Ouya and onlive – Match Made in Heaven

For those of you not reading the major Gaming news site like myself as they are usually renown for intolerable fluff and biased opinions, not to mention the quality of the average reader base. New news from the Ouya Kickstarter Page, they have teamed up with Onlive, so streaming the latest and greatest into our homes from the comfort of a couch is within reach of the future.. Well it is possible already but you know what I mean. The Fact that Ouya is extraordinarily cheap, will have access to a huge android library and now  has Onlive means it could be a very decent competitor in the console market. There will always be a market for the others with their high powered processors, and they will always offer a superior product in terms of graphics and responsive play but this provides greater options, seems great in terms of home connectivity and removes a bit of a barrier for people too slowly evolve from the casual Zynga esque marketplace.

I really should give a shout out too the blog What’s Your Tag for beaming in this piece of news to me as i probably would have missed it as I am usually not that interested in scouring kickstarter and forums (pvp forums not included).