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Just call it the nom nom news, and yes it is hard to believe sometimes but there is a whole world of games out there that aren’t of the mmo genre and weirdly enough some of them look quite good. Anyway here’s what I am currently looking forward to

Sleeping Dogs

An open world GTA style detective beat em up set in crazy Hong Kong. It looks like an iteration of the earlier GTA’s as well and not the bloated mess the recent adaptations became. For me though it isn’t just about how massive and sprawling your world is it is how well i get immersed in the environment, it’s characters and my own protagonist. It has just been released as well and completely few over my radar but I might just pick it up in the coming weeks to give it a go.

Remember Me

This looks like a cross between deus Ex and Uncharted which I am not sure if I am ok with yet. The world seems to have an interesting story and vibe to it and not only is the protagonist a kick ass Female but the use of the primary mechanic and guiding game principle seem rather interesting, I can see some serious puzzle like challenge being involved during later missions. Unlike Deus Ex there doesn’t seem to be as extensive a range of options as to how you navigate the world and mission areas, Deus Ex had a lot of variation to take into account various playstyles this just looks to be an uncharted wall climbing piece along the one true route. However still probably a definite play.

Simcity World

I love simcity and this looks to have some nice social elements to it without being completely Zyngafied, and the the buildings are purty

Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale

What can I really say to this, It is a blatant rip-off of Super Smash brothers but I am completely ok with that. Super Smash brothers was an amazing little game and I remeber haavign a lot of fun with it while growing u at my friends place, while it is quite casual compared to your general fighting game playing it was always fun and great for a group.. its nice to have a few titles that are inclusive and a little less serious then must kill stuff.

America, Y So Bad

And in case you hadn’t heard Americans Hate failure or so says Don Daglow. At the Eu GDC that has just been and gone he had a quite inflammatory panel called “5 Things About American Online Gamers thaat Surprised European developers”, the best overview article I saw about it was over at The Escapist but there are plenty of more around the place. At a first glance hearing it is quite easy to pass this over as some cynical developer that had a terrible game the Western market didn’t like but there are some strong resounding truths to his talk.  Firstly this is just a huge generalisation but it is hard to ignore that the overwhelming majority of gamers would not pic games wherein failure is high. I honestly don’t think it is just Americans either but something that generally encompasses the western markets.

This is plainly obvious in childcare and sometimes I am loath to create another bunch of monsters. The style of parenting and communication we have to use now is rather babying, when someone does something wrong we are supposed to say what to do instead of what not to do and transition  to a different activity… We can never ever use No, as it is now apparently a bad word. The worst though is that we can’t ostracize out children.. I’m not talking dumping kids in a corner or cupboard but that nobody can feel left out which means everyone child regardless of actions must get a reward if you are giving them out. Rewards have to be all encompassing..  everyone is special.

Even in all of our paperwork, child observations and programming we  cannot put down a single negative point about a child’s development or behaviour, it is just working on the positives and letting the negatives fester. This laise fair style of child raising is very prevalent now through schools and parenting and it all ends up making spoilt, demanding brats that lack limitations, empathy and self control. Failure is a good thing, it corrects behaviour and encourages thinking, modeling and problem solving. this model just creates someone with a sense of entitlement, and with everything being handed on a silver platter it is no wonder many can not stand failure, the immediacy of grabbing attention is also important to note but that’s not just a problem for games.

I don’t know though,in the end the publishers are also to blame for often pandering to the lowest common denominator, sure we have our outliers like demon souls, meatboy and such but on the whole it is the easy mode games that get the most players and attention, this is especially true in the mmo scene. TSW is a good example of that as I have read numerous reviews that got scored badly becasue the combat system didn’t have some dummies 101 guide, Deck Building isn’t spelled out for you, the sabotage mission were too hard, and the amount of comments that the Mobs are too hard (looking at you Blue Mountains) are mind boggling, when in reality all it requires you to do is stop and actually think about how and what your doing.

Ok so I’ll leave it at that and with a link of the absolute perfect TSW Review, that spells out the systems well and why TSW is such a joy to play and why challenge = good.. I stopped watching Good Game a while back for some reason but I might have too keep checking up on it.. so Spread da word

Oh and One more video

I cant Hold my ownn child” omg ahahahahahaha


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  1. I love TSW but the combat is largely indefensible. Not because it’s too difficult but because it’s too dull and there’s far, far, FAR too much of it. TSW is very plainly a low-combat online adventure game that has had a metric tonne of combat dumped on it in the hope of slowing down player progress. It’s a fantastically conceived, designed and executed virtual world (or rather bijou miniatures of fragments of a world ) with a compelling narrative and a wealth of incidental anecdotes that has been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out with utterly pointless, repetitive fighting to try and turn it into something people would pay a monthly fee to play because that’s how long it would take them to battle their way through the combat wall between them and the storyline.

    And I say that as someone who really loves pointless, repetitive combat in MMOs for its own sake. I just object to it being used as a gatekeeper for an entirely different type of content.

    • I agree wholeheartedly but i’m wondering what brings on this reply on a long forgotten post.

      *Edit ahh nvm..i was updating tags on some of the older posts and it seems this got refreshed in the rss

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