Goaling in Guild Wars.

Well I’m at level cap and I still feel like I have lots of stuff to do and it doesnt just include dungeon running, mission accomplished Anet. While reaching the cap for WvW reasons was a major goal I haven’t really been pushing myself to level but it just kind of happened that way (taking points in WvW is really good xp).

With so much time being spent in game and with hitting 80 I just had make a list of stuff I want to do… I may even add a couple more things when my brain starts again.


  • World completion – so far I have only completed 6 areas (as of last night) which reflects how much WvW I’ve done. My insatiable need for convenience means I have already collected quite a few waypoints around the world though so it shouldn’t take too long.
  • Area Event Chains – I want to see the big ones from start to finish. I have only seen a handful so far, 3 of which include the eldar dragons
  • MOAR karma – this will probably come as a result of world completion but I need a bucket load more for getting lots of pretty things.
  • Magic Find Set – I’m not after the best of the best but just something basic, I see how many items of awesome the guildies get and want some of my own.
  • Make some Money – hopefull not through prostitution but willing to make exceptions as I really am that broke…. Not a gold piece to my name as the WvW repair bills are murder on the purse, I also tend to dye from falling a lot.
  • Play the Trading Post – for the above reason.
  • Dungeon Delving – Run all the dungeons at least once in story mode and explorable. As a side part here there are some awesome looking pieces I might save up for.

Yeh that’s right, I beat you pantless

  • Get a Legendary – not for any sort of min maxing reason but because I will most probably have the time.
  • Condition Damage set – I’m running around with a mostly power set and would like a precision + condition damage for more killing power.
  • Collect ALL the ingredients – cooking ingredients that is, to experiment with and find as many recipes as I possibly can (haven’t cheated yet). In my travels I’m also going to document the many farms I come across.
  • Level another proffesion and craft something amazing.
  • Collect all the dyes – Quaggan is angry now as Quaggan can no longer share with other selves. Support the Quaggans cause.
  • Alting time – mesmer and something else.
  • Do all the jumping puzzles
  • Finish story – I’ll be honest that it has bored me so far and the running back and forth between the Grove is just retarded… Spaceports in ToR all over again.
  • Tournie Time – have finally got a crew together and we are just theory crafting our roles and team synergy, then maybe a few practices in hot join.
  • WvW domination – strategising, accumulating siege, build our awesome alliance and just generally having fun… Maybe even beating Eredon Terrace eventually and rubbing there smug faces in it.
  • Farming WvW tokens in the jump puzzle – because fuck you thats why 😛


I know there is heaps out there that I have no idea about so add to my list.. Pretty please