Morale and Fraternising with the Enemy

Well it seems as though Eredon Terrace has once again smashed the competition but it really was and should have been closer than it looks. That first weekend of combat was an absolute blast with huge fights happening between the three servers but now not so much. It seems as though once one side gets a bit of a lead it just snowballs from there with the masses mainly just giving up hope. In the end it may as well just be a 2 sided battle as most people wont even bother.. it appears winning is the real motivation behind playing for most.

There is still the regulars always hitting up the field as usual battling against the odds, those from Avatar, Aus, SC and during the night it is enough to make a sizeable force. We are enough to fill out a single borderlands just about and as we slowly add a bit more of our colour to te map you can see more and more people peeking their heads in to have a look. It is rather amusing in a way as it is the complete opposite when we are winning by a large margin, the regular PvP’ers just take a break.

Jeromai had a nice piece about the effects of moral during WvW and I had never really thought about it like that but now it makes soo much sense, you can see the effects in the amount of people turning up but also in the amount organisation. There mostly seems to be no direction in how the forces are moving around and the coordination between people, guilds and groups is never that good. I also see it in how much courage a force has.. those with the power of the gods behind them often have a lot more purpose and momentum, boldly moving forward. Then, even with a superior sized force the other will often fall apart, it starts with a few people slinking away from aoe and it usual snowballs into an entire force backpedaling.

That has been IoJ this week.. most of the maps are empty with our home map and EB having the decent sized force. But there is still no direction, last night it was a reasonable fair fight with the amount of people present but we were getting repelled time and time gain. There was a major force assaulting garrison and doing well but the coordination wasn’t there and placement of siege wasn’t being well-directed. During one engagement at Goldslore a sizeable force was battling against each other but it was clear we were being pushed back quite easily.. our TKG force communicated that we were hitting them from the rear, we jumped around and down and then promptly got annihilated.. no-one in the frontal assault had thought to keep pushing ahead and as we struck ET was just able to redirect the attack and wipe us out.

It is times like these I realise just how important that commander tag is.. people seem to organise around it but also to listen… map chat is rarely watched but when it is the all mighty commander calling the shots everyone sits up like the good obedient student. I am sure there is some sort of psychology surrounding those with authority and it plays a big part in our WvW combat which is hard as IoJ is quite sparse on commanders, and a couple of those are rather appalling (had one commander calling for everyone to just wait for him while he PvE’ed, also said he was new to this and didn’t know how to make groups and such ><). I miss Ashvar of Avatar at the moment, he was our one guiding star during the matches with the masses flocking to his call.. and he had to take a break during our ET week.. it really is a mess.

I have sorely missed the more personal approach I am used to in open world combat like knowing your more well known enemies and commanders. It makes combat feel more meaningful in a way and defeat and victory is just a little bit more personal. Within the three-way dynamic it also makes it a lot easier to communicate an organise with an opposing force to take on the big mean one. With the downtime last night as we were defending a very southern point on our own map we actually worked out how it is possible to talk with an opposing force, and it turned out to be rather amusing. Taking over the keep nearby the Crystal Desert spawn we saw a few stragglers running by checking out the situation, we weren’t mean enough to wipe them out with our coordinated force but we did the one thing we could and communicated through dance.

Dance Dance Revolution

It was more than that though, someone realised that if you click on a persons portrait to report you can easily see their primary account name and then it is as easy as putting that into whisper. We had a good chat with him talking about the lack of morale in our forces and not being able to field similar sized forces to the big bad ET. Maybe after all that we even made a friend from a different server which is rather nice.