Project Zomboid – Surviving in the Cess Pit

I have been thoroughly interested in Project Zomboid for quite some time but have never taken the leap, after watching there recent presentation for the indie games convention “Rezzed” I decided to take the plunge. It seems like a very interesting little game, it is a complete sandbox and the goal is only to survive as long as you can.. your death is inevitable. It is a very interesting concept, the controls are a little unintuitive sometimes but it is brimming with atmosphere and possibilities. They have a neat little modding community already with some wonderful fixes and extensions to the game already available, which i might just have to install. It is in alpha so if you encounter and bugs or such just calm down, put down the pitchforks and enjoy yourself.

As seems the appropriate thing for a survival type game thingies i will write a little diary of the damned which hopefully entertains and enlightens as to the gameplay and charm.

day 1

Have found my self in a very urban area now with lots of buildings and hopefully supplies nearby. My apartment seems like quite a nice spot, one entry being the door… might try and make it defensible. The zombie stuck in the supermarket next door scares me though. It is a large complex with many levels and I can see plenty of food in the shopping aisle but can I kill him, will he follow me home if I don’t, or if I take him out will it attract others

Raided the adjacent apartments to mine and thankfully no inhabitants to contend with. Checking inside everywhere and watching out for any movement is busy work. I really don’t know what I should be looking for yet.. probably food. I did find quite a few supplies though.

  • spare clothes
  • booze
  • nails
  • battery
  • pens
  • some tasty raw chicken

and if I develop a mental disorder from the stress of it all I am fully stocked up with heaps of pills…what the hell was wrong with my neighbours?

It was starting to get dark and I hadn’t found anything to defend myself with so went back to the apartment

Picturesque view from the apartment - Pity about the zombies

Watching the zombies in the park across the way from the window of my apartment, there is quite a few jumbling about and I hope they can’t see me because I like my comfy abode. I am getting sleepy watching them shambling about but my tummy is rumbling. It is decided tomorrow morning I will raid the shop.. maybe it won’t notice me if I’m quiet