Secret Biographies, Changin it up

If you frequent my little blog of horrors you are probably aware I have a penchant for the wonderful story and rich environment of the Secret World. My current pet project, or more to say labour of love is detailing all the character dialogue. It is a pretty hefty project and I actually have most of the Kingsmouth characters dialogue already written down ready to be posted, half of the mission videos are also up on my YouTube.

The thing is I have really been thinking about continuing it on my blog lately though, not because I don’t love it or have the time but because it really seems to create a bit of spam on the blog home. I am realistic and understand most people really don’t give a shit, that’s cool and I honestly understand.

But I have an ingenious plan to continue this lost cause and keep my post spam to a minimum. I am going to start a new blog, with black jack, and hookers. I have no technical know how so starting an actual guide like site would be out of the question, it also costs money and I need that for vodka and chips so once again WordPress it is.

So check out Dialoguing the Masses for all your TSW dialogue needs.. and new rss on the side thingy for it