Secretly not so smart

Ok so these investigation missions are either harder than i thought or i am a completely idiot. They utilise obscure references, demand critical thinking, and are remarkably open to interpretation and quite frankly many times it went way over my head. It took many many hours to finish the “kingsmouth code” and afterwards i don’t know whether i was happy at my deductive abilities or disdain at the amount of time i spent figuring it out. I enjoyed the dead air quest though as all the information was right in-front of you and really just required some time and patience.

No spoilers incoming here but i found the screenshot of the phonebook very useful in finding the right place.

It kind of makes me feel bad neglecting my fellow cabal members during these times but i just find the whole puzzle solving aspect requires a more solitary experience, plus i didn’t want any pointers. Due to the time spent on these missions i now feel  I am now waaaay behind the leveling/skill/gear acquisition curve so i might focus more on the shooty and sabo missions for a bit.

These investigation missions are a hard thing to get right for the devs in terms of rewards and experience considering that you will have a large population of your playerbase you want to cater towards that won’t take the time to even think about it before googling an answer. Then you have those who are stubborn jackasses (like me) spending exorbitant amounts of time trying to do everything for themselves. You can’t set the rewards too high otherwise the average player will probably exploit this, and if you make it too low you will have a few angry “legitimate” players who feel a little bit screwed.

To be honest i don’t even remember what rewards i got and i haven’t been paying attention to my experience bar at all, that is a huge testament to Funcoms level-less design. I was quite skeptical regarding this but they have designed skill acquisition and gear gathering quite well, the fact that even low level skills can be worthwhile at later stages is amazing. The one thing i do wish for them to change is for you to be able to have a separate slot for investigation missions, this means you can still go about killing the local fauna while contemplating your clues. Also i think they are really regretting there decision to not test these missions, the mass of players descending on them at once is probably the main reason behind them becoming faulty

Lastly i think i have found my favourite npc so far, Sam Kreig has some very poignant words to say, and here he was at his most perverse

Sam Kreig at his most perverse