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Hmmm, so social etiquette in the blogosphere dictates I may want to thank Ninety Nine Percent Gaming for an award called one lovely blog. I still don’t understand why people would read most of what is here but I thank you all very much.

7 personal tidbits.

  1. I’m Narcoleptic. My brain works in a way that I am never really awake or asleep. It is usually in a constant state of alpha punctuated with theta waves.
  2. Working in childcare makes me a certain type of crazy person.. more than your average mental patient less than that person with 50 odd cats.
  3. I’m actually pretty smart, or good at iq tests… Usually scoring around the 95th percentile but my actual studies are around above average.
  4. I catch public transport and don’t have a license
  5. I have been with my hubby for 5 years now which is more than all my previoos relationships combined by like, a lot.
  6. I am still a little afraid of the dark and hate that noise the bath drain makes (I always imagine some hideous monster making the noise.)
  7. I have a PvP tiger… it is a fluffy animal whom has to always be by my side when I engage people in pixelated combat

This all comes off a little to me like those spam chain mails/texts that were all the rage in high school, although instead of my grandma meeting a grizzly end it is guilt at failing my blogging civil duties. I also hate to be that person who passes this stuff along but well yeh, just chalk it up to me either being lazy, an unsocial shut in, or your typical ass. As far as a best of list, well I have a lot I read on the Google reader… 61 in fact as of this morning and I like them all for varying reasons so pls don’t make me choose. You could just click links on the side there though which although mmo related are quite good. Hmm i need to aggregate my links again being the overly obsessive person I am.


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