GW2 and da PvP

If you haven’t seen the the pvp interview over at GW2 Guru go over and have a gander. They really don’t ask very hard hitting or important info and much of what was answered has pretty much been said before but I’m going to discuss it a little anyway as well as a few other bits.

Arenanet has a serious hankering for developing competetive and engaging pvp. It’s good to see they have been studying many streams from other games and genre because they all probably add something that can be learned. Spectator mode is high on the agenda as well, I’m looking forward to that feature and maybe watching some of the top teams duke it out. It will be fun to watch as combat looks visceral and will be a great learning experience, whether or not they can pull it off is a different matter. I think it comes down to how easy it is to watch and know what’s going on, quality of teams, community involvement, and how successful GW2 is… I am maybe a little hopeful and gave my fingers crossed.

Tournaments are going to be region based, split into NA and EU. At the moment I am unsure as to how much of the NA region will work out as many who are being redirected there are from quite far away. Ping can make a bug difference in a person and teams competitiveness, how much of a difference it makes in GW2 at a competitive level is unknown. Also they will be holding worldwide tournies by the sounds of it, probably with everyone being in the same physical location though.

Tournaments will have Fixed maps, where the 3 maps chosen will be viewable. Team class composition will remain unknown going into that first match which adds a nice level of mystery to it, although researching your rival team would probably show you any bias towards certain classes. At the moment builds will be switchable between matches including gear, traits, weapons and utilities although it seems like it isn’t set in stone and subject to player critique. If that’s the case I would really like a save build function with easy loadout swapping.

It also explored why the Conquest objective type was chosen for competitive pvp, which came down to familiarity among the playerbase and working well with different player numbers. The response to a question about their pvp philosophy and gear grind was also great to hear again.

Yes, we are staying with this philosophy. We feel it’s crucial to the success of Guild Wars 2’s PvP. We want new players to come into the community and be able to focus on learning the game, not grinding in an effort to “prepare to have fun.” We want you having fun as soon as possible in PvP! We offer aesthetic rewards, but never power rewards. You will never be at a statistical disadvantage when playing PvP—if anything, being a new player will get even easier down the road as we add

I really am glad they are using this philosophy, it is the main reason I am so excited about GW2. I also believe this to be the one component that breaks it apart from other mmo’s, giving it a better chance at being an esport.

It isn’t all rainbows and puppies apparently though as many are upset with the hot join pvp since it does not allow grouping with a party in a match, meaning being split up for battles. It is a bit hard for guilds especially when it breaks up your group but I actually quite fun to play against my fellow guildies. People are talking about not wanting to use the hot-joinable matches for tournie practice as you really want there to be less people involved and restricted. This they say is forcing people to rent a server although I honestly don’t see what is wrong with it, the fps crowd has been doing it for decades and it let’s you have a lot more controls and options that just aren’t viable on company servers. The other option as well is to just find an empty server in the public list and fill it up with yours and/or the rival guild.

Also questions of diminishing returns (cc and condition stacking) or downed state were absent from the conversation.

Battle Royale

WvW was absent from the conversation but they released a new overview so here you go

So far it looks like an amazing system but there are a few concerns being brought up. There was a post put up on GW2 Guru that concisely listed the issues, and in video form as well, and here’s the reddit chat on the matter.

I agree with most of these points although I believe the flipping mechanic is probably required, and i really would not like group sizes getting too large as it encourages zerging, 20 would probably be big enough..

Another issue i have right name is with the commander book and how it is only possible to buy it with gold, I think it would make more sense as well as be more beneficial to group play if it also utilised the pvp currency such as glory or maybe even taking rank into account.

Lastly I am really not a fan of their approach to naming enemies in WvW, I find it quite impersonal and it honestly is nice to be reminded your playing against your fellow humans. I really enjoy when you can make a name for yourself or your guild, building a reputation through your actions and conquests. I also find that when you can put a name to your enemies it gives you more incentive to fight, a reason to strive for more and play better, and you can brag as well. Having enemies and creating rivalries can build a community but mostly it is just a lot of fun to kick some well known booty, or a group that has been overly ego driven in chat and on the forums.