Boss battles in Mount Doom

One step closer towards my goals now as i and I have seen one more of these area event chains in Mount Malestrom

I was exploring the world, filling out a few hearts and at one I was suddenly becoming  overwhelmed by these silly crab destroyer things. Even after that event had finished I didn’t even realise what was happening and kept on exploring around and gathering supplies when I noticed that little tab in the top right was a little bigger than usual.I just had to give it a go and kept on chugging a long with it, the longer it went on the more people turned up but it wasn’t like one of the dragon events were everyone was timing the arrival to the second to then sho up in mass, it was just a collection of people who happened to be wandering by which was actually really nice.

This has to be one of the first event chains I have been in right from the start all the way through and it was really enjoyable, the events weren’t exactly tough but because there was only  participating it was a challenge in a way as everything didn’t just die in a couple hits. The final battle in was a rather dramatic set piece as well and those so cute Asura and their machinery made for a nice touch and the MEGADESTROYER fight was great.

Every dragon I have killed so far has just been a show up and get a reward type event but this although not that challenging (many people hadn’t found their dodge key yet though) was fun and kept me moving an active. There were adds to kill, aoe to doge that really required you to watch for a specific boss tell and a timer towards some sort of enrage. At the start I wasn’t sure if were going to beat the timer as it’s health was only slightly dropping and it obviously had a few stages where it submerged into the magma to give its generals a chance at the fight and time to heal up, the longer we took in this stage which involved running around the magma pit the more it was able to heal.. it added a nice bit of tension to the fight, at least during the beginning. The combat system without the holy trinity just works so well in these fights, when coming from others it is hard to imagine in a way how it would work and but know I couldn’t imagine not having such an amazing system in place as it makes the fights a lot more engaging and fun as well as freeing everyone up to kind of play their way… just keep my dungeon delving trinity for goodness sake.


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