Tales from the Battleground: A New Hope

Well Finally the match up has switched over and I just want to say THANK GOD… it’s not that we didn’t enjoy our time its just we were getting absolutely smashed by Eredon Terrace with no Hope of making much of a comeback. But our new group looks like it is going to be a great close fight.

We had a blast on the last night though and our Aussie compatriots turned out in force in the Eternal Battlegrounds and pushed hard giving them all we had for one last night. When we came in we had no points taken except for one supply camp. Our first stop was our keep which the infidels were occupying, we met little resistance and our merry band of murderers being the major force we were able to claim it for the guild, and our symbol looked wonderful up there


The Red Hand in all it’s glory

Over the course of the night we ended up controlling our entire corner of the map which was a grand achievement since it was probably the most we had held all week. We even managed to break through to the inner part of Stonemist Castle but by then ET had formed up as I believe our little rampage had gone on long enough. We were determined though and kept harassing their flanks and having some great large scale battles. It was clear though that the many other ET keeps were well fortified with plenty of arrow carts, any time we got close it was a field of red circles so we decided to push further into Sea of Sorrows territory and what fun it was.

In terms of numbers during the Aussie prime time SoS fields a very similar amount so it is always a lot of fun but there was no way we were letting the PvE Oceanic server beat our organised army. We took a couple of their towers and then it was time for the battle royalé when both sides collided inside of the ogre camp but we prevailed in glorious fashion.

Glorious Battle

In the end ET still won of course by like over 200k points but we beat SoS and thats all that matters right now.

The next morning we were in for a treat as the new match up between IoJ, SoS, and FA (Fort Aspenwood) is a very good combination… I’m not just saying that because we were winning (maybe a little) but because the amount of players on each side seemed very even and the score when I logged on, and even upon logging off was very close.There was some amazing three way action to be had on our own borderland with all servers harassing eachother constantly.

FA was fortified inside their keep with the orb and digging them out was going to be an issue as the entire time SoS was harassing the west side with greedy eyes on our garrison. Every time we attempted to attack the Hills SoS would break down the outer walls, we were very much in a pickle. There were many times when we had to fall back completely while SoS poured through the holes in our walls, each time though we were able to rain down fire and net quite a few kills.

Although one time they were able to make it through our defenses by coming up through the south water gate. There was sooo many of them and the funny thing was they even managed to kill the Guild Lord… the courtyard control was slowly turning blue but we kept pouring in to halt it’s progress. There was around 40 holding the point and wiping anyone who steeped foot inside the circle, just as it was about to turn our main force arrived and killed them all… it was literally about a few seconds from being turned and a triumphant shout was let out from everyone when we regained control… It was just epic.

As the night progressed we were able to capture, hold and fortify our little half of the map, pushing the SoS back towards the bay, we even made a few assaults on the bay and getting so far as the north gate nearly down but they were fully entrenched. We were content then just shelling the bay from the garrison and biding our time when the call came out that SoS had breached the walls of Shadaran Hills ad their was no way we were letting them have that orb. We formed up and snuck through the hole they had made and poured in and over near the Vista point to the North gate.

Crossing Swords

It was quite obvious that our little assault had gone unnoticed as no SoS or FA came to see us. We were in a race against the clock to get this last gate down, a huge force was attacking the  main inner gate but was obviously being held off by some of the defenders so we had the element of surprise. We punched through the gate in record time and poured through to the Keep Lord Polishing him off and still without an enemy to be seen. We came across the bridge to still see the FA members focused on the enemy outside and didn’t even noticed as we rampaged across the bridge. It would have been absolutely priceless to have seen the looks on the faces of FA and SoS as the keep switched over and our bodies poured out from over the walls.

Merry band of Misfits

With the orb now ours one of our fellow TKG members started transporting the orb to the garrison, it was a grand army of followers escorting but there was something wrong. The entire time during the escort the one carrying the orb keeps saying over Teamspeak that he doesn’t have it and it is no where to be seen, to which we replied keep running you noob. Upon entering the keep we can see him visibly glitching back and forth, then we entered, got to the podium and… nothing.

Trouble in Paradise

There was no F to interact key popping up or no way to transfer it to another player… it had completely and utterly bugged. It was absolutely hilarious for us as the map chat was full of people complaining and abusing our member… we of course were just laughing but there was definitely an edge of panic to our friends voice, which made it even funnier. Apparently the alliance leaders Teamspeak chat was full of expletives as well asking in the lines of “what the f*** is the F**khead doing, get this C**t out of the mother F**king game” and stuff like that. All we could do was piss ourselves laughing at the situation.

It worked out in the end with him eventually being able to transfer it to someone else.. although after about 10 minutes had passed. With the orb under our control now and the Hills being fortified it was time to call it a night.

All your orbs are belong to us

See you on the battlefield