Straight from the Dev’s mouth

yay a response from the devlopers regarding night capping in Wuv Wuv that has made quite a few just a little annoyed.. not me as what he is saying is brilliant.

Matt Witer

Greetings everyone!

We’ve received lots of feedback regarding night capping. Many want to know how Arenanet views this. Our answer is that WvW was developed as a never ending continuous battle.

We feel that everyone should have the ability to contribute no matter what time of the day it is. How we’ve came to this conclusion is that no player’s time is more valuable than another. Everyone has different off peak hours for whatever reason. Players should not be punished or unable to experience and view the same content as everyone else because they play at a different time. They too are paying customers.
This is not saying that we are against any adjustment to scoring, or against developing another mechanic to improve the capping system. This is simply saying that we will not be changing WvW based on some players’ idea of off time hours.

Please use this thread as the main discussion for this topic.

5 thoughts on “Straight from the Dev’s mouth

    • Yeh its rather amusing, the amount of qq surrounding the issue is just insane though. As i see it it really is a valid tactic and it is the reason the top ranked servers are winning.. before release they were building communities and alliances across all time zone.

      There still contemplating change though.. what i would like is maybe scaling the rewards you get for capturing and defending based on the amount of people attacking and defending… it would maybe break up some people but zerging for fast captures or big fights is still strategic

  1. I’d take this more seriously if they hadn’t separated servers by geographical region. Of course the european servers will have off times in non-euro hours (for example), they set it up that way.

    • that’s definitely true, although the servers aren’t really locked by geographically region as you can still make either NA or EU servers a home world regardless of where you are so you have a lot of time zone intermingling happening. I just see it as part of the game in a sense, and the smart servers reacted accordingly.

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