Public Service Announcment

Stop what your doing right now and hug the liviving hell out of the one you love. Say your sorry for being such an idiot with the computer and give them a big smoocheroo upstairs and maybe downstairs. Right now… Doo EEETT

This may be a little personal but someone close to our little group of murdering misfits has just broken up with their long term partner because of their gaming habits. After hearing this news I actually took it a little hard in a way as I saw the same patterns happening in my own relationship. Large gaming sessions on the weekend and doing next to nothing else, not going to bed together because I needed to defend some stupid castle (then staying up for a few more hours), and then it is those stupid arguments you have when someone wants your time or to do something and your angry about being taken away from a game. Looking back I have been a tremendous fool and have made it a bit of a mission to at least learn some moderation.

Our hobby at times can take an exhorbitant amount of time away from the ones we love; partners, children, friends, dog (seriously give that fella a good scratch too) , or even your health and the list goes on. I don’t think that addiction is the right word for it but gaming can be a terrible compulsion. Moderation is a very important thing in life and I think most of us gamers have lost track of that at some point and right now is just a reminder to me how big the consequences can be at times.

I know I have very little balance in my life right now and it is hard to know when that changed, although Guild Wars 2 is a big reason. But I am going to make a conscious effort towards some sort of balance. Gaming is my hobby and something I love doing, I love playing and the people I meet bit I think a reorginasation of priorities is in order and I think maybe everyone should do the same.

Make gaming a rewarding part of your life not the only part.