GW2 lolibits

Hahaha.. I just found this on my search through the interwebz and had to post as they just made me smile and laugh histirically, My partner thought I had finally lost my mind when he saw the pic I was laughing at… well I was laughing for something like 10 minutes.

Charr Roflcopter


Epic Photobomb

Say cheese


3 thoughts on “GW2 lolibits

  1. Lol, what an awesome event ending! 😀 I want to find that one!!

    I saw an event yesterday with a Norn kid being dared to punch a grawl.. and did.. and it didn’t go well for him. I really do love some of the storylines they have put in this game. 🙂

    • There really are some amazing little side events if you just stick around… originally I was like the herd just flying through content but now I like just following along and seeing where the world takes me.

      Might even have to re visit the starter areas to see what I missed

      • I’m playing with my boyfriend isn’t the type to stop and smell the roses, so I have to tell him to wait or suggest we follow NPCs as I like being surprised by fun content. 🙂

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