Unextraordinary Update

Another weekend full of WvW and I think I and my guildies need to take a break as the gamer rage is coming out. We had spent an entire Saturday fighting hard to control many important points for it to be lost due to glaring incompetence. There was a considerable queue on Sunday and yet there really didn’t seem to be many around. When our main keep came under attack I rushed to defend because that’s just what you do.. you know common sense. The entire siege there would have only been a handful of us and yet I passed numerous groups on my way. About 20 in the upper tower, another group at supply, some just plain killing mobs ><

On a whole it seems as though our Na compatriots lack any sort of basic structure or strategy.. No organisation whatsoever. The one big question coming from our guild was “why you no have siege or supply”, it was very common in attacks and defence for there not to be a single piece of siege.. and then when some was placed very few seemed to have any supply or maybe didn’t understand what to do. It was truly maddening.

Ok now rage complete, I feel purged of this evil so time to continue.

With WvW a frustrating mess it was time to clam down and get some much needed exploration done. The highest level zone I have done so far is frostgorge and the furtherest I’ve been south is Sparklefly Fen (aware of the real name but sparklefly sounds better, I even have ny guildies calling it that now)… So some much needed venturing into Orr was needed.

This entire area has started getting a lot harder now, with mobs having a lot more hp and damage as well as some very annoying pull abilities. It was definitely a mission to slog through this but I wanted to travel all the way along and collect as many waypoints as I could.

The entire of Orr is a maze of broken structures, dead ends and narrow passages making it very hard to navigate at first. The abundance of mobs everywhere also makes it hard, and because of the many events going on waypoints are often contested. Death is not an option and when running along you just don’t stop as your bound to have a mob train right behind. The difficulty makes fighting feel a lot more rewarding as you really have to play well and utilise skills perfectly… I just don’t know if the extra effort is worth it in regards to karma rewards which may explain the lack of people in the zones.

The lack of people could also be explained by how oppressive and depressing it all feels. The large scale and rather grand structures have a mesmerising sense of decay about them but while the make for some amazing screenies you feel overwhelmed by the blackness of it. The structures are just as majestic and possibly more massive than anything else in the world which reflects well on the once great city of Orr.. it really makes you think in a way. The only problem is that after a while the environment starts to feel very familiar from one area to the next and Orr is the main end game questing place so there is no where else to go if you want to kill and gather higher lvl stuff.

I spent a lot of time in the cursed shore getting 100 % completion as it seemed like the best place in terms of environment. Getting the complete here was a lot harder then I expected, many points are heavily infested with the undead and your guaranteed to die if you just run in there… The jumping puzzle was really easy though. After a long time I had finished it all except one bugged skill point at Meddler’s waypoint which even after a few days still isn’t there.

The main thing I wanted to do though was check out all the kharma vendors for the precision/toughness/condition set I really want… It’s the perfect set for a more offensive necro right now in PvE or WvW. A lot of our skills synergise well with crit especially adding life force on crit, then you have the add a bleed on crit weapon runes you can pick up around the place. But it is going to be a long way off as each piece of the set costs over 40k karma… Insane but no it couldn’t be a grind now could it… Arenanet said grinds would be primarily for awesome looking customisation and that it would be relatively easy to get decent lvl cap gear… my how things have changed.

I did a lot of gathering through my troubles as well as visiting a few farms and the karma vendors that sell in bulk. I have nearly completed a full food ingredients section now which is amazing to see and now that discovery works from the bank I really can’t wait to sit back for an afternoon of cooking.

It was alting time as well and although my Mesmer is still sitting on the mists at level 9 I felt like something different and rolled an Asura ranger. The ranger feels rather easier to play than the Necro and the damage is much higher. The longbow feels a little boring but the axe was rather interesting. I am looking forward to seeing it in action with melee weapons now as there are some great skills and it looks very acrobatic. Having tried nearly every profession now I just want to say how wonderful it is that they all feel unique in their own way with distinct playstyles. All I can say right now is that it will be fun to play pokemon now and then and feel like a leader of the great eagles.

Fly my Pretties

I probably shouldn’t have stepped into wvw at lvl 6 (I didn’t even have a weapon swap yet and only 1 pet) as I was dying a lot. It was interesting nonetheless as it felt way different then my tanky frontline Necro, what got me in trouble though was my usual aggressive tactics with my new squishy character… I would run in there shooting whatever I could and then die immediately to moderat focus fire. I love my death shroud and it made me realise just how great our secondary mechanic is.

The one thing I thought though was how much of a difference the levels and gear make. It felt very squishy and my damage was very minimal, I know the class is solid but I was next to useless. It is rather amusing that for all there talk about a relatively equal playing field with equalized gear, it instead makes a huge difference on performance across the board. I think it has just become glaringly obvious now as most of the people you come up against are probably lvl 80, and the disparity between those levels is rather huge even after scaling.

I think now I may just slowly level these alts until around lvl 30 before I jump into WvW again. A full array of skills plus a couple traits will go a long way to making them more viable. I have also been terrible neglectful of sPvP duties as of late and am really feeling the urge for that environment but a guild often means commitment and right now that is WvW which isn’t too bad as the kharma gains are rather decent when your actually taking things.

Apart from that I may just slowly travel across Orr, no extended game time in the area just a couple points every day if I can otherwise I might hate the place even more. No more zombies please.


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    • I just completed a section in the build wars with exactly that and will have a video up when I can spare a whole day to upload(ul is terrible here).

      I really love the well tanky build as your survivabity is huge. And you add a bit to a group as well.

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