Tales from the Battleground: Death to the Infidels

Another night of magnificent sieging, and right now our little coalition of Oceanics seem to be the only reason why Isle of Janthir is actually winning quite a few of our match ups. I really don’t want to brag but it just seems undeniable now as at the start of our play we are always behind, sometimes by quite a bit. Last night when I popped on Stormbluff Controlled a fair bit of the map, but by the time my play time had finished we were controlling more and gaining points fast although in the end it was not enough.

We began the battle on our own home map and fought hard against the invaders. What they did have was heavily fortified and upgraded and we needed to be smart regarding our attack. The first was Greenlake and the enemy was numerous but we pushed them back inside the tower. From there it was an assured victory as we had the manpower, the strategy, but most importantly we had plenty of siege. With our back line pummeling them no one was able even get near the front walls, then it was dropping the rams and punching through the reinforced gates.


We went over to hit Bluebriar but the call was heard and answered that the outer wall of dreaming bay had been breached. I have heard tell that the West side keep can be quite hard to assault. The pier out front is an absolute killing field easily covered by any siege, I think it is rather easy even more so then many towers.The trebuchets in the garrison make slow and steady progress against the north-eastern wall, while that is happening it fives you time to attack any other point. Next a couple trebs on the northern plateau make the perfect position as it is elevated and easily defended due to the single entry point.

During the first assault we tried a sneak attack on the southern gate while the zerg assaulted the front,2 we laid down a couple rams on the back and had a fair amount of uninterrupted time bashing it down. Alas though as the zerg was quickly slaughtered and the defenders became wise to our plan.. it was a fun idea and would have been epic to accomplish but we only got it to 50%. So it was back to the tried and tested sieging and I even had a shot with the treb which just leaves a golemn left till I have tried them all.

Quest for the Holy Hand renade

It was a great battle and well worthwhile as we recovered the Orb of power but before too long it was time to defend.


The hit us with everything they had rather quickly while our supply was still low, breaching the outer gate. It was fun defending and it is times like these where I love the necro. With my staff and wells I can do some insane aoe burst and at one point when there rams had been placed a payed the smack down, quickly killing at least 5. Being a necro also gives you some excellent survivability and I made frequent guerrilla style attacks into the enemies ranks with my aoe powah, then enabling death shroud to make it back. It was also handy for getting right into the thick of the aoe to res people and getting
out alive.

They assaulted us three times while I was playing, each time making it into the inner gate only to be massacred. It was sooo much fun and I only wish my lappy was more powerful as the screenie doesn’t do it justice as it only renders a handful.

Are all these enemies invisible?

That 3rd time we had had enough and pushed hard back of the outer walls bringing them reeling back towards their spawning area. Epic is an understatement as the frontlines spanned from the hillside to the tower walls… You knew there would be 100 or more on each side battling it out but you focused on your own piece and the red in front of you and focused on pushing them back and holding the line.

Massive and multiplayer at some of its best and while it was barely rendering the entire scene and brilliant carnage it was performing admirably in terms of FPS on my outdated overheating lappy.

Fire.. Fire everywhere…

With the enemy apparently routed we attacked their final outpost but as the gate was getting close to buckling we realised it was a clever ploy. They had marshalled their forces striking hard and fast, resulting in us turning tail and frantically trying to reach the newly captured keep for safety. I fought bravely though my fellow pvpers and died with honour.

Capture ALL the things