Surviving in the Cess Pit

Note to everyone out there download the 2.0 patch from the Project Zomboid Forum in the announcements page if you would like your game to save, I purchased from Desura which seemed relatively easy and my visa debit card worked too but it seems they are using a much older version.  It is amazing how much the build has changed the look is very much more refined, a huge variety of items to find, more complex player emotions and needs, and crafting has come ahead quite a bit more. So becasue of that i might just start a new diary of the damned.

and here goes

Day 1

I have been holed up in the bar for a week now and i am completely out of supplies, i thought i could ride the whole thing through but that seems like it is no longer possible. I watched it all happen and it was frightening, especially when the apartment block next door burnt down, it is just and empty charred husk now. It feels way to open here and the zombies seem to be getting more numerous and aggresive, No beer or Bourbon left anymore either.

Oh what a terrible place is a pub with no beer

The adjacent shop is just about completely empty. Found some basics for cooking like a pot and can opener. The diner nearbye had loads of food including Non perishables and lots of fresh meat and produce in the fridges out back. I decided to cook up all the eat now so it wouldn’t go off, the steak tasted soooo good. Starting to feel really tired and there is no where to lie down.. went back to the shop i passed a little while ago and promptly passed out on the couch. Tossed and turned worrying whether the large windows would be broken into.

Day 2

Kept on going down the street, looking for a house to crash in for a while. I found a nice little apartment block here with plenty of room although I think i saw someone in the shopping center next door when i was walking passed.. they were looking out the window, probably as desperate as myself. I decided to check out the apartment first and then take a look, after a couple hours though a heard a lot of smashing of windows and thought someone was coming to get me, it turns out a horde of zombies decided to descend upon the shop next door and broke into it. I hope whoever was in there is okay. It isn’t looking good though, there is too many of them and i’m worried the might try breaking into here, but i don’t what to go out side and face that horde. I’ll leave it for a day and pray i guess, when and if they leave i can check to see what happened

The Horde

There Breaking down the door!!! have to get out of here.

I ran until my knees where weak and i was gulping air, i ran back to the pub with a couple of them chasing me i think.. there was just soo many. Needed to find somewhere else to hole up, it seem the diner has been smashed into, so glad i didn’t stay there and took everything i could. I also grabbed all the chips from the vending machine on my way past. I entered the first house i found but i hope the zombies outside didn’t notice.. too much running for one day. After all that i actually got to sit down and read a book which was nice, felt normal for once. AND there is a bed here.

A Real Home

Either find a better place tomorrow or make this place my new home.

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