Graphics and Aesthetic

Ok so I just need to vent this rather quickly, everyone has some of these trigger points that is like nails on a blackboard… This is mine.

In a lot of reviews of GW2 lately people have been talking about the wonderful graphics, seriously stop doing that right now. Graphically, GW2 is actually rather poor. From a technical standpoint graphics is more about your pixel count, textures, ant-aliasing… Just the general fidelity of the image being presented. Gw2 actually cuts a lot of corner so that the environment seems better but compared to most current pc games (and even many on console).. it is undeniably graphically inferior.. by like a lot.

It does however have a beautiful aesthetic. Aesthetic is the look and feel.. a cohesive design approach. For those wanting to understand a little more on the difference Extra credits have a very nice video, it is far more interesting and educational than my little rant.

I know all this comes across as something equivalent to the internet dredge who go around correcting grammar and insulting those whom deem to post without checking. It’s just being so overused, and ultimately hurts a more cohesive discourse surrounding games.

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