State of the Blog

Well it has been a month since i started this blog and how wild is that right. It has been chock full of word spams, game play musings and neato little Tidbits and i hope you have enjoyed at least some of what’s to offer. It is hard to believe i have written as much as I have, that’s what being broke and a 1hour + commute morning and afternoon can do for you. Thanks to everyone popping by and a big special hug to those that have commented.

Just remember if you have a hankering for a certain direction in my TSW play be it dungeons, pvp, skill build talk or the hankering for some visual aids feel free to let me know.
If you want more indie stuff that is always possible too. I probably won’t cover the big news pieces unless I have something poignant to say but I usually stalk the forums if you want to hear more player rage.
Let me know… Or if everything is all peachy dandy and your not fussy as to the direction then screw you I want conflict and passion.. haha just kidding.

Just a heads up as well that in the future I will be focusing on GW2 structured pvp and WvW, with a smattering of pve. Planetside 2 is coming up soon as well, so my TSW playthrough posts may slow down but definitely won’t be forgotten.

Now onwards to the future