Talking About Wuv Wuv

I have been having a lot of fun in WvW this week and I don’t think I have even done a spot of PvE to counterbalance it. Upon getting home each night I heat up some food, make a cuppa and fire up the puter (it literally does feel like it is on fire… I’m sure I even smell that burning plastic smell) for a night of sieging with the Guildies. I have even made a whole 10 levels this week which is quite amazing. Considering that gear and level is something that does matter in WvW to an extent it is great that leveling through this is entirely doable.. i may even level a couple of alts this way. I am just very happy with the system and maps that spending another exorbitant amount of WvW hours to get to cap wouldn’t worry me in the slightest.

Many it seems though are not exactly happy with the current system and believe it to be a terribly implemented system. There is one thread on gw2guru that is so ridiculous it borders on being retarded. My feelings though upon reading many of these posts, retorts, and suggestions can be summed up in a picture.

This has to be some of the most self centered, ignorant, retarded people I have seen in a long time, just about every one of them seems completely bias in favour of their own playstyle above others. I really do not understand their position on the matter as the summing up his position comes down to being upset about his server losing after trouncing the other groups. He is overly defensive believing his groups effort should contribute more than the whole and their are quite a few people supporting his claim, as well as your usual trolls. I see none of their suggestions really being able to impact the player spread among different times with many being condescending or even inhibitive to others not in NA prime time. After reading most of this I just wanted to sum up a few things regarding WvW.

Fair Play

Fairness will never exist and the most we can possible look forward to is some sort of see-saw balancing act. The large WvW environment Arena net has created has taken on that slight punishing edge that many open world environments due in regards to their never being a completely fair battlefield. Even with the player caps one side in an engagement will usually have a player advantage, gear while not overly important in the equation the difference in gear levels between groups can be noticeable (although will even out as more reach the cap), then we have those groups with more siege than others, those employing more strategy in play and then there are the large alliances of dedicated PvPérs in the mix.

Many have the illusion that things should be fair or fairer then the current implementation but that is never going to happen and many of their suggested mechanics will still result in unfair match ups. As to the late night advantage, it is really no different then any other timezone being able to field more or better players. Every single person who purchased the game has the right to play when and how they want (excluding the exploiters of course) and making arbitrary rules will hurt the game in the long run as they have a huge range of countries right now being funneled onto the NA servers maybe even more than all the NA players combined. I honestly do not see any fix to that, spreading them out as some suggested harms community as many from the same region enjoy playing together. And servers mainframes in their own country will be entirely too expensive as well as taxing on Anets network (lag would be atrocious when different servers come against eachother). I am actually entirely ok with the system in place right now as it is really just another dynamic to get used too.

Larger Scale

At the moment with only one day matches we are seeing many match ups being decided by the sides off peak players and I agree that this is an issue at the moment. Because it is only one day these players are able to gain the many points to win after the main bulk of NA has had there chance and logged off, they get no chance to even the score during the next night as the scores have been finalized and the next match up starts anew. While I agree with his premise based on one day fights many are a little misguided as the think those with different times of play are giving free rain to run amok, yes this happens on some occasions but on the whole, engagements across the maps have still been rather competitive and dismissing their contribution is rather condescending.

When we switch over to the 2 week battles i believe we will see a whole new dynamic in regards to an overall match. Your contribution can and will matter in the long run and you will always get a chance to make amends during your next evenings play. One day is way to fast to get any real data on the match up as we are only seeing the one time based dynamic playing out, some of the servers such as those with the big aliances like AA (Ascension Aliance) will always be close to the top but i think the majority of server rankings will shift dramatically over the next several months. The contribution over the fortnight will all add up as a whole and you can make better strategies and plans that you pass along to the next time group on how best to win and hold onto certain key points. I think we will see a lot more inter server communication as well during these longer match ups when servers try to balance themselves out against the bigger more coordinated ones.

During one of the match up that just went by Isle of Janthir and Crystal Desert were getting … well masacred by Eredon Terrace. They held every point on every map, our group of merry misfits still tried valiantly though to chip away at their defences taking the occasional keep but the pressure they applied was far greater then we could handle. During our play we discussed contacting the Crystal Desert guilds to work out some sort of cease fire and coordinated efforts against the red tide but there really wasn’t enough time to open up the channels of communication and set anything up. We have yet to see the full dynamic in action of a 3 sided war that will play out quite nicely in the coming weeks and I think many, including those large PvP alliances will be in for some more balanced but entirely enjoyable PvP.

Play for Fun

The one thing I was most annoyed by was the overarching emphasis on having fun being fundamentally tied to whether or not they had fun as that is just plain wrong. Very little is actually going to be lost or gained as any rewards are actually quite minimal with the main reward basically just being bragging rights, so winning really shouldn’t be the emphasis on what drives your play time. If fun is intrisically tied to winning, well then i have been doing it wrong all along… The fun parts for me was sieging castles, great group battles, and successfully defending against a large zerg. Yeh, I have a look in the morning to see how well our team fared over the night but the result in no way diminishes the amount of fun I had prior. I know I and my guild mates tried our best and had fun doing it, anything else is just icing on the cake.

People will still play regardless of how unbalanced a certain match up is, some of my most interesting nights playing have been coming back as the underdog. And remember not every one is going to win, certain servers will always have varying amounts of advantage during different times and this will never be entirely balanced.. nor should it even be tried. Honestly just forget the score and first and foremost play to have fun, if during your play time you got just a little bit of enjoyment out of it then you should be content, winning is the bonus.. If you didn’t well then you are probably not suited to PvP.