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Once again the interwebz beams in treasure troves fully of wacky and amazing stuffz… Lol cats not included of course since they’re always amazing and hardly require the invariable searches through the pixelated back alleys.


  • An interactive GW2 map featuring many cool options including crafting ingredients, juvenile pets, and various points of interest.


The August SotG address is out and although it very much tries to sell the service it does come of as quite honest in some respects. The main focus being calming the masses, that business is continuing as usual and what makes TSW special

The Important Bits

There’s a ten-person raid in New York scheduled for October, and it’s not like any raid you’ve ever played before. We have a bunch of auxiliary weapons on the way, and more character customisation improvements. We have a huge and exciting new feature pencilled in for Christmas, which ties into the achievement system and gives a lot more meaning to the usual ‘Kill 1,000 Vampires’ goals. (After all, who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to have some vampiric abilities to play around with?) We’re creating intermediary decks with brand new clothing rewards; we have a ton of new missions and storylines in development; and we have a huge new adventure zone scheduled for next spring, bringing players back to Tokyo’s Ground Zero, to face brand new threats, meet new characters, play new missions and explore an intriguing urban environment unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an MMO.

also Ragnar himself addressed the masses regarding the SotG

You’re right, there was no mention of either, but we will definitely be expanding on both the PvE end game and PvP in the near future!

I didn’t cover every upcoming feature in my SotG, although in retrospect I probably should have mentioned both of those.

In terms of PvE, we’re working to improve and expand the lairs, as well as incorporate more outdoor raid-type encounters against ‘world bosses’. I’m also hoping to see more challenging content being introduced across the world, to keep players on their toes and to make the world feel dynamic and unpredictable.

As for PvP, there are ongoing discussions about what we’re doing next, but for the short term, we’re introducing a bunch of changes and tweaks that should make the PvP experience a lot more fun and dynamic. More about that very soon, I hope.

My apologies for not addressing these topics in my SotG, and thanks for pointing it out!


So the good news seems to be that they are very much still sticking to the pre-release game plan with lots of things coming our way. It also seems great that they are fleshing out the world a bit more with events and epic boss fights as these types of things are so much more fun than spamming chat in Agartha for another dungeon run. And the more I hear about the new zone coming in the new year the more excited I get to see it, they definitely make great environments and a large city setting would be amazing.

Other Bitsies

  • Starbound – Looks like a Terraria like space galaxy exploration and Sandboxy type thing.. In other words pure unadulterated awesome
  • Clockwork Empires – steam punk city building and management. From the makers of Dungeons of Dredmoor
  • And if you haven’t already go to YouTube and pleasure yourself on Planetside 2 goodness, the NDA has dropped so there is heaps to see and probably a lot more in days to come.