Link Dead in a Shiny World

Finally got to Boot up GW2 last night on the new lappy and my god its shiny.. just wow. The colours pop right out at you and their is some lovely detail that comes out now and the textures of clothing and buildings look a lot more natural,.. It’s a beautiful game. It’s not just the faster gpu though, the new lappy has one of those fandangled lcd screens which make everything look.. I don’t know.. Shinier. I think later on I may have to upgrade it to a 580m as I’ve read the newer mobile chipsets are a big step above… forget that comment before about those who seek graphical fidelity over all else… me need more shiny…My god I’m turning into a Skritt. I have also seriously considered getting a desktop later on just for more shiny powaaah.. the horror.

I had one issue though for a long while the textures weren’t loading properly at all, water wasn’t loading at all which although kind of cool was a little off putting. Spell effects were also going a little haywire and not showing up at all, the spectral wall skill made me completely invisible.. WvW was a little hard too as most ground aoe wasn’t showing up at all. So I updated all my drivers and such but no change, not my system though apparently as the overlay from Teamspeak conflicts with the newer nvidia gpu’s including my 560m to cause the issue, kind of annoying to not be able to use it but it will sort out.

And here’s the first pic I took last night



Ok and now for some links

  • Dragon timer.. yep I still find it utterly hilarious that there is one
  • A farming map listing all the higher grade materials for you fellow Isle of Janqueers =p, it gets updated every reset as well
  • A very nice Tumblr blog called White Charr.. interesting tidbits and lots of awesome fan made pics


And don’t forget that it is Pink Day in support of Breast Cancer awareness on the 20th of October so wear your loudest pinkest outfit