The Powah of the Lappy

As you you may have noticed in some of my posts my little laptop that could wasn’t performing very well lately, I recently had time to drop it off at some local tech heads and the prognosis wasn’t very good and was going to cost several hundred to repair. I t was my fault a little as it has been overheating a lot and I have kept using it regardless, it is still very functional so it might be a media machine now and streaming now

My hubby’s machine recently carked it as well so it was time for an upgrade for both of us and wow what an upgrade. I spent a little more than I usually do on these things but it should last me for a few more years now and gaming is kind of my hobby so a nice machine is really a prerequisite.

Ok and now for the specs

  • Toshiba QOSMIO X770
  • i7 2670qm 2.2ghz (turbo to 3.1)
  • 16GB DDR2
  • 1.5TB SATA
  • Nvidia GT 560M (3D Version) 1.5GB Dedicated VGA

And this is how excited I am right now

My previous computer compared to this was more of an all rounder casual media machine, this one is a real gaming laptop.. no that’s not an oxymoron anymore as from a performance standpoint mobile hardware performs remarkable well in comparison to it’s desktop counterparts. I don’t care about the highest setting and never really have, if graphics are the only thing you worry about then you are exactly what is wrong with the AAA industry. For me it is more about comfort and mobility, i don’t like to feel constrained when gaming. I am also one of the crack addicted ADD masses so I usually have multiple things vying for my attention with the T.V usually being one. Anyway it seems like a great machine, its quiet, cool, performs a lot faster then my previous, ANNNND has a back-lit keyboard.. Sooo Cooooool
Surprisingly the price was pretty reasonable, if your looking for a prebuilt lappy in Australia i would recommend MSY as they offer some great deals.. And I’ll just call it my 100th post present to myself. I haven’t checked it out with my current big games as I’m busy downloading a few things first, with GW2 being the primary bit.. Can’t wait for some breathtaking views in WvW.