A Messy Online Addict

It seems as though I have been divulging personal information of late and that it might be a good idea for a little more so you can get a better picture of who I am as a gamer, girl and all round nut job. The inspiration from this little post was brought to you by Battle Chicken’s August Challenge: I’m a Collector, it seemed like an interesting idea so why not have a crack at it.

While in my own home I really don’t collect anything and am rather organised, I have a few anime and gaming nick knacks I pick up occasionally but not enough to consider myself a collector of things. I just wouldn’t be a collector as anything I purchase or intend to purchase has to have some sort of use to me. I have indulged in “collectables” from time to time but only if that subject has reached the level of undying love, for instance I have a Spike Spiegal figuring, a Noodles (from Gorillaz) model, and a few Halloween themed smurfs from many eons ago and that is pretty much the extent of it. While I’m not exactly frugal with money I just don’t see the point in filling my home with useless crap.

One thing you should know is that I often take organisation to the extreme. I am intensely anal about it in fact, and although I don’t have OCD or anything like that you could be forgiven for making that assessment. Everything must have it’s place and my organisation skills and effort know no bounds. All my DvD’s and CD’s are alphabetical and watch out if you mess this up. Although I am not really one to Iron and Fold (I think one batch of washing has been in the dryer for a week now) my clothes have their distinct sections and my t-shirts are sorted by colour (Cuckoo crazy I know). I do it mainly because when trying to find something I get insanely frustrated if it takes too long, I hate looking around like a fool and If I want it, I want it right now, not later.. Now!!

Maxing out the HD

I wouldn’t really say that I am a Collector either but more of a pack rat, I just cant remove things or throw them away as I always have that deep down feeling they might be of use later. This extends onto my computer drive and I am quite lucky that when I bought the laptop it had a huge Hard Drive. At the moment the worst part of my disorder is that I just can’t find the willpower to delete a game and my hard drive is clogged with games that I might not have played in months but I still need them easily accessible if a whim hits me in the near future.

My Precious’s

The funny thing is that this isn’t even the extent of it as i have a few more hiding away in sub-folders, It has also been much worse then this at certain points. I realize that this would be clogging up my system and may even be slowing it down, affecting it’s processing power but I just can’t make the leap to delete. I have had wonderful experiences in each of those and deleting them feels painful in a sense, they are part of the family.

Even though it hasn’t been long since starting this blog the amount of screenshots I have is immense, and although I just couldn’t possibly delete anything I have arranged them into neat little folders such as area, quality, and a couple of others. I have a problem I know.

In Game

This is probably where my pack rat nature comes to shine, and it is nice not to feel like the only one who just cannot stand to lose anything. I just have to keep everything I find and all crafting materials will have a home forever even if I don’t have a crafting profession they’re useable with. My bags will often be spammed with a myriad of weapons and armor that I like the look of and might one day deem to use in customisation. Of course even these are usually organised by type and quality.

The part where all this makes an issue though is that I really dislike putting things in the bank, I like.. no need them all close by in case I want to use them. I hate having to run back and forth between places if I need to use something and prefer saving my time by hauling it all around, only when that isn’t at all possible due to space or money for expansion would I dream of utilising space away from the bottomless backpack. I should preface that even though I don’t use my own bank I am always happy to dump things in the Guild Bank, sharing is caring.

Sooo Organised.. I think I’m in love

Terable bagging issues

Whether a hoarder, tight of space or lean bagging machine remember Organisation, it’s not just for the bored it’s a way of life

*I also have to peg up clothes so both pegs are of the same colour, sometimes I even make them into patterns*

3 thoughts on “A Messy Online Addict

  1. I am so right there with your pack ratting. You are not alone! For a long time, I wouldn’t delete anything on my computer, especially not games. Only when it started to interfere with my performance did I get over that. Now I do it fairly regularly.

    There’s still a lot of things I don’t delete, though… >.>

    • Haha that’s good to know, and by the look of the round up there is many more of us than I thought.

      I actually had to remove heaps of stuff the other day as I was down to 30gb of space and taking a long time to load anything as wrll as the occaisional crash. I still didn’t delete anything though just bought an external hd… Best purchase eva!

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