Necro Wells and Wuv Wuv

I have finally gotten around to writing out a little primer for my Necro wells build which I play pretty extensively in da WvW PvP. It has a bit of utility and is very tanky in a sense meaning you can always be on the frontlines and taking the hits the squishy people can’t. With the aoe you can put out and high survivability it is a natural pusher spec, with axe and DS you can also keep a high uptime on retaliation which is nice. It has a bit of group utility too, with protection being extremely useful when placing siege or trying to res.

And here’s a vid of it in action. I try not to fraps much lately as the computer feels like its powered by a thousand suns… Soo hot. I also couldn’t be bothered editing although I took out the sound this time so there is no more guild chatter. Anyway this is a large battle we had against Sea of Sorrows recently.