GW2 Server Choice and Build Wars

Well it s all ramping up now to a final release and you can better believe I will try to be ready to go 3 hours before official server start which is 2pm here on the East Coast of Aus, reloading that page constantly. My Guild has officially chosen a server now too and made up one of those fancy alliance type things that seem to be all the rage, it is called conviction (play on the convict theme maybe… hmmm) and will contain The Kelly Gang, Aurora Australis, and Southern Cross. And we will be rolling up on Isle of Janthir so as to kick some serious WvW booty.

I can feel that level of excitement slowly building in my belly, I am a sensitive sole and when I get worked up like when nearing the release of an awesome looking game my body clock goes all out of whack. My hubby is also going in for some major surgery to completely reconstruct his arm and shoulder coming up this Thursday, due to an injury at work so as you may imagine this has brought my current emotions to epic proportions of worry, excitement, apprehension, pre-game frenzy and pure unbridled love that I hope that he is going to be OK. I am pretty much a wreck at the moment and although I now have the next 2 weeks of I just know I am going to be utterly exhausted the entire time, Sleeping seems to be quite fitful and due to my Narcolepsy I enbody that whole walking dead image, I feel oh so pretty. Anyway I will probably be there at server open but will probably not be in the best frame of mind and what I could only describe will be sleep gaming.

One good thing that has come from this though is that I have had a bit of time to explore the web and even make a few new builds. There has also been a lot of class changes to peruse and get acquainted with.. so many of my builds needed a little work over.

As you may know the scepter took a bit of a hit to it’s viability in terms of being the conditionmancer King, many have been claiming it has completely ruined the playstyle of the Necro being based on dots. From my own opinion and a little light reading on the forums i can determine without a shadow of a doubt that this is complete and utter BS. While this change reduces the effectiveness of spamming the first attack on scepter, it actually made the play-style more diverse and a little harder to master. Here’s the notable changes..

  • Scepter – Blood Curse duration from 7 to 4s
  • Scepter – Grasping Dead duration from 5 to 7s
  • Staff – Mark of Blood cooldown reduced to 6s
  • Dagger OH- Enfeebling Blood now gives 2 stacks
  • Dark Path duration from 3 to 5s

What this does is require people to be more active in their skill choice, planning and weapon swaps leading to a hopefully easy to use class and not easy to abuse, but a complex hard to master playstyle. It will be fun to see anyway and here’s the build Necro Condition Build

Also In case you didn’t know Wells got a buff as well, although they now only last 5s they do damage or an effect each second which means more ticks overall and with a quicker timeframe will probably make it harder to avoid.. Also omg da Damage. On GW2Guru there was a post discussing the numbers and let me tell you they are quite extreme and the burst potential is absolutely amazing, like mind booggling amazing, 40k+ damage on a group in under 10s. I see a nerf coming but will have a go with it after release. Necro Wells Build

And here is my little support build Necro Support Build I think it still needs a little tweaking but the principle is there. Absorb conditions, spread, ???, Profit… Just remember to keep a good eye on your own health and conditions as it is very easy to forget and then get overwhelmed. Spectral Grasp is there to pull people of castle walls in WvW becasue it is just hilarious. One little important part I saw is that when transferring the damage and duration of the conditions goes of your own stats.

Another important piece pertaining to not just the Necro was a thread on how exactly Boons and Coonditions convert because of certain skills.

Lastly this is the Mesmer build I have settled on for now, hopefully I will be Kicking some serious Booteehy Mesmer Confusion Build