A Secret Time Traveler and Exorcist

I have nearly completed all the quests that are on Solomon island at least once now so moving on could be my next step. I have yet to try out one of the dungeons and am told the story parts in those are just as memorable, i also feel the need to get down to my healing roots as i feel my healing build is more well rounded now. It has taken me a while to get it sorted out to an extent because my skill selection so far has been the jack of all trades approach and i now have a single target, aoe, survivability and healing specs. Pve has really taken my interest which is a complete change from.. well just about every mmo so far so my priority has been building a sustainable soloing build.

It has a mix of everything really and am working towards a complete burst/affliction build. I use safety off as my primary builder and depending on the situation i might remove an aoe skill for anima shot. I have also found so far that hindering skills work far better against mobs then impairments. Most mobs will still be attacking normally regardless and the special abilities they do lock are usually the avoidable kind. Next i am thinking a hindering type build, i am also looking quite closely at an assault/ele for a dpsing build come later areas when specializing might be more appropriate.

Upwards and onwards i say and with nearly finishing the Blue Mountains i have had more amazing experiences to share

Feeling The Fog

I have to admit that the Blue Mountains really doesn’t have the charm the other areas do, i am not sure whether this is due to the setting feeling like it still closely resembles the others, the mobs being similar again, the characters not being as memorable, the quests really not being as exciting or if it is just this damn fog suffocating the land.. i think probably the later.

It honestly is starting to feel a bit stifling and depressing, being in this constant state of dimness. That really is a testament to the design and art approach though as they got the look and feel absolutely perfect, if not i don’t believe it would be affecting me this much. It really is hard to describe the atmosphere and “feel” it exudes after a long play session but It feels at times like the filth is seeping into you, into your character mostly but in a sense into you as well. I stopped playing a little during the day just so i could sit outside in the sunshine and feel its warmth. Radical Eri is going to feel all sorts of awesome when she reaches the sunny sand of Egypt..as am I.

Unusual Questing

I don’t know how it happened but i seem to have left some of the best quests for last, even though in a sense it really should have been some of the first of the zone. I found myself next to Eleanor Franklin and thoroughly enjoying dialogue once again, the crazy cat lady is actually rather refined and talks about her houses’ “guests”with fondness and warmth.. they all keep each other company then i guess. This is where i came across the quest “The Haunting” where in essence you are a time traveling paranormal investigator and part-time exorcist. It is rather amusing that you see through the hundred or so years that the house has barely changed as it might be a location trapped in time, or maybe it involves the merging of time dimensions with ours so that it is the same house with inhabitants phasing over, or maybe it is equivalent to a dream type state, or maybe i am thinking waaaaaaaaay to much about it. It is nice though seeing the environment inside and outside the house change in regards to the time and season.

Although the monsters you need to kill here kind of detract from the experience since they are numerous and have very fast respawns, it is nice to see the different changes to the settings as well as feel like you are changing history and saving innocent people. You know i think it is more a travel into the essence of the house, and freeing some of the innocent souls from the evil entities that have enslaved them… haha, you just can’t help but contemplate the many things you see and encounter as it feels so much more familiar to our own experiences and world. You search for the similarities and patterns that  may not be there or even be appropriate in order to try and explain them. I don’t know whether it was their aim but the silent antagonist approach of our character may be a way to distance ourselves from them and thus put ourselves in their place and that is why i over think it all. Or maybe i should stop playing in first person view with the ui off (nicer screenies).. yes that seems like the likely culprit.

A little while after i also came across the cdc camp and its cooky but mostly terrified caretaker. The laptop entries about her lost and presumed dead team mates had me literally laughing out loud and too whoever writes this stuff *applause*, your wit and sense of humor are worthy of more praise than a video game’s audience or media will ever give you.. is there a bafta award for writing? Anyway I also recommend the sabotage mission “The Orichi Group” to everyone and urge you to stick with it.. explore, extrapolate, and form your own plans. I was doing this mission with a fellow guildy and we were laughing at each others misfortune every time one of us got caught, i honestly didn’t find it annoying at all as there was no rng involved in our captures only our own mistakes and carelessness. Everytime it happened the cutscene and waking up in the freight container made me think of some urban legend where i lose a Kidney. We ran around like idiots trying to find where and what to press and do, and dodging in and out of those little droids.  * No Spoilers* It is rather funny but we eventually figured out the end part of the mission by pure accident, and laughed at the simplicity but devious way in which the mission was created… it really isn’t your standard mmo stuff anymore and the sabotage and investigation missions highlight this beautifully.

Also thank you to the wonderful Gm Porthoss who spent quite a bit of time fixing up a bugged quest for me in which my technomagical abilities must have hampered my ability to repair turrets. No finger pointing here as with the depth and complexity of the content available it is a wonder more things don’t cark it under the pressure of the masses. Sure this wasn’t my first bug nor will it probably be my last but i have yet to encounter any “game breaking” bugs and due to my gaming happiness levels being at an all time high i think i can let this one slide.  It was actually rather interesting watching him go about his business spawning adds and initiating the waves of mobs so as to spurn the quest onwards and or/ determine the origin of the malfunction.

Kudos to you Gm Porthoss – that’s him in the white hazmat suit


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    • Taking into account the fact they i haven’t actually healed an instance yet and going from guild hearsay and forum info i think it is definitely possible to heal the starting instances with one heal type weapon as long as it is pretty much the focus of your build….there is nothing stopping you from getting other healing weapons passives though and that would help. Later on though it might not be possible to heal with assault or blood but from what i can see a fist might be diverse enough to achieve it, yes it will probably be hard but maybe not gimped.

      For pvp go with whatever really, just slinging heals where you can helps more then you might think. I just love assault here as you can provide some range dps, and since damage is soo high our leach heals will be very usefull

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