A Secret Look Into the Future

The next TSW state of the game type article is out and I have to say it’s making me want to play again. It is very refreshing to have an mmo being so open as to its direction, they don’t avoid talking about the hot button topics and systems/mechanics in development. I get the feeling I am respected more so than other companies.

I also really like Joel Bylos, he is a dev that just feels more natural and real than any other I have seen. Watching those ToR dev vids always made me squirm a little as they were strongly constrained by a PR approach, then we have Joel Bylos who exudes familiarity. He seems like the quintessential gamer, and seems similar to myself.. minus the penis of course. He is passionate and enthusiastic about gaming, and when you see some of the developer playthroughs of him chugging back a beer you get the feeling he understands gamers in a certain way because.. well he is one. Ragnor never really exuded thus at all and seemed like the savant locked in his basement trying to create “art” so I think this changeover is going to be a good fit.

I am definitely heading back soon but there is so much that I have missed and need to catch up on so what’s better than a list.

  • Transylvania.. I still had one more whole zone to explore. I also haven’t read any dialogue in Transylvania as my main goal was to finish all the quests before GW2… Which I failed miserably.
  • Gearing up… Seriously what I was using was pretty pathetic. This will probably involve dungeon running.
  • Skillin… Working out a spec for whatever group function is needed as well as a proper soloing spec. Will probably require more skill points.
  • Lairs… I really do enjoy open world bosses and I have yet to see any of these new additions
  • New Looks. I never got around to tinkering with my character after the update so now’s the time

I also haven’t seen any of the new content except for the carter unleashed mission. I am really looking forward to all the missions I haven’t seen and how the characters are evolving.

The playlist

Issue 1
  • Crime and Punishment. More missions from Sam Kreig, sign me up
  • Hell & Bach. Helping Daniel Bach chase his Pulitzer story and track down Theodore Wicker
  • Funeral Crasher. Eleanor Franklin’s haunted mansion is rather restless
  • The 3rd Age. History and past combine in this investigation mission in Egypt
  • Red Handed. Dr various and an exploration of the Red Hand, don’t know who this guy is yet anyway
  • also one mystery mission that I must discover, more than she appears to be… hmmmm
Issue 2
  • Digging Deeper. Looking deeper into Kingsmouths past with the Illuminati and Henry Hawthornes’ connection to it
  • Death and Axes. Sophia of the besieged Farmlands has felt a disturbance in the force
  • Strangers from a Strange Land. Learning the history of the Solomon Islands and connection to Norseman.
  • Singing Stones. Iele in the Shadowy Forest needs help fighting back the infection and keeping the magical harmony of the forest.
  • Auxiliary Weapon
Issue 3
  • The Binding. A devilish investigation mission in the city of the sun god where we get to learn about the sentinels
  • Dogs of War. An action mission in the Carpathian Fangs, showcasing the battle between werewolves and vampires
  • Halloween events.. wooo

I really want to experience their first Halloween event as they have probably been planning it for quite some time. And what better place to have a Halloween event then TSW, It’s already got that spooky vibe to it and the real world setting is going to make it amazing. Just reading about the Halloween special in the blog post makes me itch for it, and to meet the cat god…. I always knew my cat was up to no good

Anyway I will probably start my TSW play times for a couple hours on the weekend now as I can’t guarantee a day during the working week. I will probably need to join some sort of active casual group to help complete my checklist as well as just make my play time more enjoyable… May just make some friends too but I’m very antisocial so probably not.

2 thoughts on “A Secret Look Into the Future

  1. Whilst I’ll always be a Ragnar fan (mainly thanks to TLJ) I really like Joel’s approach too. He comes across really well in the developer streams (there’s another one tomorrow showing off the new combat system) with none of the usual PR guff (no PR company would let him say some of the things he says or use the bad language he uses!).

    You’ll enjoy the new content. I found the quality of the missions introduced in the first few issues to be just as good (if not better) than the launch missions, not always the case in MMO patch quests.

    • Yeh can’t wait for it as they always talk about heaps of interesting stuff, while I won’t be able to watch the livestream… well live I’m definitely downloading a version to watch, might even watch while playing TSW.

      Thanks for the tip about the new content, I’m really excited now, plus I’m just going to take my time now which will be a nice change of pace

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