Tera be Gone

So Long, Little Kitty

I have officially removed Tera from my desktop which weirdly enough makes me feel quite sad. It kind of makes me feel like i just dumped a boyfriend who i had a great fling with but who no longer holds my attention, not to mention the far better future prospects. Maybe if he had found me earlier i could have formed a greater bond… the odd booty call her and there isn’t out of the question though, and i will definitely hold onto a subscription at least until the pvp battlegrounds come about. It was a decent month of play and god damn it i am going to miss my fluffy fat tiger.

Saying that i only played for a month might sound like a a god awful admission and a terrible thing for an mmo where long term subscription and play should almost be a given but in reality i enjoyed my time and still look at it fondly. I jumped the boat quite early in terms of improving my character but i just couldn’t and didn’t feel like putting in the effort required to get the new gear.

My decision really came down to the fact that in the 3 (or is it 4) weeks the nexus’s have been active i have been able to attend a total of 1, remembering that saving up enough tokens requires many many events (then enchanting) i really didn’t feel it was worth my time… Not to mention that pveíng for pvp gear is absolutely friggin retarded. Overall the nexus “content” was very badly thought out, the little events that they do have are really quite annoying since to benefit the most from it you really have to follow a zerg, and when you are the entire event basically turns into a slide show (at least on my lappy anyway). It really isn’t an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon of gaming.

Tera is an amazing game at its base but there is just so many mechanics and systems that are very poorly thought out and implemented, and everything that is great about it is entirely underutilised. The factionless gvg system is great and leveling up while having the many great fights be it win or lose will be the highlight of my experience. Regardless of what you want to say about the level/gear scaling it added a nice element of excitement and exhilaration to the otherwise dull general mmo questing system. I honestly no longer wish for factions in my games, yes 3 is definitely better than 2 but in my opinion a well crafted factionless gvg system would be superior.

It also had quite a good community if you can believe it with dungeon groups being formed at every age range just by using lfg and area chats. I think the game fostered group play and community building in a fantastic way. Bam quests were great and always interesting, grouping up meant security in a sense from gankers, and as the game progressed the mobs became faster and harder…by lvl 53 I found myself needing a questing partner. By the end of play I had quite a respectable sized friends list, coming from TOR where it was a total of 2 I was thoroughly impressed.

Tera was also the most fun i have had healing in an mmo… it was engaging, hectic, and enjoyable. The only reason i completed the normal mode dungeons like 20 odd times upon reaching 50 is that just about every time you fight feels different… it reminded me more of pvp where it feels dynamic every time and is about keeping a level head and reacting to the situation at hand. I may still have a go with them from time to time anyway.

I also may do a little write up at a later date of what i would have done to improve upon its great foundation.

See you space cowboy.. from the edge of the world


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