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Welcome back for more interwebz browsing and stuff you should probably see, and couldn’t be bothered looking for.. adorable kitties not included


  • Sketch A Day Tumblr thingy– Great Drawings capturing a lot of the charm TSW has, and there very amusing. I Love all these sooo much…. Seriously look at at.. LOOK AT IT!!!!
  • Error Quest is on my blogroll but if you haven’t checked it out yet Caroline has some great and funny Comics
  • More TSW Comics – These have a rough and weird style but amusing in it’s own way
  • Some short stories by AlexanderTF on the TSW forums, check through the post list for the few he has done already. He is an obvious newbie writer whose writing is very rough not to mention a herd of grammar and spelling mistakes (I’m not a grammar nazi I swear) but they definitely have some potential.. maybe.
  • And there are so many mods available with an entire tab on the forums dedicated to them and they don’t get as much attention as they should. I see a lot of people asking about getting a dungeon finder when there is a decent mod doing it already

Lastly the Devs have once again done another one of those livestream chat session thingies and this one was actually quite interesting, touching on a lot of nice points as well as PvP. Here’s a rundown anyway

  • Build diversity
  • Admitting it is kind of broken in a sense. Where unaware it would even be popular for pvp and weren’t ready for the PvP masses.
  • Importance of Tactics in Fusang
  • Shambala PvP map in reserve… 2 side faction vs faction, was being held back at release becasue of a couple of reasons
  • Pet Classes.. technical challenge
  • Fight Club


  • FUZZY QUAGAN – I don’t say and/or write this very often but OMG SQUEEEEE

Lastly an adorable comic series called Can I Play GW2, it is a rather old little forum post but if you haven’t seen them yet they are a must read and here’s my favourites

2 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio

  1. Thanks for linking to ‘Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale’! It is still a work in progress, and I’m expecting about ten more chapters or so, based on what I have planned.

    Mostly I’m thrilled that someone out there besides the guild has enjoyed it!

    • Well I have only read the prologue so far but it is excellently written and beautifully sets the scenario. I also have that insatiable urge to consume anything GW2 related it this hit the spot nicely

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