Secret Art of Quest Spamming and Cash Shop

Of course I was going to be busy  during this special Secret World questing bonanza weekend. I had quite a few things to get done as well as meeting friends so I crammed all that into Saturday, to have one amazingly full Sunday.

The goal of course was to complete 30 missions from sunup to sundown which for me is quite the undertaking. I am definitely not the type of person that is used to speed leveling, I usually just float around wherever the mood takes me. I am sure some people had already planned the path of least resistance in terms of quickest missions and best linking between them but that seems like to much work and ultimately would kill the enjoyment of it. I decided to spend most of the day in Kingsmouth as I figured the easier monsters would take less time, plus it would be nice to go back and see that all encompassing fog again.


damn Orochi and their napping guns

Exploratory Adventures

While exploring around in the old zone once again I seemed to come across a lot more of the elite and rare mobs, it was kind of a waste though as I just plowed through them without experiencing their mechanics. I might make more of an effort considering this then to just properly explore a zone after finishing up the missions, see the sights and smell the roses, or so they say. Another thing I came across was some different monster types having a good ole biffo, it was a Smurf (Draug) and one of those hulk like things and it was a very close fight. This fluff stuff really is great to see and adds a special something to the game environment, Jeromai had an earlier article about the believability of mobs detailing how much he adored the lovely life cycle of the Draug, in rift I loved how the different elemental factions would attack each other in rift as it makes the world feel alive. These idle animations and mechanics may seem trivial but these little details enrich the environment and really do flesh out a world. They make it seem more real because why should all the mobs wanting to take a piece out of me be friends, was there a special meeting I missed in those other worlds.

I finished up most of the main mission quests in Kingsmouth once again but it was actually quite enjoyable. Because I wasn’t as concerned with build optimisation and, well dying, I took the time to play around with my build a little more, changing up the actives and passives. I thought after this I must have been close to the 30 and was actually surprised how quickly it went by with being over-leved and skipping past the story and dialogue. I then made my into savage coast to round up questing towards my goal as well as getting the story pieces recorded. I think I have about 3/4 of the zone recorded now, copying it onto the electronic page is going to take forever though. Unfortunately it came to my attention that my mouse shows up in the video ( I know, such a noob), I found one that was really bad but there must be a few hours of footage now, so if you see any bad video or editing let me know. One good thing from all this was that I earnt a lot more sp and ap so I have started working on that hindering build now, and have even invested a few points in the shotty. The elite skill “Demolition, Man” in the advanced assault tree sounds epic for aoe hindering but I have no idea how well it will work. But that’s what’s fun in the end, working stuff out for yourself and being pleased with yourself if it turns out and laughing at your miserable failures.

The Big Quest Bang

I feel this event was a really amazing idea from Funcom, in terms of inviting and establishing new players as well as encouraging the current players to experience old content. With the usual “come try us” weekends there is really not much incentive to immerse further than a starting area or a couple hours, having a goal to work towards is great and don’t get me started on offering freebies. Thirty missions is a great goal for the newbie as it is a fair amount of content from the first zone which should be enough to get people hooked on the main draws of TSW, that is the story and atmosphere.

For those of us who have hung around since release this event was just clever and devious. It would have brought people back to the older content they may skipped past in the race to “end game”, more importantly though it got people into exploring the cash shop. I had only really taken a very small look so far when I was claiming my beginner items, and it was in no way an extensive look. Now that I have a little change too play with I was delving into every category and pouring over the clothes selection. I have a few things I was really thinking over but since I can only really choose one thing it leaves the others on a tempting wishlist. Having an incentive to browse was an extremely cunning ploy as it takes away that little bit bit of stigma people have towards cash shops and made it inviting, it relieves the fog of war as to what’s for sale as well, and who knows maybe people will come back for a look or even check out new items being added.

Liking most of this… And Sold

Everyone loves customisation, it is my main draw towards mmo’s. With a modern day/real world theme the items feel more tangible and grounded to reality, your character can be as much or as little a reflection of yourself. Personally though I wish it had some better options like funky dresses and tops, not the plain, drab, or ugly stuff currently in game (although they have jeans perfect). Maybe they should enlist the help of any female employees for advice or buy some fashion mags (not the gossip tripe), because fashion doesn’t seem like one of their strong points. I would probably spend some money if there was half decent choices, a puppy would be nice though… hmmmm

After all of these wonderful adventures I only got to try one of the new missions brought in with the new patch, I wasn’t going to do any of the sabotage or investigation missions as they might have taken to much time and gosh darn it I wanted my Funcom points. Carter Unleashed was the one normal type mission I came across first and it was nice to see a character evolving and carter embracing her wild side a little more. The basement area is great and creepy with all the practice dolls on meat hooks and coming to life but I have to admit I had an “oh you Funcom” moment. It wouldn’t be funcom without bugs more so in new content it seems, so after opening the door and then running through a doorway I found myself falling into oblivion. Oh well, I got a nice look at the instances structure and then the /reset sent me back on my merry way.

I'm falling, FAAALLING!!

See you Space Cowboy