PvP and Platforming.

Well I’m level 80 now and I guess that is game complete… Not even close as there is still so much to do. What’s next you might ask, well its the same thing we do everynight Pinky, try to take over the world v world. So business as usual with maybe a few extra additions.

I am pretty sure at this point I have mostly leveled through Wuv Wuv and I can see it taking a lot more time in the foreseeable future. It is just so much fun and there are a lot of different experiences as well as playstyles being accounted for. Every night hopping on with the guildies has been a blast with sieging and just general PvP. With the recent match up and getting thoroughly out zerged by Eredon Terrace (whom for reasons we won’t discuss are in a much lower bracket) many on the server seem to have given up.

Even though it may seem hopeless we are still having a lot of fun, whether or not we get slaughtered… When our group of 10 takes a supply camp to have 100 or so barrel down on us it gives of an amusing “We are Sparta” kind of deal.. need more siege next time it seems. Eternal battlegrounds seem to be the place to go though as the bulk of people tend to migrate there so it always seem to be more balanced in terms of population and may the best man win here… Personally I think Stonemist castle should give more points here for the above reason.

I had an amazing time in the eternal battlegrounds last night although not in the way you might think. A group of us decided to venture into the jumping puzzle area and what carnage awaited us. Eredon Terrace were out in force and were being decidedly evil. There was a decent group sitting at the start pummeling people with siege and glass cannon dps builds. We weren’t letting them get away with that though and took out there siege inbetween some great group fights. After grouping up we set forth, having numerous great fights as well as deaths.. we progressed further, stealthed and then up the well. We lost some along the way, and waited once again for them to catch up all the while killing the unfortunate, it was hilarious. We finally made it to the gladiator arena but Eredon Terrace had set up a nice little road block.

Arrow carts and a ballista would pummel us if we weren’t careful, we took some time raining death along the walls and grappling them into our reach and slowly they retreated but all the time Sea of Sorrows had been gathering on the ledge above. Just as our awesome jumping Mesmer placed down a portal for those of us terrible at jumping to get to the top, sea of sorrows charged in wiping about half of our group before they could get to safety. I was one of course but those above came down to retrieve us after the group had departed.

Lastly we saw once again ET were manning the traps near the end but we were smarter this time, we stealthed up jumped to the top and all at once hit them with our heaviest attacks. It was beautiful carnage with people knocked off or melted in seconds and not one of us went down. So many awesome experiences to have, with these puzzles giving of a very distinct atmosphere which is very different from its PvP cousins.

These jumping puzzles are becoming a lot more harsh and cutthroat then the battlegrounds and pretty much the main hang out of people wanting to grief, especially the one in EB since as it is easily accessible by all sides. Even though it can be a little frustrating with many of those jumps making me want to punch a baby it’s still actually rather fun and exhilarating. In a sense many of there road blocks are actually quite tactical, denying people siege can be very powerful and even in the short run a minimal group can hold people here for quite some time which means less bodies on the battlefield. There is just so much unstructured, no rules style PvP fun…I think when I’m bored I may just hang out here and mess with people. Or maybe place a few Necro marks on that one spot where people jump over on the borderlands puzzle and always have minimal health left.. Mwhahhaha, if you hit one, well I’m not even sorry.

The only thing ruining WvW right now is the prevalence of hacks. They seem very prevalent and range from the less obvious such as boon manipulation to the downright obvious although hilarious superman. Anet has a lot of work to do at the moment with the many broken abilities and traits, balancing, bugged pve and pvp. Broken abilities and balancing are an ever present part of online life and while important are not the main focus. In my opinion if they want to be taken seriously as an esport the priorioty should be fixing there code and these hacks, having soo many and so quickly is a bad sign.

See you on the battlefield, or maybe a dark alley in the jumping puzzle.