Link Dead Radio – GW2 PvP Videos

To celebrate the incoming MMOgeddon i have been spending the day doing everything I can GW2 related regarding the three R’s of reading, writing and build based arithmetic. I have started another little project of detailing my builds with little guides for each. The main list has the Necromancer and Mesmer builds I will be playing and trying out come release which are very much a work in progress, and my first build write up Illusion and Confusion is nearly finished

Also with these gw2 urges getting stronger and stronger what better way to spend a lazy morning then perusing YouTube for nice PvP videos. Also perfect for those boring work and school days so here you go

Competitive Tournament Based Video Channels

  • Guild Wars 2 Online has some great pvp tournaments from multiple view points and a nice commentary. I actually see this guy going very far in the competitive scene as he has a sense of exuberance to his commentary and he is very concise and knowledgeable in his reports. All these videos are a joy to watch for those enthusiastic towards PvP, and even if you hate the stuff watch and learn.
  • The GW2 Shoutcaster has more Tournie based gameplay with commentary as well as some videos with tips, hints and strategies for the different maps
  • Team Paradigm have more tournie based gameplay as well as hot join matches. They also have a wide range of gameplay from different professions and builds
  • Super Squad have their own channel as well with tournie vids and some with multiple pov’s
  • Qachit with the guild Semperdius has a ton of Tournie vids as well with complete matches in different viewpoints. He has his own blog as well with nice writeup of his condition Engineer spec
  • vVv gaming also have a couple vids worth watching


  • Taugrim has some great guides and play
  • Probo 2000 shows of a very mobile guardian, and a couple ranger vids

See you all in 4 days on the battlefield