TSW Gamescom Presentation and Raid Reveal

I have to say that this all looks amazing and it seems that this time Funcom have a very good vision for their game and what the direction of it is going to be. I get the feeling I may indeed be playing this for a long time and may even be jumping into dungeons and raids more often, not to much for the gear treadmill aspects but just to further immerse myself in the world.

The first half talks more about their philosophy and the direction of content as well as a timeframe. We will be heading to Tokyo in the near future with early 2013 being recorded, with all the myths and legends it contains and there are some great but very creepy future monster concepts. I also like there tagline for the new area of “Escape from New York meets Outbreak“, looking forward to it. It is also the city which contains the Orochi headquarters and all those shiny droids and such with what seems to be a great Japanese inspired futuristic look. It also shows the first auxiliary weapon, Rocket Launcher in some depth as well as customisation options

Orochi Mecha and cute face emotes


Next Half we have a sneak peak at the new raid and I just want to say WOW at the absolute  amazing and design and I love there philosophy surrounding what they are trying to do with the  raids. It looks like an utterly amazing zone with plenty of detail and lots of hidden areas to explore, I can see me now trying to find lore while my group mates are yelling at me to hurray up or even worse that I should start healing. The zone looks to rival anything I have seen previously in terms of detail and look, trumps Crisis hands done in terms of the visceral and aesthetic feel. Well it will be coming out in October apparently and we will be going Back to the Future or some such thing and exploring the story of the initial outbreak in New York.


Can’t Wait. RAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWR… awesome boss monster

The Toxic Gaming Community

This isn’t my own writing and is ripped off the Tera Forums from around the start of the year but with the way things are going with so many big names duking it out in the mmosphere lately it seemed apt to post it. Not to mention the really rabid “people” posting filth which has been highlighted over at Diminishing Returns and In An Age. It seems as though something needs to change and fast before we all rip each other to shreds and give ourselves a bad name to those looking in. Our gaming community really is sitting quite precariously on the edge, not that violence isn’t fun but lets leave it for the battlefield
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