I Not So Secretly Shat my Pants

I am thoroughly enjoying my play sessions which is rather odd for an mmo where it sometimes turns into a death march wherein you begrudgingly plod from one marker to the next.. on and on. It has always been a weird sort of compulsion when you play, you always just want to get to that next level or a new piece of gear. Looking back it really does seem rather silly to go through that but reaching those pinnacle moments of completion, or the ecstasy of pvp (on even terms) is usually well worth it. When i logged on this morning  there was no urge to consume content, well at least not in a traditional sense. No need to quest hop or skill gather, i just wanted to delve deeper into the setting, immerse myself into the world… going further down the rabbit hole


To that end i spent many hours exploring the capital cities, talking to all the npc’s, and just breathing in the atmosphere. If you wish to view some of the pictures there right —-> here <—– , there isn’t many just some i found interesting. Although i found all the different areas I might have to go back though because i missed some of the lore pieces, and to check out the fight clubs

The game is drawing me in so well and the atmosphere has steadily being growing on me to the point where i had to just take a break so here i am writing a new post. It has gone from Creepy, to weirded out, and then bordering on horror. I will try and document my descent into madness during the days play

The beginning

I started doing the Illuminati quest “Into the Darkness” which takes you into an underground carpark that is completely pitch black, utilising a mining hat mounted with a light to navigate through the car park. The light only reveals a certain amount of the area, moving around while you do and the area is like a minefield of hungry ghouls


The way they did this made it feel very claustrophobic, and makes you just a little bit paranoid. I was trying to make my way strategically weaving in and out of the mobs trying not to aggro them. You keep hearing noises all around you, the grunting and moaning of the filth ravaged occupants… it is quite disturbing, and every now and then it sounds like one is coming at you from behind so you spin around to see darkness. I guess i could have killed them all as i was going but that probably wasn’t in the spirit of the mission. Fighting in this environment is taxing on the nerves and even though the monsters were easily enough vanquished it still made you feel unnerved and that continued.


After it brought me back to questing along the savage coast and making my way towards the Insmouth academy. The npc’s there are again full of some brilliant dialogue about themselves and the world in general, hearing them talk about their prophetic dreams was enthralling and disconcerting. Most of the quests were the usual fare but one sent me further into the descent to madness. You are investigating the disappearance of teachers that made a break for the river, the monsters weren’t that bad but the fact your collecting the bloody badges of the fallen complete with names and pictures is just a bit disturbing to my fragile mind. There is definitely one thing to say for the developers of The Secret World, they like adding blood and bones to their environment.


Next i went back to the town area and picked up the quest for the Black house. It is quite hard to actually describe the sounds that were happening there, although soft it was quite the cacophony of wood creaking, moaning, cackling and screaming. At one Point  i picked up the quest icon inside a room to have the door slam and mist fill the area. It was slowly damaging but i just ran around the room jumping like a moron not knowing what the hell to do but just wanting to get out, i was close to dying when noticing i could destroy the door and just made it out alive. I didn’t finish the end due to the spawning bug but it still left and imprint.


I made it along to the quests at the abandoned amusement park after and by god this place is creepy to the max and “Carnival of Souls” is where i just had to walk away from the computer, get a drink, hug the hubby and cuddle the puppy. It has you visiting each of the rides and surviving there madness, the possessed rides are frightening on their own rites but it was these the broke the will of a pvp’er. I got up to the roller coaster ride and that has to be the worst experience so far, the fact the camera is fixed and you have absolutely no control while your bustled along with the creepy caretakers to greet you is downright mean. roller coaster

And at the end of the ride when she pops her head out i screamed, that death curdling cry of anguish.. Startling my Hubby out of his own play and i was even shaking a little.

Seriously fuck you Secret World.. i hate that so much but i think i need more now


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