A secret Scaredy Cat

Watch out for the big guy

*Edit and Quest Spoiler*… to all the people arriving here via google i can only assume you want help withthe side quest Scaredy Cat.. It’s in a crate on a small island in the filth corrupted marshlands, turn on npc nameplates in the options menu to easily spot it.

and without further adieu the blog post is below

I am a self professed chicken, scary themes in anything always seem to strike a nerve and it isn’t very hard for to make me a gibbering mess. I remembering watching The Candyman at a friend’s place in grade 10…. I didn’t sleep for 3 days.
These days I really don’t have much too worry about since the horror genre is just about dead sadly. Residential Evil was amazing and made me jump and squeel like a moron, the rest are nothing. Dead Space was great too, the rest are rather dull…ooh here’s a scary monster now here’s 10 more flying at you.

The horror genre has completely forgotten about setting the mood, the atmosphere and making an environment that matters. It isn’t about designing the ugliest monster you possibly can and the throwing it at someone’s face. Take amnesia, I made it a whole 5 minutes before I had to throw the laptop in the air and run screaming and I didn’t see a single monster (so glad I didn’t too).

Atmosphere Kind of reminds me of Whitby

I went into TSW thinking it was going to be some silly yawnfest, while it doesn’t have much of a squeal scare factor it has done a great job of setting the mood and giving me the willies at times. The fog adds a great atmosphere to the first area, not being able too see to far in front of you makes me kinda of nervous just from not knowing what will come out.

This totally creeper me out, I was searching for the rascally zombie pirate when I spotted this up on the cliff. I mean seriously, I knew from the dialogue and swearing that this wasn’t your typical pg mmo but just put it all out there… Wtf is it doing there.It is even remarkably perfect, and creepy how the light is shining on the face in a way that makes in indistinguishable

Yep.. its dead alright

So far it all leaves me excited as to what the new areas will show me.

*ended up finding the quest for it… awww so sad