Psychological Warfare: FRV

FRV: For Realsies Version as I once again published a post while it was in a relative alpha state

Another weekend past, another story from the battlefield. The power of the chatbox is not really thought of these days and people pretty much spout out whatever they want whenever they want. While most of the time with the usually drunk, stoned, or troll posters it isn’t an issue but there is what specific species we affectionately call the weekend warrior who does nothing but hurt the servers war efforts. These people are always the armchair general and very vocal in chat, in a way they represent a good indicator as to the morale of your server, they can be one of your best allies in a sense as they can propel people forward but when things are going poorly they are absolutely one of your worst enemies.

They will always have a lot of ideas and plans which are usually quite terrible, and without an organised force behind them they are usually a failure. This constant state of defeat really starts creating a bad attitude amongst the plebs. The weekend warrior always seems to make the situation worse too by spouting constant defeatist messages in chat to the line of “their better than us” and “why bother”.

This defeatist attitude is essentially a virus being transmitted to make everyone else feel as bad as them and give up. It has huge consequences if left unattended as people stop trying to attack or defend, the enemy pretty much has a free rain then. But these viral messages can be used for god as well but this requires a little extra work. Firstly you need to counter this with some positive communications, with some clear actions and attainable goals, an organised force can help as well. The entire team can turn around rather quickly after that.

On the weekend when we logged in this was exactly what was occurring, a weekend warriors declaration of defeat. We held absolutely nothing but amazingly in a little over an hour we had captured the whole northern half of our borderlands with our golemn army and were holding it strong. Before long the zerg was eagerly asking where too next with hungry eyes.

To accomplish this we started of small to build confidence, taking the northern camp and wrapping around. Woodhaven was taken with siege just as quickly, I could feel the sense of elation at the first victory they must have had in quite a while, one the assumed was impossible.

The next part took organisation and some time. I kept up communication in chat with precise goals and and actions.. gaing supply and building defensive and more offensive siege. Garrison was another epic push but with a victory just snatched, our awesome commander, and a golem army the pug masses had a righteous furor about them and the grace of god on their side. It was an overwhelming victory where our team fought hard and pressed onwards.

Getting the masses on board is a tricky thing sometimes but that night we achieved it and had some great successes because of it. We had an air of commanded that encouraged listening and cooperation rather well due to a few reasons.


It is really hard to get across how absolutely fundamental constant communication is to harnassing the untapped zerg powaah. I think it is a human need for us to know what’s happening as it not only helps people trust but because it is the best way to organise. It is important to keep communication consistent as well, no-one wants to be left out but spamming is bad too as people will usually tune out and then might miss the important bits.


Goals should always be the focus of communications and try to keep actions connected to them at all times. The ADD infused masses don’t want to be kept waiting either and want to be constantly moving, doing, earning, and achieving. Keep your goals short term so people can get a sense of achievement from completion and are constantly busy. Leave the guard jobs to your organised guild mates.


Trust is rather important during these fights as people need to believe you are thinking of them and not just on your elite crew. Firstly the best way is to res people.. anyone and everyone as it’s not just another number to add towards the trenches but because it makes people believe in you and that your looking out for them. Next is to be free with your siege, don’t just keep it to your tight nit crew but drop and share. In a way siege pieces are almost like a status symbol, everyone probably has a piece but those in charge, the organised and elite are usually the ones to put it down. Leaving it to others helps gain trust as everyone know how important these pieces can be, they are also quite fun and to be honest the more experienced and coordinated will make more of a difference on the frontlines.

Be organised

Have a plan consisting of short and long term but also be flexible around them. Remember that if your the ones in charge the onus of attack is on you, have plenty of siege ready and know who is doing what. Try not to have your main zerg break up as much as you can help, keep it whole as much as you can, try and keep swiftness on the tail end of the zerg for long runs. Also if you have side quest that needs attention, a certain camp, dolyak, or quaggans then get your guild/s to do it. Another thing that seems obvious is to always try to have plenty of supply, don’t rely on the masses to ever have or give supply. Nothing else will stop an attack short like not having the supply to build a piece of siege when it’s needed. Remember to have rotating groups constantly refilling inbetween, keep as much momentenum as you can as you will keep your enemy on the defensive and keep the masses engaged and interested.

Overall we had a plan that was a success because we effectively harnessed, we had a lot of fun and left the server in high esteem (although an hour after we left it was all retaken.. need more off peak commanders). It is a very hard thing to accomplish sometimes and even harder to continue in you absence. There are so many factors at work in WvW that don’t include combat which make a huge difference in a server’s performance. At times I think a spy in the midst would make a far bigger difference just spreading dissent in chat the reporting on troop positions. When the 2 opposing forces meet up it will inevitably be the team with high morale that wins a fight.

Stay cool commanders and see you on the battlefield.