown. Also has an aoe imprison.

Now all the classes have elements of these main points dealing with movement buffing or snares, Crowd control and breakers, defensive tools and damage based attacks or buffs. Mix and match to get these but the cardinal rule is don’t mix damage types or those with healing, it worked in the past but the balance update has changed this.

Now there are also a range of combos in the game, ways of increasing damage or effects by chaining skills together and these are important to keep in mind when building your class. These make a difference between optimal builds but between most classes, and definitely when following the rules of combining your almost guaranteed to find some combos there to abuse.

Personally I’ll be going for the Hierophant on release which is Witchcraft/Vitalism/auramancy healing variant with strong single target healing using witchcraft for survivability. It’s also nice to have a healing class where you can be more active in the fight by annoying or inhibiting the enemy.

Leveling up though it aint going to happen as going with a healer build, whatever the variant is painful unless you have a group for the entire experience. You won’t be of much use to your friends during this time either as the main healing weapons right now are only available at cap. For the leveling up I’m not quite sure, Sorcery is a great pick for damage but which to take out.. probably auramancy as it won’t add as much to the leveling experience. Witchcraft at least gives me those skills to deal with mobs through cc and it can’t hurt either when someone wants to gank you.. or to gank someone else MWHAHA..

Anyway I hope that helps just a little and if you’re still unsure feel free to comment and get suggestions from a professed noob builder. Have fun all and hopefully see you in game.

Progress Report: All About Archeage

Welcome back to another fabulous episode of me recounting my rather average gaming week. It hasn’t been too exciting although it does seem as though the black plague has finally, mostly lifted and I can once again hear and, almost breath freely. I’ve still been taking it quite easy so a bit of extra bed rest and times curled up on the couch.

In terms of anime it’s still the same regular shows I’m enjoying. Sword Art Online 2 is still keeping my interests but those cliffhangers at the end of every episode are getting on my nerve. Zhankyou no Terror is still amazing and I’m really looking forward to more Akame ga kill and how it’s focusing a lot more on the characters within this battlefield rather than the fights themselves.

I have fallen out of touch with T.V shows lately though. I’ve been watching Defiance and it’s still the same kind of B grade sci-fi from before but I kinda like it anyway. Just wondering what else is good at the moment.

Gaming was actually a bit less than usual as I was more messing around with the new computer rather than doing much serious gaming on it. Getting a few games downloading takes a long time on the shitty aus net but there was also regular programs to install plus all the drivers and such that need updating.

The remote access thing I did with a program called sunlogin worked pretty well for all of this as while things were updating and rebooting I was doing it all remotely from the laptop where i was able to watch show, explore the internetz and such in that down time. I tried playing a couple games remotely too just to check out the functionality but it seems game playing id beyond that program. Seems while the games do play normally on the computer all I get is a black screen and sound on the laptop. Maybe the more intensive things just don’t stream properly.

I did play a lot of Archeage as you may just have read haha and got really sucked into it for some reason. Reflecting on it there really isn’t a part I can pull out that makes it vastly different than the vast amounts of other games out there. I’ve played and felt much the same thing before. It actually reminds me a lot of Rift which is something a few have picked up on. The same (although a little older) style of combat, the same sort of progression and a lot of extra fluff there to consume you.

But this time it seems like important fluff rather than random artifact hunting. Being as rift was kind of my first serious mmo experience it might be that I’m just trying to relieve past glory or something, the love of one’s first mmo. Could be. I’m actually thinking of buying the cheapest founder pack now, it’s $50 which i think is a little ridiculous for a ftp pack that mostly just involves early access and a month of subscriptions. Just doesn’t seem like your getting enough value for it but I’m kind of hankering to get in as early as possible now.

The Head start starts this weekend too and I’m kind of afraid that if I get in a late some of the good housing spots will get taken. The guild has some plans and such for where to build but getting enough people in to reserve that space is probably important. Being an open world PvP game as well, having a week in between starts (it’s 4 day head start but the next weekend is when i’ll play more) means quite a few people will be much higher level. Of course I have a guild to call on when there are those kinds of gankers about but it’s still nicer to be on an even level.

For the week to come I see a lot of Archeage. Leveling up seems like it will take a decent amount of time. During two days of rather full on play I made it up to 25 so there is still a bit to do but then I don’t really optimise my path of leveling that much.

I also kind of need your help now dear reader. With the new computer functional it’s now time to play a few games I’ve been holding back on that wouldn’t have played that well on the laptop.

So far I’ve downloaded Dark Souls and Mass Effect 3 but that’s not the only choices. If you can think of another game to play I’ll chuck it into the draw and maybe roll a die to decide in the end.

Have fun out there and my your farms harvest be bountiful.

LInk Dead Radio: Battleground of Beliefs

The Links

  • A funny and interesting article by 1001 up about a few different stereotypical archetypes in media.
  • Mr LUvva Luvva wonders if fracturing your user base is a good idea and uses the recent revisions on the 3ds as an example
  • MMO Gypsy is blasting through the attunement  process in wildstar and has some insights into the roles of the different classes, in particular that self survival and accountability seems more important

and now after those light hearted posts here’s some more Gamergate type posts coming at ya.

  • Herding Cats wonders if there is a space for the moderate within such times and how many people seem to get caught in the crossfire, good people.
  • Spinksville is back and has a post on the culture within guilds, games and amongst gamers
  • Leo’s Life has the call to action in a way that a lack of action is your approval for another action, usually the dominant one and currently enacted model.
  • To counter this Levelcapped believes such things are counter productive and that the extremists on both sides rarely represent the silent, middle majority.
  • OH and MMO gypsy has a personal post looking at where the hate comes from

Dead or Alive 5

Alone in the Dark

Firewatch Pax trailer

Wasteland 2

Bayonetta 2

Resident Evil Remake

This war of mine

Persona 5

Archeage Adventures

The Open Beta for Archeage has absolutely consumed me over this weekend. I went into the beta a little cautious about the game as it wasn’t exactly the sandbox I was looking for. It didn’t have many of the modern Bells and Whistles I’ve become kind of used to over the years either or that flashy and constantly demanding style of play that keeps you bouncing around the screen. It’s vastly different than that and it was a bit of a shock because of it.

What I have come to realise over the weekend, and even by playing a couple other games is that all these “fun” games are just kind of overwhelming after a time. You can never really relax into it, it just keeps trying to hard at keeping you busy every moment of play. This in part was a way of stopping you from thinking and reflecting on the experience that really didn’t work in my case. Here I’m getting back into the rhythm again, a slow methodically style of play that for some reason gets me more engaged. I felt this same feeling when i played Final Fantasy 14 way back then but while, I found that game quite lacking in a few aspects Archeage is that and so much more.

Playing Archeage I’m also rather impressed with all the little things, the parts and mechanics that flesh out the experience to be something more than another generic styled game to level in. Of course it takes a focused effort to see such things and even more to be involved with them but it’s interesting that it’s all there nonetheless. I’ve said before how much I enjoy the exploration aspects to mmo’s; not just the tick box style gameplay, go here and get the post card style play but the type where you peer to the left of your prescribed path, wonder whats over there and explore instead.

In here at my level it was mostly going in search of an absolute multitude of plants and such growing all around to use in the in depth and expansive crafting system. These plants were just everywhere although it was interesting to see how they all seem to keep to a certain logic of the world based on climate and terrain. Just something small but immersive. after the weekend I had a whole bag almost filled with a variety of different ingredients all with their own ways to use and recipes to be used in.

hunting for flowers

Hunting for flowers

Then there is the crafting which is just utterly nuts. There are so many professions to choose from of both gathering and manufacturing that you progress up individual with only a limited amount of times to get to the next stage. 5 professions to take to the next level where you gain bonuses for doing them and only 3 places for master level. I was surprised to see as well that many of these professions where also dependent on each other for parts and components and with the labour point system it means you have to be more focused in a specific are of crafting only which should stimulate the economy well.

The main part I love is just the wealth of fluff involved. Stupid cosmetic style things like gliders and mounts that I can see myself spending inordinate amounts of times trying to get. Silly grind type play involving lots of repetition in killing and daily quests, not because I have to but just because I like them and want to fill out my character even more. The pets are also just utterly adorable and the growth cycle of taking care of them is a very nice touch so i will be getting one of each.

ARCHEAGE wolf cub


The world is just gorgeous and I’m so glad that I updated the computer now because I get to see and be apart of this magnificent world. It’s large and expansive and while the quests seem to funnel you in a certain path there’s no walls holding you in, no valleys and mountains blocking your path. Most of it is open in the way you traverse and for me, it is the first time I don’t feel so claustrophobic while leveling. I can break from the path and roam around to my hearts content. It feels more like a world because of that, more so than most mmo’s I’ve played lately.. it’s just disappointing that the mobs and npc’s are so static and the zones experience so unchanging.


I’m a sucker for the more realistic aesthetic too and this brings that alive far more than a cartoon aesthetic ever could. I like the world more, I enjoy exploring more. I even enjoy my character so much more even though she’s just another boring human.. oh and the tragic minstrel style clothing.

It’s funny seeing all the neighborhoods popping up all around the world too. Some houses finished others in the prices and a wealth of little farms growing a range of different things. I love exploring through these little places to see what there doing and some, have found the most beautiful places of their own. It injects that feeling of change into the world that is so sorely needed.

I just missed out on getting the required number of tokens to try and create my own house but it’s funny just how big a draw this kind of housing is for me. I enjoyed the creative aspects of Wildstar and rift but there is something so much more satisfying about making your house part of the world. With the taxes that need paying and the farms to tend I see this creating a strong bond to the land and something which will create that regular play for me.

ARCHEAGE housing

A place to call my own.. SOON!

Overall I’m enjoying it far more than I thought I would. The questing is the basic style that has regrettable become standard in the industry but it’s all the little things that keep you hungering for more, to keep going on that path and grinding out the quests. There is a lot to entertain your interests when you get bored of all this in between but that didn’t seem to bother me too much, I just seem to have a greater immunity to this kind of grind. All the while the reports of PvP from the guild kept drawing me onwards too, random ganks going on in certain zones, raids on the questing camps of the enemy faction and all the trade fun that’s going on. Even the battlegrounds sound like fun although more done for the gear grind.

I can definitely see why some won’t like it. The combat is an acquired taste from old that won’t suit many with how your very immobile and just the cycling of your rotation, not to mention the dozens of skills to handle on your skill bar. Questing is just as forgettable as usual and the story is really quite bad form what i read but then I’ve always been a cutscene skipper. But whatever because right now it’s the best sandpark we have, I mean, in what other game can you park your boat at the city gates.


Couch Podtatoes Episode 12: Favorite Game Characters

Originally posted on Me Vs. Myself and I:

Here we are again at episode number 12! Welcome back. Sadly, this week J3w3l was not feeling well, but I pushed on with our guests Welshtroll and Jaedia! We had a more light-hearted discussion because this past week has been rather difficult for gamers and the Internet, with #GamerGate and other issues. As such, we discussed some of our favorite video game characters: Heroes and Villains! We then talked about the Swatting phenomenon that has been recently highlighted in the media, and also took a look at Tobold’s blog, where he highlighted another blog, called the Steam Review Watch. Links for all of the above will be found below in the show notes. By the way, our iTunes link has changed, and if you wouldn’t mind submitting a review there, that would be awesome! Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe!



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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 12: Favorite Game Characters (runtime: 47:53)

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Events and Opinions of Gamergate

I didn’t really know how to start this post. I’ve been meaning to write about the literal explosion of idiocy happening in gamergate for a while now after reading about those first rather heated accusations and attacks. At that stage though it just looked to be another sad occasion of gamer rage at girls in gaming. A little something like this.


But it’s not that at the moment, well, it is but the level of which the recent gamer issue has gone far beyond my personal bounds of reasoning. I’m literally Jackie Chan each and every morning when going over the happenings so I thought  I’d wade into the depths once more, shining  that lovely beacon of “go fuck yourself”. Hmm that would be fun but maybe I’ll try being level headed instead… Yeh, we’ll see how long that lasts. Plus I have lots of gifs that need using.

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Progress Report: Building the Puter

Another better late than never kind of post but Wahtevssss


A week of sickly feeling because I’m apparently a sickly kind of person lately. This time a flu that knocked me around making me boiling hot while freezing at the same time. Sore bones, aching head…goopey goodness. You know, all that lovely flu stuff. Because of all that i didn’t really do too much, there was plenty of diablo but I already wrote about that.

I did start watching a lot of Akame ga kill which is actually a really amazing anime in its first season so thanks for the recommendation. It reminds me a little of that older Ninja Scrolls anime in the style of movement and camera angling but also in the artstyle. Same general feel to the anime of dark and deadly. A place of many Horrors.

So far I’ve fallen in with the setting of the anime which has you cheering on for this delightful bunch of murderers who all seem to have an interesting and not completely stereotypical personality, The joke and have fun, their personality and interests shines through and each has their own distinct fighting speciality that’s boosted by some rather awesome speciality weapons. Their dialogue together is that weird, wacky but personal style that makes you laugh while also feeling quite connected.

akame ga kill

The fight scenes are great too with a not overly complicated magical martial arts style so you can still follow what’s happening while getting rather exciting at points. It’s also got a dose of game of thrones here too so you never really know who’s going to bite it during the next episode… probably your current favourite.


The other thing I’ve been doing is finally building my own desktop computer. It was on my wish list for the year and here I am finally getting it done. It was a rather interesting affair that was easier than I thought overall but still required a lot of effort to get right. Opening these boxes to start with and seeing all these techy bitsies and doodads was all kinds of geeky amazing.. a gamers christmas I joked before.


I guess what I actually got would help here. All under the recommendation of some awesome guildies.

AMD A10 7700K CPU
G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB RAM kit
ASRock FM2A88M Extreme4 motherboard
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
Silverstone Strider 500W power supply
Sapphire Radeon R9 270X video card
Antec NSK4100 case

Opening them up was a lot of fun and looking at all the different components of them, where to plug stuff and just the technological marvel of it…haven’t done this in so long. I spent quite a while at first just looking at the motherboard and reading the instructions for installation because if I was going to break something, it was probably going to be this. While doing this Oscar was having his own Christmas with all the boxes and pieces of wrapping but who I had to swat away from getting to close to the actual parts now and then.


After this the fun I started connecting things. I thought that gigantic power unit first and got that screwed into the case. Just too big to worry about after. Then the Ram into the motherboard case which takes a good whacking to get into place but clicked in pretty easy. The next was what I was dreading, that shiny expensive piece of plastic called the CPU. Reading about it I was paranoid of Blasting it with static and that’s one of those things you can’t know you’ve done until later really. I gingerly opened the packet and immediately it popped out and bounced onto the floor…riggggggggggggggggghhhhtttt. Well, damage done I picked it up, raised that little lever then put it in place and it really didn’t take much effort at all, just sliding in where it was supposed to be. Let the lever back down and finally took a breath… whew.


Then the CPU fan went on top, plug it in and make it tight and done. Connecting this up to the case took a bit of time because I had no idea what to do with all those screws. The first thing I did was put screws in from the case and then those funny motherboard screws onto that so when i was slotting the motherboard in the thread would poke through the holes. The HDD went in at the side, cords attached. Then that huge graphics card went in; ripped out the plates for it to fit through, slotted it in and then connected all those power cords going around everywhere. Had to tidy the cords a little here too. I left it like this for a bit and the whole system wasn’t really turning on at this stage. Tried on a really old monitor and nothing…no fans spinning just a little led light going on. AT this stage it was late and I went to bed.. POOOO

In the morning with a fresh start I found my error, well maybe. not having the screws right made the motherboard all wobbly so I took it all out, then screws in the right way and all back in again. Cords connected annnnnnnnnnddddd … Nothing, still. I rechecked the power cords because not turning on usually means power and really squished them in there and BEEEEEEEEEE. 5 long beeps but no screen as of yet.

Here’s me at this time thinking it’s some kind of fuck up I’ve done. Yep, I killed the cpu didn’t I but it turns out those beeps mean GPU on this motherboard….sweeet but also holy crap. That thing was expensive and I don’t think I broke it but … you know, could shoulda maybe. Taking that out and we have lift off.. well not entirely but the screen showed activity. And yes, thats an ancient dell screen that weighs more than the computer does.


At this stage I needed a Keyboard but… no keyboard in sight of course. Much digging and rummaging through the computer room but the one I thought was there must have gone on vacation to the dump or something. So off to the shops to buy some cheap thing to tide me over and while there a new screen would be nice.

Back again and time to get the show rolling. Rummaged around in Bios for a bit as it has this nifty thing that allows you to update drivers and the bios from right there by downloading them but, just couldn’t get the network part right.Not sure what it wanted from me. BAH… OH well that means time to install the OS and I kind of cheated here with not actually buying one for now and am using one of their trial enterprise version. Free but only really 90 days which is enough time for me to spend another $100. I used on of their programs to then make a boot usb for windows, plugged this in annnddddd… SETUP STARTS. Seeing that ugly purple screen nearly made me cry. I DID IT…. well, nearly.


I let windows do it’s business and from there and it was onwards to windows 8.1 which is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I updated some of the drivers, a new bios then it was time to try out that graphics card again sitting rather lonely on the box beside me. Installation Fine, Driver running….here those Beeps AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.. but windows starts… OOOOOOOOOOO and windows is ok. the screen flashes a few times as it works out whatever it is it wanted to. The GPU shows up in device Manager and GREAT SUCCESS. I downloaded the latest Catalyst Driver and that was pretty much it.

Loaded up and interesting little program called Sun Login and have been on the couch with my laptop web surfing and writing this post while updating all the little programs I wanted, need and other games that should be there of course.

computer magic