ET Assholes

YAH for overly dramatic title posts but seriously though the interwebz is a crazy place and gamers in particular are a rather interesting bunch.
I’m not calling out the entire server though and the majority of people I have fought against seem like great people whom although absolutely smashing us have still been enjoyable… there are a few unsavourable elements though and you probably know who already if you have faced ET in the past. While they are one of the lower population servers they recently had a very high profile WvW alliance transfer over, well about half of it anyway but they are very coordinated and motivated to win. They may not be close to beating the likes of Henge of Denvai but they crush us less organised and WvW nutty servers. There is a lot of forum rage going on too and the match-up has caused a LOT of call outs, trolling and flaming is the guild Ruin which also switched over with AA.

The issue is that based on IoJ and SoS server rankings we really shouldn’t be faced up against one of the higher servers, there seem to be a few terrible matchups going on this week though and it is no doubt that there is still a bit of balancing to be done. The thing is though that ET and ruin in particular alledgedly took a break in the last few 24 hour match ups for the exact reason of getting an easy ride in the first 1 week fight.

Now that they are here they have absolutely been dominating the most of the mapday and night and every time I’ve logged on there are always considerable sized forces in each of the borderlands, we have fought hard regardless and manage to take and hold certain points but it has been a huge struggle. We are no stranger to being beaten, it is always going to be a part of PvP but there is a certain breed of cretin inhabiting ET that has showed its true colours and rather embarrassed the server as a whole.

There has been quite a few calls of ET members using the free transfers to easily spy on the other servers so as to know where and when particular forces are moving… not that bad a thing as you can be assured others are doing the exact same tactic. What has particular gotten people’s tail feathers in a knot is certain members spamming the other servers borderlands with recruitment messages, and you suck so come to us stuff.. even worse was witnessed in Lions arch apparently.

It is even at the point where  members transfer to the servers they’re dominating and spam team chat or try and convince people to follow dumb strategies, instead of letting people play and learn. There was a particular thread that was put up which shows just how pathetic they can be… rather damning and I mean seriously, your winning and you still resort to shady tactics.

There was also another little event against those poor SoS folks wherein they went out of there way to humiliate them even further at the spawning point… while rather funny in a sense to have a guard of Golems (gaggle of golems?) it is just terrible sportsmanship overall and I just want to say grow up.

And then there are the hacking and exploit allegations flying around (quite literally) everywhere.. its rather amusing and I can recommend as a good morning read with a cup of tea.