Link Dead Radio – GW2 edition

Once again I bring you more gw2 pvp related links of amazing. It really is quite funny what you do to kill time when your not woring and how many hours a day really contains.. I miss Centrelink benefits and bludging on my ass

  • Eternal Mists is looking like the start of a great community site for pvp related info and videos.  while it doesn’t have much yet it has many big name guilds in the pvp circuit on board so you can probably expect things to pick up relatively soon
  • Guild Source, another YouTube channel dealing in the competitive e-sports gw2 scene. Great format with multiple viewpoints and very in depth commentary as well as an in-depth section at the end highlighting certain builds strengths and usual playstyle.
  • Buildcast. While I find GameBreaker to be a bit dodgy and very ad heavy they really do seem to go over some great stuff. Nice conversation and discussion on the games mechanics, professions and just general info and hints. It seems as though the format will be about a certain topic each week as well as focusing on video and build they received each week and critiquing it’s implementation and use. Some nice info bitsies here and there.
  • StompCast for all those podcast needs. In depth discussion on pvp news, mechanics and professions. Big name teams guesting in as well to give their own point of view answer questions and tips.
  • GW2WvW a site dealing with all your WvW needs. They have plenty of guides available for the newbs and experienced alike and a very handy WvW map where you are able to pin markers, edit info and export in many formats. Create your strategies and share.

OOH and TSW Orochi Corporation jokes for the bored