Combo Combo Combooooo!!!

I came across this link quite awhile ago and with the release of Guild Wars 2 coming I just remembered it and wanted to share.
GW2 Combo link

It is an extremely great primer to those interested in combo fields, finishers and the bonus effects. It details the fields every proffesion is able to make and their finishers.
A must read for any semi serious GW2 enthusiast

One interesting point by a fellow guildy

So the easiest combination is by far using blast, as Engineer has 6 different ways to cause blast effects with ease. Each individual mine from the mine kit is considered a blast, as is Big Ole’ Bomb from the bomb kit.

To create the field, you can use the Burning Bomb from the bomb kit as well as the Smoke Bomb.

This is all well and good, except the fact that these effect stack… meaning you could place down 5 mines, a big ole bomb, a smoke bomb, detonate the mines and literally gain a 60 second stealth to your and all nearby allies (including NPC’s and turrets). Or, if you use a burning bomb instead of a smoke bomb you can gain21 stacks of might for a solid 25 seconds

Haha hilarious