Nerdier than i Thought

Being a bit of a completionist i wanted to finish up the quests and exploration points for the achievements, the lore can be a bit later. I needed to do it partly becasue i really didn’t want to over level the area too much but mostly becasue I wanted to read and listen to anything i hadn’t yet so as to get a full view of the story before i move along. It turns out I had missed quite a few quests in Kingsmouth and i am very glad i came back, I also got heaps of sp/ap from my explorations anyway soo weee.

Why hello there Commander Tuvok

I met up with Harrison Blake and his partner Anne Hathaway, i really don’t know how i missed them just no quests took me that way and i kind of forgot about visiting there. I was listening to him very intensely as i knew that voice but couldn’t pin it.. then i remembered apart from being a very obvious  H.P Lovecraft reference it is FRIGGIN Tuvok. Such a nerd that i knew it pretty much straight away and it had me really excited. Some of his lines are great as well and it might be my imagination but they tend to be delivered with great similarity to the vibe of the logical Vulcan character, he also drops a very funny star trek meme/reference. One of my favourite conversation parts was “We choose to deal in hard quantifiable science and you… well your the liberal arts”. lool and all i have to say to that is…

Anyway there is a little The Secret World forum post that details all the voice actors and actresses in the credits. I really can’t believe the depth of the talent here as well as the variety of voice people adding there touch, no wonder this is some of the most brilliantly delivered dialogue i have ever encountered in a game. I also found out that one of my favourite characters ever, Spike Spiegal voiced by Steve Blum is no other than Jack Boon, one of the first characters and i missed it.. for shame. Have a look some time and you might find your just as nerdy as me.. maybe more.

I also finally got around to healing a dungeon, it was the first dungeon Polaris and on the whole it is a pretty easy and fast instance. It was only partially easy due to my gear level but the tank was barely taking any damage either and i healed pretty easily with anima shot, groundwork and surgical steel.. i usually had time to add my damage finisher three round burst which is amusing. The last boss was great fun and the mechanic of hiding behind the pillars during certain special times means for lots of running. Unfortunately though my UI decided to play up after that last cutscene so all i had was the map and chat box but before i could get the call out that i needed to reboot the tank had already pulled the boss ><..

I am a Golden God

I actually did pretty well considering i could not see either the ability bar or the Party frames. Due to that fact i kind of kept my focus on healing the tank so my party members dropped like flies without me even noticing. I kept up communication the entire time asking for health updates, and asking if they could please stand next to me if you need heals but apparently communicating via the chat function and avoiding aoe is against the abilities of pugs. Funnily enough the tank and I nearly duo’d the boss, unfortunately though we didn’t have the dps to beat it after the pillars were blasted out from under us.. It had under 4k health left when the tank finally succumbed to his wounds. After resing i explained the problem, said see you in a bit and attempted to restart the client only to come back to a disbanded group.. seriously >< Oh well in the end finished it  (again) and will make my way onwards to finish up Savage Coast tomorrow and then onto Egypt.