Secret Biographies

I admit that I have a passion for the story the Secret World is unfolding before us. I also have an invariably large passion for the characters that inhabit its word with there wonderful dialogue, beautiful back-stories and breadth of emotions. When I read of Funcoms plan to permanently kill characters off as part of the evolving storyline I was truly horrified, I mean how dare they kill the characters I have grown to adore.

I really do sound like some nut job fangirl waving her freak flag high but it isn’t really that. TSW isn’t a great game, it is good but what gets me hooked to something and truly engaged whether it be cartoons, TV, movies or a book is the story and great characters. With all those media though if a character dies it is still readily available from previous chapters. But within an evolving online game that resource ceases to be a a piece of the story and just flitters off into the horizon.

I looked around on the web and wikis but sadly they seem quite underdeveloped. TSW is still and always might be a niche title so the hardcore wiki types haven’t taken much of a shine to the title. And so brought me along to the idea of cataloging all the characters dialogue for future players and those of us in a retrospective mood. Starting next week I will have a little character spotlight every couple of days including the back-story, mission dialogue and a few pics…. Maybe even a video or two.
Fear not though as my usual nonsensical ramblings and gameplay will still be present.