TSW Dev Forum Post – Working on da PvP

We’ll there you go, Funcom have responded to our pvp concerns in a recent post

Hi guys

Let me just start off by saying sorry, but I’m not posting here to give you much details this time. I just wanted to assure you guys that we do read posts here, and we are working on improving the PvP experience. We have gathered a lot of data, looked at how players behave ingame, and of course continuously reading your feedback.

We know that PvP is a core gameplay element for a lot of you guys, and we will do our best to improve on what’s there now. I believe we have a solid foundation for fantastic PvP in our game, but we can always make it better, and we will.


This is absolutely great to hear as I am usually quite the PvP connoisseur, from the little experience I have had regarding TSW pvp and posts related to it I truly didn’t want to even bother. Trying out such a terrible implementation would have soured my enthusiastic mood for TSW in general, it is also the reason i haven’t really rushed through content either as PvP isn’t much of an option and I am not the sort of person to bash my head against the gear grind wall that is dungeon diving.

I am still a little sceptically of this response though as going by the current implementation of PvP they really aren’t very good at the fundamentals that make decent battleground PvP or larger scale battles. Health and damage ratios are way off, cc levels are amusing but ultimately annoying, badly designed maps (Stonehenge), and most importantly for me is that healing in pvp is atrocious (tanking skills on the other hand). Fusang is a complete mess, it adds to the above points by promoting zerging through limited objectives and rewarding objective trading.

So many companies underestimate the appeal of PvP and the longevity it can bring to an mmo. We are simple folk us PvPérs, build a decent mouse wheel and we will run to eternity. Screw pve content or endless gear grinds, i want to feel the thrill of the chase, the rush when you annihilate the enemy, most importantly though with mmo combat I want to savor these moments not have them so fleeting and far between.

And can we all please agree to keep the whole inflated gear mess out of instanced pvp please. There is absolutely no need, mechanically and in terms of replayability, creating a decent experience is all that is required … seriously it is terrible .. just terrible. There honestly needs to be a developing MMO PvP primer out there somewhere, and no WoW doesn’t count.