Room for Expansion

Out of all the cities I think Lions Arch might be my favourite and will probably spend the most of my idle time there. Divinties Reach is amazing and one of the grandest cities I have ever seen but to me it doesn’t have that certain atmosphere which makes a city great in a mmo. With lions arch there is a certain buzz in the air, an electric feeling provoking you to action.. it always feels brimming with people going every which way. It is also the myriad of different races inhabiting the city and represented by the playerbase. It is as equally grand and majestic as Divinities Reach but the myriad of little areas and boardwalks make it special, I am also a sucker for pirate aesthetic.

It would definitely be my call for the best hub city in Tyria. It is basically in the middle of the map and easily accessible through many of the race’s leveling routes. It also houses the easiest access to places around the world and into the mists. All the Asura gates in one place was a great idea, making it possible to zip in and out of wherever you want without a waypoint or just cheaply. I am sure many are not alone in spending their idle queue time while waiting for WvW by crafting or exploring the city.

One little point I noticed in this exploration was a small courtyard being overrun with vines and grass shoots popping up through the cobblestones. At first glance while passing by I thought nothing of it, then out of the corner of my eye “wait, are those Asura gates” and indeed they were. Although not functional the courtyard and Asura gates look to be under renovation with a couple of human bookahs hard at work. Seeing this I knew straight away that Arenanet has some rather grand plans in stall for GW2 that have already been mapped out.

Six more commissioned Asura gates means many more areas in development or planned for. An Asura gate wouldn’t just be for one zone either as wherever they are now are hubs of travel with multiple zones attached. Who knows what they’re working on, maybe new racial starter cities for the Koran or even the Tengu. All I envision is many new areas to explore in the near future and there is already so much.

Arenanet are no doubt completely fascinated and focused on world building which is wonderful to see. A large, open and beautiful world invites exploration and immersion, and with auto leveling for each area it means there is an exorbitant amount of interesting and challenging content. And they plan a long way ahead it seems, so I think we may all be quite happy for some time to come.