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Round up of interesting links you might be interested in


  • TSW guides and walkthoughs at Dulfy.

There seems like heaps of information here about just about everything tsw related. I like like it a lot becasue the mission walkthroughs give you some hints first before revealing the big bits.

Also has all your modding needs such as gui improvements and an emote script (wooo)

  • The better late then never link.. The Secret World wants your input on a possible community event
  • Inventory full – New roll on the blog, bloll on the rog.. you know that thing on the side. Tsw and general gaming it seems


These all got a little squueee out of me so i just had to share as well. I really do love the armor designs, i was a little skeptical (raging) when many of the first promotional shots showed light armor taking the mardi gras approach to design but these seem perfect and there are plenty of options… Me equals happy.