What was I waiting for again?

I am not someone to really wait for a game, I can be an avid fan of a series for years to have a sequel jump out at me. I may hear about a game from a gaming news site or blog but that then becomes the extent of it. I have even had friends talk to me about and upcoming game to then promptly forget about it, it gets awkward when I have to reply “what’s that game again” when it inevitably gets brought up again. I also usually hate pre-release forums too and rarely visit them for info as they tend to be a cess pit of rabid monkeys running on a high of over expectations.

You could say that maybe I don’t worry about unreleased games because I only have the mental space for a tangible experience. The truth is though that I have the attention span equal to any one of the the 3 year-olds I care for, sometimes worse and if it isn’t currently on my desktop.. like right now, it in all probability doesn’t exist. I have a steam library full of little and big titles that may never get played, I could blame this on my current mmo addiction but that would be a lie as it has always been a factor in my play.

GW2 has been a bit special in regards to this as I become aware and even researched the title after pax of last year as the gameplay looked amazing and the tournie looked fun too.  It wasn’t just the nice looking combat that won me over though it was that their guiding philosophy resounded well with my own, it felt like here was a game being made just for me. Although my attention and hype has probably wavered a lot more then some due to the length of space in between my initial experience and the betas it has remained around regardless. This doesn’t change the fact though that 5 years ago I didn’t even know GW2  existed, the original wasn’t even a blip on my gaming radar so I can maybe be forgiven for the oversight based on my mental abilities.

2007 was a big year for me and it was the beginning of a bit of a gaming drought. It started of with Command and Conquer 3 killing whatever was left of the series in my heart and turning a little away from my RTS heritage. A couple of months later I promptly broke my wrist, or should I say shattered. Riding my little bmx home after work one day I was doing my usual stupid thing of going as fast as I could, doing jumps off driveway lips and I stacked it. Not just a little fall but the type that belongs in a YouTube clip with millions of views… It was a mess. I broke the left bone in 2 places near the top as well as dislocating them both. And because of a the jagged angle of the break I had to get the meta claw you see before you.

Because it was my right arm as well gaming was pretty much out of the question for quite some time, the recovery process and physio took a long while after. Even now after a long session I have to give my wrist a break as you can sometimes feel those little screws rattling around. It wasn’t too bad though as becasue I was on my way home from work when it happened I was covered by Workcover (government based insurance program) so it was a 6 month paid vacation and 5 grand in my pocket. Needlessly to say I blew all that pretty quickly on shopping, clubbing and cocktails.

Also at the end of that year I met my lovely fiance, the honeymoon dating period lasted for quite some time, then we promptly moved in. During that time gaming also took a back seat, which is odd as usually boyfriends peak my interests as much as games in development tend to do.. out of sight out of mind which is sad. But this man was obviously the one as we are still together now and enjoying each others company just as much as that first date talking for hours at a coffee shop. You might think that it was my hubby that brought me back into gaming, but it was me introducing the joys of  gaming to him that brought back my own joy of everything pixelated. While he really didn’t take to it very well he did find his own joy in a way with Second Life, I have seen some of the houses he creates today and they really are quite spectacular… why can’t my games have amazing design systems like that.

I became aware of Guild Wars during 2010. I had started the 3rd year of my Psychology degree which became pretty full-on and decided to pull out of the casual childcare work I had been doing up until then. Well, with just one income coming in the hubby and I were very much living life on the cheap, and I was trying and playing everything free under the sun that money couldn’t buy. Guild Wars wasn’t really a highlight, the instanced nature of it just felt enclosed and ostracized you as a player. I am not exactly the social butterfly, i rarely talk much in the guilds TS and am quite comfortable spending an entire day not uttering a word in chat or voice but even this had me feeling a little odd. It felt like a barren world and it was not for me. When development and news popped up about the sequel it was greeted with the same attention everything else was subject too. Luckily I fell into LOTRO to continue that lovely mmo gameplay and community feeling.. I still love my Lore Master and her pets Snowball the Bear and Hobbes the tiger, even now.

Anyway over the last few years my gaming urges have been steadily growing to the peak they are probably at today. I am indulging myself in every category there is, and my gaming budget has grown exponentially. It really has turned into quite the obsession and while I still read my usually Saturday paper with a cup of tea my literary life is more about consuming as much game related information and musing as I can get. And now with the blog started up and Guild Wars 2 incoming my life outside of work, eating and sleeping is mostly taken up by this gaming life… and i think it’s great.

Well that’s really the biggest part of my growth as a gamer over the last 5 years now which has been an amazing ride, in the end it probably has been the series of events over the last five years that has lead me to even knowing about let alone being able to experience the penultimate mmo (for now) that is Guild Wars 2. It even seems like I have been waiting for this experience since my emergence into mmo’s… And I don’t wait.. EVER.

This entry is for the GuildMag blog carnival, “Five Years of Waiting“.


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