Integrating Language Learning

I have noticed quite a few inconsistency with the westernization in ArcheAge and it seems the longer I play the more I notice them. It’s just small things at times like a guard still having the Korean voice work for greeting you but other times it is longer conversations or even written areas that are still in Korean.

This seems to annoy quite a few people as with the usual westernization process they seem to catch these types and we get a game completely in English. Something devoid of any eastern elements that annoy Western gamers but at the moment whenever I hear the other language in game the more I enjoy it. The longer it goes on the more I wish it was further part of the world in more fundamental ways.

Yes it was a missed part of the qa process but It just adds an interesting dynamic to exploring the world and engaging with the citizens. Thinking about the reality of a world like that it does seem a little silly to have every single person talking in the same language, in English at all times. A variety of languages just makes sense and hearing  these now and then cues you into the alien nature of the world, different areas of it and the characters. Sure still have the English written come up but leave a little of the vocal flavour.

Language is just a forgotten part now and it took a simple mistake like this to cue me into how great such a thing  would be to be incorporated into our world’s further. Imagine having just random NPC’s as part of the main factions who had jobs and roles but always spoke in another language. Groups going about as tourists, diplomats of far lands or just citizens within their own race of people chatting away in a strange language.

It would be a rather intriguing point as you’d want to know in a way what they were talking about. It’s just my inquisitive nature that would have me in google translate trying to figure it out. What if you even could hide quest instructions within these alternate languages. People worried about whatever issue they have but being unable to ask the regular adventurer.

What about having parts of the game world; certain tribes, map spaces or entire continents that speak in another language unknown to you and that wouldn’t give many cues to figure it out. imagine if all those as colonial ghosts in gw2 all spoke in old Krytan… That would be awesome. I think that would make for an interesying, and eye opening gaming experience. Sure the internet would spoil the information but it would be rather Immersive to be a part of.

It also makes me think how interesying it would be to then have certain Word Smith, or language learning style crafts and professions. ArcheAge has two main languages for each continent and one for each race at the moment and it’s great that they went to the effort of creating a system around learning  these. At first you might have noticed those random symbols that represent the opposite faction but there is a process to uncover meaning. You learn with an npc over time as well as craft, I think books and such and over time those words start to make sense. Certain letters become shown at first, then a words with missing points to finally having something resembling the conversation. Funnily, even at max craft in an alternate language it’s still not perfect and will have inconsistencies but the message is in tact.

We have a guild member who has focused solely on learning these languages and while you would think it would be pointless it has actually helped us plan and coordinate and the opposite faction will sometimes say things out loud in order to organise. It gives us an advantage.

It’s a simplistic use and more done for the social elements but something that could be expanded on in New interesting ways within the world. Imagine needing someone in your party that knew the language in order to quests in an area… Or gain better rewards. Or even to stop a group being  hostile with you. There really is a lot you could do with it.

Some of the most interesting experience of my life have been when I was engaged in a different culture abroad. Just being overwhelmed with new sights, sounds and experiences as well as the challenge of understanding. MMO’s do have a lot of this; strange sounds, strange sights and strange customs but not enough to really immerse and at times challenge, and I think language is a piece missing from that puzzle.

Healing Again in Archeage

I have to say that it’s kind of nice being back in a proper healing roll once more. The games recently it’s more been some sort of damage support situation you had to be happy with. My dragon knight in ESO was focused on Shielding and control and Guild wars 2 really didn’t have any dedicated healer types. Just situational skills on cool down. Wildstar was the same, everyone does everything kind of thing and I ended up going a Warrior to smash things anyway, which was fun but just not as satisfying.

Now that I’m back in a healing role it just feels right. I enjoy smashing faces of course but there is something enjoyable about a healing position and having both people dependant on you and you them. They need you to keep them alive and active and you need them to defend and kill. I miss that dependance and it’s rather comforting to have those king of set roles where your duties and responsibilities in the group are more defined rather than fluid and that controlled chaos of those other experiences.

Right now I’ve gone with the heirophant class which is Auramancy, Witchcraft and Vitalism. It’s a fun healing class with a mix of cc and big single target healing, not big enough sometimes but usually enough to keep someone alive long enough in a pinch. Vitalism is my primary class here and I’ve spent most of my points in it but Auramancy has some skills with good synergy too and a couple skills that make dungeon bosses a lot easier.

Witchcraft seems to be the third wheel a little and I have been thinking of changing it to something maybe more suited in pvp. Defence would help a lot as it seems a lot of the damage I take is physical, those sword stealthers or being pincushioned from afar by archers. It adds defence plus a few extra cool downs that I think would by better for adding resistance than the fear or bubble. Not sure yet.

Song craft is a strong choice as it adds a lot of really powerful group buffs to the mix plus a better aoe heal but my biggest concern with that class is staying close at all times for buffing which isn’t great during large group fights where the healer is a primary target. Our guild already has a couple too so I kind of feel having a balance of big single target heals and group buffers is better. Strumming the guitar or using the flute in battle does look pretty funny, but badass  in battle… All those effects surrounding you and your allies.

The other I’m levelling too is Shadowcraft. First is that with Witchcraft and Sorcery it makes the really strong Darkrunner combination. A powerful pvp killer and ganker plus decent dps. Second is that it might  be fun having the stealth plus movement capabilities of the Shadowcraft as a healer. The added movement will make me hard to pin down and with being often tagged up even before a fight by enemy guilds engaging  from stealth might  make me harder to pinpoint. Just using it as a mid way disengage would screw with the opposition trying to get me.

I’ve really just embraced the whole role this time and it’s been so long. It’s my blogs namesake after all and yet I’ve barely touched this kind of role since its inception. I’ve grown far more comfortable as an mmo gamer in that time; more skilful and knowledgeable about it all and the common thought is that healers are more the choice for people that are unsure. Let the arrogant and self assured DPS do their work and the stoic Tank hold it together. I know that’s not true but sometimes it feels like it’s the way things are thought of.

The more sure I get though the more I enjoy that role which you think would be the opposite. Get used to a game and branch out to other, more spectacular and noticeable rolls. But I don’t want to just worry solely about my dps rotations and whatever I”m hitting, I am far more concerned with the group as a whole. The coordination and situational awareness that comes with that and just the critical thinking skills to plan your actions based on that. It’s actually quite an intense role with a lot of pressure in it.. But that’s enjoyable.

I got to take this all a step further over the Sunday night play session too and do a bit of raid leading. It was near the end of the night for our Hasla raid after our leader Van had to go and I kind of stepped up to keep the group going. Calling out movements and attacks, enemy positions and plans of engagement was nerve wracking at first but once you feel that rhythm it gets rather cool. Extremely stressful but cool.

As a healer I think I kind of suited that role, you’re more back from the main fighting force so you get a good view of the whole fight so making. Seems to be easier to make those decisions then instead of when your balled up in the thick of the fighting and concentrated on killing rather than some sort of grand plan. Its great that even after these years I”m still learning mroe about mmo’s like this, it’s not mechanics or even game based but something about how we play. Broadening my interests and growing as a player.

Progress Report: The Blogging Brand and Youtube

First I thought I’d give a little report on the blog here. It’s been a long time since I really changed much and I had so many lofty goals at the beginning of the year that really haven’t been started yet… but hopefully thats going to change a little.

With the new computer complete and working well I’ve been working out how to record, and eventually edit to put on youtube. A gaming channel is on the way. So far I will probably put up a few random Archeage things while getting used to the process as there is a bit there to learn.

I kind of don’t want to do it half assed so picked up sony vegas and am currently learning how the whole thing works. so far that’s just been getting things to work within the program, and in a good enough quality which is harder than it sounds. Bandicam has a lot of different options there to record things and some of them just wouldn’t work in vegas. I downloaded a heap of extra codecs but even when working quality was sometimes poor or I had issues with playback and sound.

I think I eventually settled on the H.264 type… whatever that means. It recorded smoothly and once the codecs installed it worked well in vegas too. Good quality and reasonable size. The editing in Vegas is complex as well, lots of options and ways to edit that I have no idea about yet want to learn for this. I kind of don’t want to do it half assed. That first vid will be bad of course, it’s too be expected but hopefully not god awful.

I’m also working for a few others things while getting it started too. The main stuff is working out a splash screen, logo for it all and maybe some individual captions for certain games types. Lots of Browsing DA FONT for all of that plus playing around in GIMP. So far this is the style I had although I conned Doone into working on something for me too.


It’s a lot learn and it feels like I’ve only just scratched the surface. With this new project and also a bit of extra study load I’m thinking about cutting back on the blog. Every time I say that though I end up posting more sooooo… whatevs.

It’s got me now thinking about what games to actually record and produce first, and what experiences to do within them. What style of video is me as well. I don’t think I’ll do straigt review style and I’m not one to worry too much about long let’s plays unless it was an amazing game or would be particularly fun to watch.

Suggestions welcome but so far what I’m thinking as longer series are either terraria, Project zomboid and Dark souls. I have a tonne of smaller indie games I want to preview as well. It’s actually making me rather nervous thinking about it as youtube and creating videos seems like a huge step.

Don’t think this will mean me not writing though. There is so much I always have to say and video form just doesn’t seem write for that kind of word spam.

Gaming Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

After much harassment I ended up gett the Extreme Ultimate tron edition of Pacman… or whatever it’s name is (pacman Championship Edition). And surprisingly.. this game is AWESOME, and really addictive. It’s the same formula regular pacman, eat stuff and ghosts eat you but the design of the maps, gameplay changes and the entire aesthetic make it really enjoyable.


There is a range of maps to unlock and so far I’ve only played on the first two but they are really well designed, simplistic but multiple paths. The first is quite standard but with the Highway map all the paths go straight and can be passed through to the opposite side. MAkes for some fun movement although you really have to be aware of what’s over there at all times.

For gameplay it’s designed so that the pellets, and sleeping ghosts drop in patterns as you go and depending on how much of what’s left you get is when the high point food pops up and also the next pattern. The sleeping ghosts act like small barriers but you can activate by going nearby which makes them chase you. This can end up in some hugely exaggerated monster chains that are really fun to turn around and snack on when you get the boost. As you go it also goes faster and faster, this slows down when you die but by the end you are moving pretty fast, constantly turning and trying to both eat and activate the sleeper.


It’s going so fast that you just can’t keep up ata times with where things are and where your going but a cool little feature to help is that the when it looks like your going to die it enters some kind of matrix, slow mo scene and you can make tighter, faster movements to escape.

It’s really addictive.. Buy it….

I ended up buying Civ Beyond Earth in the end. I wasn’t going to just yet as I was going to wait for the sale and honestly, I was never that taken with civ 5 in the first place. Yeh it’s addictive in that one more turn kind of way but there was something mechanics wise that tempered my enjoyment.

anyway.. Beyond earth is the small expansion of 5 that many have said it to be. Same basic mechanics, same principles as 5 and basically the same exact gameplay just with reskinned, maps and units. It’s fine I guess and I spent all day playing without a break sooooo…. yeh, still civ

The one thing I thought is just how much slower the game plays. There really isn’t and moments or periods of the game where progress seems quick or disproportionate to others. There’s no game breaking techs or even paths that really change the game that much. Talking it throguh with Murf it’s like the whole early, and even mid game  has been removed now leaving the end, slower and steady progress style of the late game.

There is a bit I want to talk about but I think I need to play a little more to fully get a sense of the game. Expect more thoughts to come.

Of course I played Archeage too. Lots of fun, dungeon running, grinding crafting, completing trade runs and general ocean Piracy. It’s been enjoyable to be so wrapped up in an mmo again.


Link Dead Radio: Expansion issues

The links

  • Murf gives the same conversational but meandering style of post i enjoy but this time, asks for a call to conversation about elements of games where you have had a special connection that has made you tire endless with certain personal goals
  • The Mystical Mesmer is wondering about Guild Wars 2 and whether an expansion is coming or not. and backed up by a few key statements in earnings calls with NCsoft.
  • Inventory full follows this thought up by looking at the inconsistencies in the conversation surround an expansion by both earnings calls and developer interactions.
  • Weekly wizardry adds to the current PvP debate talks about carebears in PvP games
  • If your interested in elite Dangerous Levelcapped has you covered with some great write ups about mechanics and experiences.
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob wonders if guilds should have levels and looks at the changes with Wow and guild integration over the years
  • There was a study posted on the NPR blog about the gender gap in coding that could be worth a look.
  • Short gamer has a few thoughts on Gamergate that expands on my own

The Vids


Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer

Legend of Korra Launch Trailer

Witcher 3 Opening cinematic

My stance on GamerGate

I have kind of been avoiding this post and yet I don’t know why. I have broached on the whole Gamegate thing before but that was more a tongue in cheek account of events, not really a position per se. Usually I don’t shy away from the more controversial elements as they are ripe for a good rant but here, I didn’t feel like it. It isn’t for fear really. I see threats and account hacking is ripe but I’m more of a small nobody on a small site focused on a niche area of gaming. That’s not where the the issues are stemming from nor is anyone really looking in this direction. It was more that this whole debate on both sides have been spammed so much that I was just over it. People far more intelligent and eloquent than me have written a wealth of posts that represent my feelings on the matter so, what was the point then.

But then I realised that making my opinion known is important as well as it adds to the large collection of people out there doing the same and strengthens the resolve of those around who are yet to feel comfortable. I think I was inspired lately by the more emotional responses and those grounded in experience like that of Felicia day’s recent Tumblr post rather than some sort of war of “facts” the whole thing has become. It’s pointless and mostly unimportant yet experiences are personal and represent the debate and it’s effect far better than a discussion around who fucked who.

So, in light of that I feel I should say I do not support Gamegate. I could never and would never support Gamegate and I feel both apprehensive and rather saddened by those that do whether it be because of some kind of ignorance or misguided sentiment. It is a movement based on hate, fear and the control of conversation that, rather than strengthening this medium has actively and irreversible damaged it. Most of all, even without all that idiocy it is still a campaign dominated by a conceited world view that is not representative of gamers as a whole.

The fact that the term Social Justice Warrior has been used as a pejorative through this entire campaign, by most of the people aligned with it is a testament to just how misguided this apparent “movement” is. First it has nothing to do with ethics, in fact I would think It would be more ethical to be covering and encouraging these elements rather than constantly eating up the same bland big publisher games. Just because your own opinions and interests within gaming are so narrow does not mean the rest of us have to subscribe to that ideology.

Second is that if all you wanted to do was indulge in the next swath of man shoots or dude bro power fantasies then, that’s what you can do and will always be able to do. NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR STUFF!!… Having a diverse industry in terms of ideas, interests, and opinions is not about removing at all but strengthening it as a whole. It creates new experiences, new mechanics and is a process for making better games with both immersive worlds and interesting gameplay. Even though I frequently revel within these murderhouses as well I’m still thankful that of this gaming renaissance we’re in and this incredible wealth of new ideas, aesthetics and emotions we’re exploring.

I get that there are well meaning, I would hope, people in the movement but even then I mostly don’t understand the narrative unfolding before me. What I see is a conversation about what a gamer wants to read, what a gamer wants to play and what gamers believe are important critiques. I see a lot of interpretations of what gamers are and yet, I’m sorry, I’m a gamer too and a lot of the things you see as problematic I see as important for the industry to grow and I’m not alone in this. I read many of those death death of a gamer posts and applauded because it showed to me how much this medium has, and is growing. Now there are many opinions I don’t agree with out there but I’m still thankful for them and don’t need to act like a spoilt toddler because of them.

I want to see debates about the psychosocial elements of games, about the cultural elements that they both propagate and help to broaden. I want to read the critiques around gender and racial representation as well as other demographics that are being missed due to a fixation on certain character styles. I want to read the deep thoughts of developers and journalists alike about what this great medium makes them feel and from what I see it is these great elements that for some reason are faux pas within the gamergate movement. Sorry but that’s not ethics, that’s bullshit.

Concerns with ethics is something I agree with that but then, so will most other gamers out there. We are not blind to the ways publisher and production companies control and manipulate the flow of information. I was rather appalled during the dorito gate business and wrote about it, with plenty of links. I follow up each and every new case yet, I don’t go around burning the perceived heretics in order to get heard. That hurts the dialogue and muddies the debate with inconsequential idiocy.

While I am so sorry this whole thing happened, especially sorry to those who have had to endure the true vileness of the internet, I am thankful for one thing. I am thankfully that through the insane actions of some and the impassioned ignorance of others supporting it that the whole industry and media has been moved further down this path of equality and of analysing this culture as a whole. That maybe because of that in a few years such things will be history and that people won’t sneer at games like Gone home, and that publisher won’t grimace at the thought of a female protagonist. I hope to look back soon a see a stronger industry in terms of games and the community that surrounds it without the divided nature it currently stands because it truly hurts me to see it in this state.

Couch Podtatoes Episode 19: PvP-Side Up


Check it out.. I get a space to rant and ramble about my love of open world PvP. How it can enrich an experience but also a few of the pitfalls. Oh and talk about Archeage a little.
I think there were some other people with me too but WHO KNOWS!!

Originally posted on Me Vs. Myself and I:


This week we’re diving into the PvP debate, and though it’s a topic we have all covered on our blogs over the course of the years, it has been renewed with issues surrounding ArcheAge. The latest Contains Moderate Peril is sort of a sister show to this one, and they seemed to cover the side of those who don’t really PvP much. We offer the other side of the coin, as all of us have played and enjoy PvP and the dynamics it brings to the table. Welshtroll, whom has been our guest once before rejoined us for the discussion. We all talked about our early PvP experiences, what types of PvP we’re currently participating in, and our opinions on this mode of play. We covered many different community posts in the conversation as well, and you can find links to those below. Enjoy!

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 19: PvP-side Up…

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Archeage and Pay to Win

I have an admission to make about Archeage. One that pains me to say but after a lot of thought is something I can’t ignore. Archeage is Pay to Win. Now I don’t mean that in some kind of esoteric “Every FtP game is Pay to Win” kind of way but that Archeage falls trap to the issue of buying power that gives a distinct advantage over others.

Free to play has always been this weird ground to tread in regards to pay to win concerns. Cosmetics is pretty much agreed up on but there are so many more parts that create concern. Boost consumables and such let you level faster than the general crowd and other items, items even earned in game still cause concerns. Archeage goes further than this though and crosses that line from usual cash shop idiocy to that which can, and does have profound effects on the game world.

The main issue is the ability to buy gold, in game gold directly through the client by selling apex or other bought items. Now we are seeing this sort of thing a lot lately but there is two distinct factors that make it different. First, in other games the best gear will be coming from raiding and so having extra gold is more the first or so steps in gearing up… if at all. This is the case with Wildstar and SWTOR, and even GW2 as getting ascended requires a different process. Items gained from Dungeons and raiding are nearly always Bind on Pickup as well, so resale doesn’t happen.

Even for games like Eve where you can jump in with enough real world money to buy the better ships and fittings it doesn’t mean you’l be able to use them, or use them effectively. The real time experience and skill system curbs that concern. For Archeage you can find a lot of the powerful end game equipment on the Auction house, and it is equippable once you hit cap. There are no prerequisites to equipping and earning it as it’s all crafted, and crafted gear has no restrictions.

Some of these items have a huge effect on power too. with the stronger Weapons I’ve seen able to one shot decently geared players. For armor you can expect it to take a while to kill them, if you even could. That is one on one and with a group they’ll go down down but, sometimes it feels like a few of the bigger guilds or even elite smaller groups have been funneling a bit of money into this.

You could also put the real world money into the whole crafting process instead of outright buying. This gives the bonus of being able to craft more items for guildies or to sell. Materials are expensive and buying them can help. Then there is the labour system and I know quite a few people that are constantly buying labor pots on multiple characters in order to level up their crafts quicker and to craft more. Crafting this much also helps in levelling alternative classes which gives an advantage as well.

Then there is also store items like the regrade charms that let you change armor and weapons to be a higher grade, this increases power and defence. This is a big step in the whole gearing up process too, a usually expensive and rng filled process. Oh, and then there’s the subscription giving a huge advantage as well over the free players but that seemed to be an expected part.

If this was a dungeon running style of game it wouldn’t matter too much. The only win state is personally set but here you’re constantly fighting over land and territory and in so doing gain an advantage over others. Being able to control Freedich Island is a big advantage for those that can, as is Hasla when trying to gear people up. And then there is a large ocean to profit from as well, those with the better gear obviously having an easier time. When Auroria opens I’m wondering what greater advantage those will get who can own and keep castles there.

Now, I know saying this that after a while of play people will be able to level up and obtain the same kind of gear as those that did it quickly but, the time frame on that is far far longer. It seems like with good RNG you might be able to craft or get enough gold to get a single piece of gear, maybe an item and that’s if the RNG god decide to spare you that week. For the general player base I see this being far longer. Months before they get reasonably geared.

While I’ve bitched about pay to win before, and a few feelings I’ve experienced of that. And even how my feelings for an mmo can be tempered when it involves cosmetic things this is the first time I’ve been involved with a game that is Pay to Win. Inarguably Pay to win. You spend money and you gain power and progression in a variety of ways… pay to win. You get an advantage over others in an open world environment… pay to win. Paying to win lets you continue to win too… PAY TO WIN PEOPLES…

but ehhh… i’m ok with it for now


Now that I’ve got the gear basics, the quest gear and Hasla weapon I’ve been focusing more and more on the crafting aspects of Archeage. I’ve been farming all along, bananas and sheep to make a little gold and for trade packs but the other trade skills have mostly gone untouched. Well not entirely, it’s funny just how much the random crafting you do refining things and such actually gives you over time so I have a reasonably amount experience in quite a few crafts.

I’ve only used a handful of those labour positions during this first month so, I do know a lot of people that are much higher than me now in one, and even a lot of things. Using those regularly gives a lot of extra labour. I’ve been happy with the amount I get though, there is a lot I would like to do but I’ve been content enough with the bit of farming and trade pack running I’ve usually been doing and the progress I seem to have made as a result.

archeage  crafts

Now though, I am feeling a bit more serious about getting one of these trade skills up. Gear is quite important and I do seem to be lacking a bit. I get matched quite easily in our group fights when focused and my dps is average at best. It’s also because crafting is a great way to level you alternative class lines. There are a few more I want right now and have been levelling Auramancy, Defence and shadowcraft and these are in the 20s.Getting them to 50 is my next major goal as then I have access to some more defensive classes.. and stealth.

I could have gone with weapons, or one of the armor crafts but those get rather expensive quite quickly and while they do produce items that are worth a lot I see a lot of people doing them. We a relocation ready have a few in guild quite high up. Soooo… Handicrafts. I first picked it because it also makes housing stuff, and housing stuff is neat but you can also make accessories which you don’t really get while levelling. There is quite a strong need for them and some of the better quality 50 rings are several hundred gold. It’s a great levelling craft too, gives decent experience and the shards/dust needed are far cheaper.

Apart from a small amount of farming that’s what I’ve been spending every last bit of my labour on. Tonight was a big crafting time as I had saved up the 5000 labour to use with the vocation tonic which gives a huge boost to experience earned by using labour. By the end my extra classes were up past 30,with auramancy in 40 and I had a tonne of accessories ready to sell or continue up to craft with.

There is one problem with Handicrafts though, and quite a big one. The other crafts become a huge RNG grind for quality when you get to the lvl 40 mark. You need to regrade here in order to get quality up but it can ruin the item. For Handicrafts the rng is at every step.

To craft the next level of accessory you need an item from the previous tier, but not just any. You need the specific stamina version at a 1 in 4 chance. At the next tier it happens again, you can only use the stamina… And again, and again. This goes all the way up to the top quality and, if at any time along that you don’t get stamina that’s the best tier you’ll get. During each tier of crafting there is also a rare chance of the quality upgrading too, otherwise you need to spend serious gold doing that. Some of the materials are quite expensive and basically just gone if the rng gods have decided. There is a way to get around this a little, by breaking down these accessories you get another item that can be crafted into the stamina one. It takes four of these to convert this way but at least it’s something.

I was actually reasonably lucky in my first big craft for a ring. I spent about 80 gold getting a ring all the way up to illustrious my first time with two quality upgrades. Then it gives me the life on at the end… Poo. Still decent with the 1.6% increase to damage but the other types could have earned me another couple hundred gold should i have wanted to sell and give better buffs.

Looking at it though, while the entire system is an rng nightmare, the living hell of all mmo gamers it really isn’t too bad in the end. The items that result due to the time, money, labour and luck used are actually worth something tangible. Putting your money into crafting, serious crafting will earn you a fair bit of gold in profit. The issue of course is have the capital to start, to buy the needed materials in order to craft a few items and still be safe waiting for a return on the investment. I don’t have that at all just yet.

The other great thing about crafting here, be it rings, necklaces, weapons and armor is that it is all freely tradable, even after you’ve equipped it, no bind on idiocy to be seen for crafted items. A guild can swap around things as it’s needed to the person or group that currently needs, and then swap it afterwards. It makes an already rather group oriented crafting system even better for guilds and small group. The other part is that when you outgrow these items you can sell back to the market in order to recoup some, or all of the costs.

It’s a very complicated system. One at first that appears to be rather abhorrent with the amount of grind and gold required but with a few key mechanics it becomes a system that i think is beneficial to an mmo. It is an inclusive system that promotes groups to work together and gives items inherent wealth… a big difference from the usual inconsequential crap that is often easily, and quickly replaced.

Progress Report: Bragtoberfest Recap


Another week of gaming and this time, being constantly harassed by Doone to play his games. I did succumb to one this week and it seems like a few others succumbed as well. COLLUSION OH MY GOD!!!.. anyone the game we all seem to be playing, or more aptly, watching is the interactive screensaver “Mountain“. It ‘s a mountain. A game about a randomly generated mountain, with random comments, with random junk crashin on it.


Why yes Mountain. Yes it is.

I ended up calling mine George Gorge and surprisingly you do get rather wrapped up in the idiocy of it all. In the absence of any narrative you kind of make up your own about the mountain and the random junk crash landing on it. It enables you to play music as well with the keyboards and I’d find myself for 10, or more minute periods just playing random tunes to the mountain I made up. Often every time it made one of it’s philosophical statements i would cue in a few keys, just to tell george that I’m still around… I think that makes George happier.

I see some of the others playing it like an actual game as there are certain songs that cue actions to happen and make some sort of barrier atmosphere surround the mountain protecting it from oblivion. I’m more meh about that. That’s not what Mountain seems to be about. There’s no win state, no, competitive aspects or things to uncover so such actions seem rather meaningless to me. George Gorge is happy the way he is, and so am I.


The FPS Event seem to go really well with a few turning up for first, some action in TF2 and then in Killing floor. UNfortunately I didn’t make it which was a bit sad. I’ve never played tf2 and it does look like a fun multiplayer shooter but a case of the Sleep in Sundays had me and getting out of bed would have been next to impossible. I heard a lot of the others having some fun with it and IZZY has a good account over on his blog.

Next time for sure and I think i’ll still try it out in the future.

For next week’s event we are meeting in the MMO of your choice. The poll has seen quite a few response although at the moment it’s overwhelmingly for Archeage which leaves a few questions there. Is that going to be ok with most people. Archeage early game is mostly just regular questing, rather average questing.

I’m fine with getting together as a group and levelling new characters that sort of stuff can be a lot of fun but for those that voted are there other things you want to do. I could probably whip up a clipper to sail the ocean for a morning of piracy orrrrr… yeh. Just looking for thoughts on this, and especially those who voted for it as I’m not sure if Archeage is the right choice to meet up in.

I’ll leave the poll up for another two days so continue to cast your votes and hit me up here or on twitter for thoughts on it.

Murf won the flash game again so whatever… moving on. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLEZ. can’t somebody beat him. Knock him down a few pegs and show that he isn’t the best and greatest flash game champion.

For this week I opted for a classic. Or more to say the epitome of Flash Awesomeness.


One of those runner style games that I’m guessing everyone has played but this time your a rainbow unicorn.. what could ever be better than that. Also… I’m terrible at it. Will pay with games anyone who beats Murf with it because it probably won’t be me. Seriously. you win, your choice of game.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Archeage is still a thing. It is seriously just draining away my will to play other games and it’s times like these I’m ratratherad I never got into farmville.  That shit be addictive and archeage has all that time waiting and time grinding, upgrading nonsense that taps into the deep corners of your brain to make you a drooling drone.

Instead of giving a report here I think I might try and make a few shorter posts with my progress in areas. Might be easier to read and also because I hear the call of my farm. bananas to pick and sheep to murder and this post has gone on too long already. Also becasue I spent way too much time making silly combinations in Little Alchemy instead of making this post which in turn… bananas need me…

Couch Podtatoes Episode 18: Talking Points The Sequel


reblogging because lazy… and yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Originally posted on Me Vs. Myself and I:

We’re back, and it’s episode number 18. This time around I decided to be a little lazy and throw together the sequel to our show “Talking Points” from a couple of months back. Rather than do the typical format show, we just do a little cross promotion for TGEN, recap the goings-on with Bragtoberfest, and then dive into a varied discussion about a number of different articles, all of which you can see below in the show notes. We also had a fellow member of TGEN join us in the candid discussion, Roger Edwards of Contains Moderate Peril! It was a lot of fun getting different opinions on all of the different talking points, and we hope you enjoy!



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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 18: Talking Points The Sequel (runtime: 1:25:42)

TGEN Cross Promotion/Bragtoberfest recap (starts at 1:22)
Discussion: Talking Points (starts at 14:39)

Discussion Links:
Talking Points

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