The Secret about Mouselook and other tidbits

No secret here other than that having to hold down a key for camera control is SOOO FING ANNOYING.. coming from Tera it is a complete shock to the system and feels very unintuitive for the playstyle. Que computer geniuses to solve all our problems though.

Check this forum thread for all your mouselook toggle needs

A new post with a chart for Weapon Synergies.. the original post was deleted i think

Also Player Housing.. WOOOOOOOO

haha not really yet but the thread got a reply from Ragnor

We have discussed housing/apartments in the past, but decided to not focus on that for launch, since it really isn’t part of our proverbial ‘four pillars’ (i.e. character progression, conflict, story and setting). It’s something I’d like to see us do in the nearish future, however. No, it’s not necessarily an integral part of the core gameplay in TSW, but it IS an important element in giving your character more of an anchor in the world, an identity outside of just being a tool for your faction — a LIFE.

Soo it is on the agenda but how far down is not know. To me though player housing can be a huge part of the setting and building a great environment.