PvP Skillin with the Mesmer

As promised, i give to thee some quite awesome Mesmer pvp videos beamed in directly from the mists, feel free to mock or praise my powers below. These videos are all utilising the very first skill build i made up which performs just that little bit more poorly than the other, sorry as i completely forgot to record the newer build although it really is the same thing just more POOOWWAAAHH.

I was actually quite impressed with the optimisation in the last Beta as my Lappy performed admirable at something over 30 fps .. well most of the time anyway. I haven’t really recorded much before either so the quality and editing is a little off.
Also i was tragically going clicky clicky on the skills as my naga no longer has an attachable cord (my new puppy seems to like cords) and being the last beta i really didn’t feel like key binding just for an afternoons play session.

This scenario was actually rather amusing to play as i was going against 2 other Mesmers… my god clones.. clones everywhere.


This is part of a nice match i had with plenty of fun group combat.


Last was running near the end of the day. Me going against this wicked Necro who got me the first time but then vengeance was mine.


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