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Hello to prospective readers and or google bots.. welcome to a girl gamers view of her pixelated adventures. At the moment there will be a strong Secret World presence in the blog but there will also be many tidbits that pique my interest.

I have always had a tremendous amount of mental diarrhea, thinking all sorts of weird and wacky things. Most of the time this revolves around whatever game is currently occupying mmy time… thinking about strengths and weakness of a given title, why i actually like playing it and researching any given number of topics regarding it. Sometimes you just have to put this stuff down on electronic paper and i vie to at least have a semi regularly updated site.

Maybe a little about me as well.. hmmm

I have been playing games like the rest of us for as long as i can remember, although not as old as these people coming from mud’s and such it has been long enough for me. Started with good ole Command and Conquer Tiberium farming and evolved from there. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes and although not terrible in anything ( i think) i am definitely not top rung… just call me an average gamer.

For the last couple years it has been mmo’s, beginning with lotro, burgeoning with rift and now The Secret World into the foreseeable future. I sometimes hang around the boards and you might have seen me posting as j3w3l and in case you didnt know by now i LOOOVE pvp

I also work in childcare so am a little bit crazy…and for reading the wall o text here’s a pic where i am now which is kind of giving of that TSW creepy vibe or maybe I am thinking to much about it.


I also reserve the right to update this whenever i so please, and if you have and questions regarding mwah or any gaming tidbits post a reply and i’ll update this disclaimer


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